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  1. I'm interested too. This ramadan I can't fast and would like to know the duas
  2. There is a site that is exactly like my book. I didn't find a exact match, but some content that represents ewer. http://www.myislamicdream.com/search.html?txtSearch=ewer&cmdSearch=Search Good luck.
  3. What is that called in English? I can look it up in my dream book.
  4. You! Yes, you! I know you're looking at my profile. Just remember: I know!

  5. You! I know you're looking at my profile. Just remember I know!

  6. I heard some parts of the world it is different
  7. Relax. It just a nice gesture. I wouldn't mind the slap. My father is with Allah (I hope)
  8. You! I know looking at my profile. Just remember I know!

  9. Happy father's day to everyone fathers. They are bless to have you in their lives. :D
  10. I'm muslim and my name isn't a muslim. My mom gave me my name. I'm not a revert or convert. I was born muslim. On the day of judgement, you will not be called by your changed name but the name you were given at birth. No point of changing it.
  11. (salam) I'll be in the hospital for some testing. I'm pretty sure I'll be hook up to wires until they get what they need. Anyways, I don't see if I could pray in the hospital. Is there something I can do while I'm there? Should I read the quran while waiting?
  12. Anyone in the Dearborn Michigan area, knows a place where a 28 year old can volunteer for free to gain social experience for free? Thanks
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