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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam u Alikum, Masha Allah. That's really great to know. Please contact Mr. Messum @ 0098 9352399144 . He speaks Urdu, Persian, and I think English as well. He is best guide I had during our family ziarat of Iran. He will give you complete service from airport pickup to hotel, accommodation, ziaraat etc. Kindly don't forget us in your prayers. WASALAM Marzooq.
  2. W/Salam. Thanks for sharing your experience!! I completely understand what you are suggesting as I myself has gone through the learning mediums you mentioned. Back then, we don't have facility of learning what we have today in form of distance learning. I still remember despite watching several English movies, reading newspaper (DAWN specifically), I didn't got strong grip on English grammar until I was taught (luckily) by a solid English teacher in 10th grade. Then in my profession luckily I got someone as my senior co-worker who taught me art of writing effective business email and then again someone who taught me composing Essays. All during this experience and some other technical skills I learned, was came from direct teaching whether in form of a dedicated teacher or mentor. I believe, some courses/skills which forms the foundation of our educational life, like English, must be directly learned from a professional who have good command over the subject. Distance learning has widen the opportunities for learning, so why not avail/utilize this opportunity? I understand finance is issue here, but if someone can somehow afford then better learn from the guru. I myself has witnessed the benefits and fruits of learning from the subject champion. Jazzak Allah again for your experience and help. WASALAM Marzooq.
  3. I've search online English tutors and there are many sites offering paid English teaching. I posted here to know if somebody has gone through the same scenario i.e. hiring English tutor and learning via Skype and if he or she can recommend some teacher? Recommendation is important here, because from Google search results, its very difficult to know which teacher is good or not? What you mean by "teach-the-parent-as-teacher"? Sorry, I didn't understand. JAZZAK Allah MARZOOQ
  4. Salam alikum all,I'm looking for a teacher who can teach English language to my 12 years daughter via Skype.We belongs from Pakistan and therefore English is not our first language.She is currently at beginners level as the school she goes has English medium of studying.But we want her to go from beginners level to intermediate and then to advance.We want her to get good command on English Grammar, composing essays/letters, and listeningI personally have no idea of online learning via Skype. Could somebody recommend English teacher for the above mentioned purpose? And how much they charge and length of course.I will be very thankful if I can get some help here.WASALAM Marzooq.
  5. Assalam u Alikum, Just wondering if somebody could explore the definition of "True Believers" referenced in 3rd Sura Al Imran - Ayah 139. Please see attachment. Who are considered True Believers by Quran ? REGARDS MARZOOQ
  6. Salam Alikum, Already members have replied in good detail to OP. I was also having almost similar problem as of OP. In fact, I started making dua for specific needs but then I notice that I am repeating same words for dua and felt that dua is become my daily routine, instead of asking/making dua from heart and soul. Then I referenced Saheef-e-Kamla, book by 4th Imam (A.S) complete on Dua, and Alhamdullilah my problem was not only resolved, but I find a complete world of Dua; how to do Dua, what words to use, how to beg Allah, how to praise Allah and so on. This book is real Treasure on Dua (after Quran). I strongly recommend reading this book for your queries. Note: You will notice in book that Imam (A.S) has different dua for different needs. So at-least it gives us a clue that there are specific duas for specific problems. Mazrooq.
  7. Walikum Salam. I am not sure of any Aalima or Aalima, however, recently read that Ziarat-e-Ashura is very effective for several problems including marriage problems and spritual issues. See post #47 by "Toffee" on below link who recommend reciting Ziarat-e-Ashura for marriage proposals: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/31838-benefits-of-ziyrat-e-ashura/?p=1874233 In above link, member "Toffee" shares a story of getting marriage proposals after reciting Ziart-e-Ashura. The same story can be found on story # 26 on below link (urdu version) http://www.scribd.com/doc/4655036/Ziaraat-e-Ashura#archive Note: If you know Urdu, then I would recommend reading all miracles narrated in above link. Good Luck. Marzooq.
