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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As a kid when I saw homeless people living on the streets or begging for money I always used to wonder why poor people even existed in the first place when they could just attempt to rob a bank or something and get free housing and food in jail
  2. The Prophet (saww) himself told Ali b. Abi Talib that he and the Imams from his children will be able to separate the believers from the criminals on the Day of Judgement. The Prophet himself says the Ali will be the divider of those who enter heaven and hell. These aren't small words and neither have they been said for any Abu Tom, Abu Richard, or Abu Harry. If you believe the Shi'as at the time "only saw him as their leader and not as a divinely appointed authority" then you haven't understood wilayah yourself. قال حدثنا أبو جعفر محمد بن علي بن الحسين قال حدثني أبي قال حدثني محمد بن يحي
  3. As Shi'as are being gunned down in broad daylight and their properties vandalized, the Prime Minister is cracking down on Shi'as for reciting a religious text on one of the holiest days of the month. All this while Shi'as continue to hail the government as some kind of heroic revolution against corruption and mismanagement. As economic hardship and corruption is still rampant, the governments sets its sights on Shi'as.
  4. Great, someone was arrested for posting 'anti-Shia' things. Let's alert the presses to show how balanced and equitable Pakistan law enforcement is to it's Sunni and Shiite populations. Then a few months later once the Shi'as have forgotten about it, let's release the anti-Shi'a convict, such as the the leader of the notorious Shi'a killing org Lashkar Jhangvi https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/international/world-news/dreaded-terrorist-malik-ishaq-released-by-pakistan-government/articleshow/45617614.cms. The difference between someone posting 'anti-Shia things' on Facebook and that
  5. I finally got around to watching the video. I would've appreciated a time stamp for what you were referencing him to have said. Instead I had to watch the entire speech. See below. Yes, the narration is reliable. Narrations encouraging mourning of Imam al-Hussain are mutawatir. Nobody is arguing whether one should grieve over his martyrdom or not. It's the jaz3 that people have misconstrued to represent much of what we see today. The term الجزع itself has always had a negative connotation to it since it's viewed as one having lost control - distancing oneself from their nafs. This
  6. Thanks for sharing your ordeals, brother. It's extremely saddening to hear your troubles and how the law seems to be so lopsided against Shi'as in general. Last year I saw a video circulating on social media of a Pakistani man cursing Imam al-Mahdi (عليه السلام) with vulgarity, but did not hear a single report of any arrests or charges on him. It's an extreme shame, for a country where the army and intelligence are above the law and can do anything at all with complete impunity, that they are glorified as being some sort of honest safeguard of the country. It seems that constitution itsel
  7. I truly hate reviving an almost year-old thread. I've been on and off of SC for several years now sometimes logging in after several months. Not sure if I'm breaking any SC rules and apologies if it is, but I did want to add to my point with additional relevant news. A brother in Karachi, Pakistan, has apparently been arrested for reciting Ziyarat al-Ashura on a TV station which was relayed live. The recitation was so outrageous to some in Pakistan that even PM Imran Khan tweeted it and mentioned how he will act harshly with anyone peddling sectarianism. Brother Taqi Jaffer is being port
  8. No, I don't see. This is probably the worst attempt I've seen of someone trying to portray themself as some sort of philosopher. This sounds like one of those Confucius Says memes. Using your logic, the Prophet (saww) should have named the year his uncle and wife were martyred (Sayed al-Shuhada2 Hamza and Lady Khadija) as 'The Year of Celebration' instead of what he actually named it 'The Year of Sadness' (aam al-huzn).
  9. If anyone wants to take part in chest-beating/self-flagellation rituals you can go right ahead. Just don't claim you are doing it as an Islamic practice or as a mustahab act prescribed by the Ahlul Bayt. Even if you believe you are seeking nearness to Imam Hussain through beating your chest (which I found to be the most reasonable common answer of people when asked why they do what they do), there is no way you can say this is an Islamic tradition. *These acts are permissible at best.* Our ulema have consensus that there is no third testimony in the adhan but it is permissible to include
  10. Many maraje` permit tatbir, zanjeer/qama zani, and other forms of lamentations. Many of us have seen Ayatullah Basheer al-Najafi's video of him encouraging these acts and I was personally also a staunch supporter of it at one point. However over the years I have backtracked even to the point where I've started questioning our chest-beating rituals. There are many narrations of the Prophet himself weeping over his grandson's fate, even appearing in one of his wives' dreams grief-stricken and with dusty clothes (in the famous hadith al-qarurah). We even have narrations of the Ahlul Bayt enc
  11. I agree it is quite creepy-like the way I told it. But I didn't hear the story from the couple themselves, just through conversations within the family. I'm sure I'm missing a lot of detail. Also, in some of the pre-2010 threads I've stumbled upon, I noticed the members were a lot more open/joking with one another than the sort of atmosphere we have today. I might be wrong since I'm not on here much anymore, but it seems like there was a period where ShiaChat was like another MSN Messenger for some, and things were a lot more loose, possibly paving the way for these kinds of escalations i
  12. I was (recently) made aware that a relative of mine "met" his future spouse on ShiaChat. Apparently they had some good convos here which led one of them to search for the other on Facebook. Once confirming their newfound Facebook friend was the same person on ShiaChat, I assume that's where they got to know one another even better. They now have a child and (from what it seems) are quite happy. Although they didn't seem too religious from when I once met them (just my personal observation), it seems that SC marriages are not unheard of! You only live once brother
  13. I've come across various opinions of our scholars, both classical and contemporary, discussing how there exists a difference of opinion on whether the A'immah are greater than the rest of prophets (after Prophet Muhammad). Or if the A'immah are greater only than the rest of the prophets after ulu al-`azm. Or if the Ai'mmah are only the greatest of creation after all the prophets. I may be wrong, but I haven't seen any of our scholars even discuss whether Imam Ali was equal to Prophet Muhammad. They probably underestimated the threat and the extent of ghuluw which has crept into the belief
  14. 1. In legal vs. ethical discussions, the police are often viewed as examples of the former and nothing further. Do American police officers get trained/told to act ethically when there is a dispute between with what's legally correct and what's morally correct? 2. Georgia ranks quite high in number of registered weapons. Do you believe the general feeling of the police is to increase gun control in Georgia? In all of the U.S.? 3. What brings you to offer this pleasant service to ShiaChat?
