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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalam'alaikum...except for the first one all these things are to be practised throughout a person's life
  2. When hitting urself is forbidden in Islam it is a great sin then why do shias who call themselves lovers of Ahlu Bayt do not follow this?...I know it was horrible and very sad woteva happened in the battle of Karbala but harming urself like this does not mean that you r really grieved by this i understan ppl have different ways of expressing their pain and sympathy but when one such thing as self flagellation is not encouraged to be praticed by Islam then why do shias prefer doing it? Majalis and nohas are a better and a civilized way of remembering our beloved Propeht Muhammad saww's family other than cutting ur bk into half and bleeding to death and beating ur chest until it aches and in many cases even bleeds...Why do ppl say that the shias are nauzubillah Kafirs? Rumour has it that the shias go to Iraq for their hajj and the shias call Ali's name while praying wot are ppl thinking and wot is happening to the world we just are splitting apart a day will come that we wont even bare living with each other in the same country Shias and sunnis are not different they follow the Holy Quran and i would like to mention this too that the shias have the same Holy Quran as the sunnis this point was to be mentioned cos i have heard many ppl saying the shias have a differnet Quran than the sunnis...they both have the same last prophet of Allaah,Muhammad saww...i agree shias have some acts which are to questioned but that doesnt mean shias are not Muslims
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