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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. LOL! This is utterly ridiculous! Nuclear weapons aren't some toy-in-the-box that can be freely taken and carried along.
  2. (salam) I honestly dont have a clue when is Eid here in Manchester (or UK for that matter) since I havent been to 404 Islamic Centre for ages :lol:
  3. (salam) My apologies behenjee, I must have written it in a way that mislead. :blush: I meant to say that most young Shia lads do zanjeer zani with the intention of show-boating and hoping to have Shia girls watch them from the windows or the crowd and (in their minds) admiring their so-called devotion to the cause of Imam Hussain. Ya Hussain
  4. Its about resisting the oppressor. The very message Syed-us-Shohadaa (as) taught and was cut doing on the very land you walk on. Even after 14 centuries of what happened that fateful day on the heat-baked sands of Karbala-e-Mualaa, the message is still true and holds proper relevance even to this day. I dedicate my Ashura to the Ahle Bayyat (as) that stood fast to their principles despite all the tyranny and discrimination they faced to save the message of Muhammed (SAWW) and their followers who died to make sure that the message never disappeared. But also, I dedicate this Ashura to the troub
  5. A proper majlis, a well organised jaloos, some heart wrenching nohays, and a well orchestrated matamee dastaa, makes a great and emotional Ashura for all Azadars in attendance. Unfortunately, as is the case with most of my fellow Pakistani azadars, its mostly not the case. But then again, its whether you get the message right and implement it or not, rather than doing zanjeer-zani for the intention of parading in the streets - that are normally lined with animal faeces - for people (esp. the females) to stare and drool at the sight of blood - a mere showboating of the occaision so to speak. Ya
  6. Salam If I recall correctly, one brother gave us an online link for a live Urdu majlis session somewhere in the UK last Muharram which was helpful for the Uni students like myself. Can brothers/sisters here kindly post links of online majalis so that I can follow the Muharram here in my room as it is not easy for me to find the appropriate gathering where I live in Manchester I would really appreciate any live Urdu majalis online links daily till Ashura, and maybe the odd one in Farsi for a fellow Iranian brother I know of. Wasa'am
  7. Rumour has it that Brazil and AC Milan football star Kaka has embraced Islam after his visit to Kuwait with the Brazil team :!!!: http://planetsoccer.wordpress.com/2006/10/...embraces-islam/ After France and Marseille star Franck Ribery, who is a confirmed Muslim when he converted after marrying a French-Algerian woman a few years back, and the rumoured conversion of Holland and Arsenal star Robin Van Persie following his Dutch-Morrocan fiancee, this comes as some news ^_^
  8. Well the "making mistakes" is another matter...but yes I would refrain from public cursing of such figures as it creates anger....since Sunnis are more in number
  9. Heh. :dry: For a lad that has studied in the prestigious London School of Economics, you cant rule out the possibility of his role as a double agent in such matters. So why are you complaining about Musharraf "lying" ? MI6 made him, and then when he turned his back on them he became enemy no.1 ?? A classic case of Frankenstein....well Al-Qaeda and UBL are Frankenstein cases as well :rolleyes:
  10. I did search the museum's website...and no convincing stuff regarding the existence of such a text :)
  11. You must be confusing Umer ibn Khattab with Abu Bakr :huh: :lol: Umar ordered the attacks on Persian Empire, and in the end he was assasinated by an ex-slave of Yazdegard named Abu Lulu Firoz..........remember him ? :P Its authenticity as a "well-preserved" historical text. :) Does the Museum of London (as the text alleges) contain these two letters or not ?
  12. Okay so I found this claimed english translated text of the letters Umar ibn Khattab and Yazdegard III exchanged with each other at a time when Arabs were about to move into Persia. Looking at the text introduction, this was found on some nationalistic Iranian forum who still moan and complain about the Persian Empire's sudden but inevitable demise. My question is regarding the authenticty of such a letter and whether all the introduction given is infact true or not. Real or FAKE ? :unsure:
  13. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=57...error%252Bstorm documentaries get better by each passing year :P
  14. Jazakallah :) This actually does prove my point that Spaniards should apologise to the Arabs for what their Christian Jihadis did during the Inquisition. :lol:
  15. Ohio car dealer drops ‘Jihad’ commercial http://dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=...27-9-2006_pg4_8 CHICAGO: A car dealership in Ohio has decided not to run a commercial proclaiming a “jihad” on the US auto market, a Muslim activist group said on Monday. The Ohio Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations released a letter from the dealership offering an apology and saying the radio ad, which had never been aired, was a misguided attempt at humour. “We appreciate the dealership’s constructive reaction to feedback about the proposed advertisements,” said Adnan Mirza, director of the
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