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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The water does not need to reach the scalp..so your wudu is fine.
  2. If God forbid, if somebody close to u dies, then will u meet people with a smile or grief ? It is as simple as that.. Obviously it is not haram but when we look at Nasrallah, he is our ideal and much more closer to Imam Husain than anyone of us..So he should set an example of how we should behave on Ashura..So if he can smile and wave then i think we also can do the same...
  3. Imām Muhammad ibn ‘Alī al-Bāqir (A.S.) said: "On Ashura Day, before noon, he should go to a desert or an elevated portion of his house and recite salutations to Imam Husain (a.s.), curse his killers excessively and pray two Rakats prayers. Then he should mourn and lament over Imam Husain (a.s.), order everyone in his house to lament him, hold a gathering in his house narrating Imam Husain’s tragedies and become restless on the tragedies of the Imam (a.s.), meet one another weeping and consoling one another over the Imam’s tragedies. If they do so, I guarantee that the Almighty Allāh will record all of those rewards for him. [References: Kamiluz Ziyaraat, Chapter 71, Tradition 7, page 162] Meet one another with sorrow not with a smile..
  4. i have full respect for Nasrallah but dont understand why he has to smile and wave on the Ashura when one should avoid smiling on the day of Ashura..
  5. I think he was a sincere lover of Ahle Bait, no doubt about it but he was not a perfect Shia as Salman, Abuzar, Malike Ashtar. He did use some deceipts and diplomacy while dealing with the tricks of Ummayads and Ibne Zubair and thats why he was not held in high esteem by the later Imams... The serial has shown his spiritual growth from a doubter in Imam Hasan's movement to a helper in Imam Husain's movement...His character in reality was a very complicated one as he used a lot of taqayya to overcome the enemies of Ahle Bait...Except his second wife nobody was aware of his plans and his strategy.. Most of the scholars have respect for him but they do not also compare him with the likes of Salman, Abuzar, Malike Ashtar etc..I personally dont think Allah will allow the revenge (although a temporary one) of Imam Husain to be taken by a person who was hungry for power...If he was power hungry he would have compromised with Ibne Zubair instead of fighting with him..he compromised with Ibne Zubair only for the revenge of Imam Husain..
  6. At one time i think Rafsanjani was leading this council right ? what is the function of this council anyway ?
  7. Yeah i fully agree with you that Guardian Council was and should be very cautious this time so as to not to repeat 2009. But my point is the majority of Iranians (even pro-regime ones) will not be motivated to vote because they know that all guys are having the same ideology. It does not matter who comes to power. I am sure turnout will be less this time around.
  8. i think it would be better if the opportunity of rejecting the candidate should have been given to the Iranian people. It pretty much becomes a one sided affair now...I dont think there will be good turnout this time.
  9. wow never expected Rafsanjani to be vetted out..it looks more like a one sided affair now..these two could have added spice into the elections..
  10. Do u know if any brother who lives in/around Littleton with whom i can car pool otherwise i will need to rent a car....
  11. Thanks a lot sister...that is quite helpful.
  12. are there any Shias on SC who live in Denver, CO ? I searched and found Arsalan Rizvi but i think he is not active here anymore now. I will be in Denver for some official work during Moharrum so wants some guidance for imam bargah etc. thanks..
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