  15. Salam brother. Sending la`nah on the first three caliphs is not a pillar of our aqeeda - if you are asking if it is part of our usul al-madhhab or dharuriyat al-deen (usul al-deen). According to the scholars that derived our pillars of faith, one can have favourable views of the shaykhain and still be Shi'a if they hold all the other necessary beliefs. This is in contrast with what many major Sunni scholars have said, that if one considers `Ali to be better than the Sahaba apart from Shaykhain, then you are only a Shi'a. However if one believes `Ali was better than all the Sahaba includin
  16. I thought it was common knowledge that Abu Bakr was in the cave... and had no clue that there are some Shi'a that believed it was someone else. We have numerous narrations from the Ahlulbayt confirming it was Abu bakr ibn Abi Quhafa in the cave with the Prophet and not the person who you've mentioned. I don't know of any of our major scholars believing it was anyone other than Abu Bakr in the cave. I stopped reading your 'evidence' for why it was Abdullah ibn Ariqat when the person posed the second question, "where's the third in the cave?" which did give me a good chuckle. After qui
  17. ^ I find this to be a weak response by Shi'as who say "we do not curse the Sahaba because we do not consider them to be Sahaba in the first place." The Qur'an in the Verse of the Cave 9:40 literally uses the word for "companion" for the first caliph, and we all know how the rights of the Ahlulbayt were stolen and trampled upon by him. Being a Sahaba of the Prophet is in no way any kind of merit or deserving of praise. So what if someone is Sahaba? So what if someone is related to the Prophet (Abu Lahab)? Anybody deserving of praise should have earned it, and anyone deserving of la`nah mus
  18. And how do you know those that are anti-Shi'a are "Salafi-Wahhabi"? Do they have it written on their forehead that you call them Salafis or Wahhabis? It's frustrating the way so many Shi'i try to make excuses for Sunnis in general by excluding the ones that hate Shi'as as "Salafis/Wahhabis" while the ones that don't hate Shi'as are "the real Sunnis." Do you know the Grand Mufti of Iraq Shaykh Mehdi Sumaidaei is Salafi, and has publicly met Imam Khamenei and Gen. Soleimani on several occasions, and have cordial relations? The truth is that many Hanafis, Shafi'is, and Malikis are just
  19. Walaykum salam, We don't know what the person said exactly for him to get arrested and handed a five year sentence, but if he said something that is mentioned in our kutub there should be no problem in sharing it. If you don't agree with 'insulting' the Sahaba, then maybe those companions shouldn't have done those deeds in the first place. There's no need to remind everyone that Tabarra from the enemies of the Ahlul Bayt is part of our Furu` al-deen. If the person who was sentenced said it in an academic discussion/debate then that's even more exposing of the Pak government's oppression.
  20. I don't understand why the people who argued in favour of the Earth's spherical shape would lie about it in the first place. What do they have to gain by everyone believing it's not flat? It's not like they woke up one day and decided to play a joke on the entire world by announcing the world is not flat. This isn't one of your "9/11 was an inside job" kind of conspiracies lol.
  21. I'm curious to hear what all the nationalist Pakistani Shi'as have to say about this one: https://www.dawn.com/news/1511436 What's ridiculous about this is that the man was charged with "posting blasphemous material against the Sahaba" as if saying anything about the fallible Sahaba is tantamount to attacking Allah. Is this the Pakistan Imran Khan promised? It's quite clear that Shi'as in Pakistan are not given the freedoms that others enjoy and it's disappointing to see the number of Pakistani Shi'as go out of their way to defend the same regime that oppresses them. Apparently Imran
  22. The Iranian revolution had a huge impact on every single Shi'I in the world. I've spoken to a few Indo-Pak Shi'as and they all say that the sizable population of Shi'as in their countries were largely irreligious and almost completely 'cultural' Shi'as. During the revolution and afterwards during the Iran-Iraq war, people became more and more aware of their beliefs and started learning what Shi'a Islam is all about. One of the reasons Saddam invaded was also because of fear of this influence. Aal Sa'ud was scared out of their socks for their largely marginalized Shi'a population seeing th
  23. Salam brother and welcome to the forum. There isn't anything in particular you need to say since the shahada is the same. Holding the belief in the wilayah of Ali (عليه السلام) and the rest of the Imams is the perfection of your deen. Also review our Usul al-deen and Furu` al-deen for more details on the beliefs of Shi'a Muslims. If you would like to share your story of what led you to Shi'a Islam, many of us would be interested. Here you can find the conversion stories of some who converted:
  24. Yes, but he's not Arab like the brother has claimed. If I'm not mistaken, Imam Khamenei is half Azeri-Turk and half Persian. Being Sayed does not mean you're automatically Arab.
  25. Jazakallah for your efforts. Your posts with textual references are valuable. But on a minor (and off-topic) note, and I'm just a nit-picky person when it comes to these things, your English transcriptions of the Arabic text is a tad inaccurate and it'd be better if you just translated the Arabic into plain English. For example: Maybe take a look at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanization_of_Arabic Apologies for the off-topic post.
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