  8. UK has several Shia centers. I am sure you can find an Aalim there to do istekhara. See below links, if you can visit and contact in-person then its better, otherwise I am quite hopeful that they can resolve your query over telephone. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/15106-shia-organization-and-mosques-in-london/ http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/44799-any-shia-centers-in-central-london/ https://www.google.com.pk/search?q=shia+centers+in+london+site:www.shiachat.com&es_sm=93&sa=X&ved=0CDIQrQIoBDAAahUKEwigxtW3yIbJAhVLJZQKHa_4Cho&biw=1366&bih=667 hope it helps. Good Luck Marzooq.
  9. Salam Alikum Just saw you query. Although its quite old thread but still wished to reply. You can read Ziarat-e-Ashura for 40 days with 100 Salam and 100 Laans' follwed by Sajida Dua (which is laste part of Ziarat-e-Ashura and you read that lines while in Sajda) and read Dua Alqama. Then pray 2 rakat prayers of Ziarat-e-Ashura and do dua for your problems. Urdu version on miracle of Ziarat-e-Ashura could be find on below link. There are several cases mentioned of Ziarat-e-Ashura in this book and also method is mentioned within those cases. http://www.scribd.com/doc/4655036/Ziaraat-e-Ashura#archive May Allah help us all, insha Allah Mazrooq.
  10. Do you have any contact in Iran or Qum ? Or any SC member reading this can assist in this regard ? Actually, in Qum there is Ayatullah Tehriri who is famous for his true istekhara outcomes. So try to contact him. Which country you live in ? I have heard many Shia centers are there in US, UK, CA, AU etc. belonging to Aytaullah Sistani and Ayatullah Khamenie / Khoie. If you can contact one of these centers in your country then they can help in doing istekhara. Note: I tried to fine Dua-e-Istekhara by 4th imam (A.S). I didn't get arabic/english version. But here is Urdu mp3 link: https://hasnain.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/sahifa-e-sajjadiya-in-urdu Its very small, probably half of the page. But very meaningful and possess great insights when it comes to doing istekhara. Good luck Marzooq.
  11. First, there should not be more than one istekhara at a time. When doing istekhara, you have to be sure that you trust Allah 100% and will follow the result by the help of Allah. Many istekhara on same case will lead to confusion, as in your case. Now I will suggest you to give a gap of almost a week, if possible. Don't much think on this issue and just ignore it and focus on other stuff during this week. There is no logic in it of what am saying here. Its just to get yourself out of confusion and give the gap as well, as istekhara does has some influence due to time / day / date. During this gap just pray that Allah guide you best, and do best in your Haq. Then select a most learned Sheikh as per your knowledge, whom you trust more on his faith and piousness. pray 2 rakat prayers read istekhara dua from Saheef-e-Kamla (book by 4th Imam (A.S) ) Then make your niyyat..... for example, Ya Allah (SWT) is it better in my haq to marry ABC ? Then ask the Sheikh to do istekhara on your niyyat. You "may" tell him that its for marriage so he might need names for both prospective spouses. You can ask him to make by Quran. So that he can give you ayat which comes as a result. Insha Allah, things will be better for you. Good Luck Marzooq.
  12. If you still want to do by yourself, then I would suggest to do Tasbeeh istekhara. Interpreting Quranic verses is not the job of everyone. And that is why you are confused in interpreting above ayat, that whether its +ve or -ve. That's why istekhara by Quran are one by those who have in depth knowledge of Quran and "are" pious as well. You make 2 rakat istekhara prayer and make niyat, if possible then read istekhara dua in Saheef-e-Kamla book by 4th Imam (A.S) and then ask Sheikh to do istekhara on your niyaat. Its not necessary you tell the niyat to you Sheikh. Just tell him you have done niyat and kindly do istekhara on my niyat. Good luck Marzooq.
  13. salam alikum, I would "strongly" suggest to do istekhara by some pious Aalim (Sheikh). Do not do by yourself! This is a word of caution after practicing istekhara for many years in situations I faced. Also, recently one of my close relative gave reference of Aytaullah Tehriri in Iran whose istekhara for marriages and on other issues as well, are very reliable. Again, "do not do by yourself" ! Good luck Marzooq.
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