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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thanks for that reference I will look for the meaning of "tanasukh" anyway thanks sazim
  2. reincarnation if true cannot be termed as Islamic or unislamic, if Reincarnation is a fact like life and death than it is universal, it doesnt come under the pretext of any religion............but then the whole question is whether it holds some water or not???? Since Islam doesnt say anything (according to our biased interpretation of Quran and Hadith ) about reincarnation.......still it is a matter for some research and thinking.....When i say biased, i mean since reincarnation is a non muslim belief, muslims in particular are not looking for any signs in Quran to explain this phenomena sazim
  3. But what if there are differences among Marjas' sazim
  4. The concept of confession is an intelligent social trick to extract information about a person, which can then be used to blackmail the person or persons.....Churches in the 17th and 18th centuries were notorius in doing that, and they even held Kings and Queens hostage because of this confession phenomena......the kingdom couldnt move without the permission of church Thanks god we are muslims, and we dont have anything even remotely associated to confession Also, Allah wants us to hide every sins of every one from each other, because even though we are sinners, Allah loves and respect us very very deeply, and Allah wants us to respect others as well........having said that, you cannot avoid punishment if you have sinned. sazim
  5. Sister Zainab The questions are , "why we are deprived from it .can not we get knowledge from them because they are not physically present amongst us?" Whats your answer to that sazim
  6. Brother Naziri All you are talking about is in the context of Rooh, and no one has come out with a clear and simple definition of "Rooh", then you are talking about "ONE NAFS", all of this is very vague What is Rooh?? Is it individual or collective What is Nafs ?? Is it individual or collective (there is a speech of Imam Ali on "Nafs Insaan", in Nehjul Al Israr", where he is talking about an individual Nafs .....yours or mine) What i am asking is, what is preventing our Rooh to use another vehicle (body) to come back to this planet, reality or dimension.....? regards sazim
  7. Which Holy Land are you talking about ??? What is IRI, is it Islamic Republic of Iran What is SRI, is it Secular Republic of Iran Why would Israel support a Muslim country , or are u suggesting that SRI wont be a muslim state, that all the Iranis would become non muslims still lot of assumptions regards sazim
  8. Are you sure that it refers to seasons ?? But doesnt Islam also talks about fate, destiny and KISMET Why I am so curious about Reincarnation, is that millions and millions of people believe in it, further I havent read any hadith or any tafseer of Quran which clearly condemns the idea of reincarnation. Please note that reincarnation was an accepted fact in the days of Jesus, and many saints have acknowledged the phenomena sazim
  9. Hello I guess I have asked a forbidden question People come on sazim
  10. Respected Members What does Islam say about Reincarnation By Reincarnation I mean coming back to this world again and again in different life forms (Human, animals) And dont just condemn my question, because its one of the basic religious beliefs of Hindus ( not every thing they do is wrong or haram) Please quote An Ayat from Quran or any popular hadith by the infallibles either in favour or against reincarnation and hey I am not talking about "Rijat" thanks & regards sazim
  11. bad deeds + hatred from ahle bait = definitely Jahanam good deeds + love for ahle bait = definitely Jannat The rests are in between sazim
  12. Despite the fact that there are lots of inaccuracies in the above mentioned article, the rise in mutaa marriages in Iraq do warrant some deep researching of much debated “Mutaa Phenomena” (from a muslim prospective, not a shia one) The questions which needed to be answered are Are the people educated enough to understand the importance and need of mutaa (sexual gratification seems to be the main theme, currently) Is Poverty among women in Iraq a legitimate reason to advocate mutaa Are money generated through Khums being used to support these poor women who are desperately selling their diginity in the name of Islam (since most of the mutaa marriages seems to gratify men sexually) Further, what kind of image are we giving to other religions, by practising, something which is highly debatable from a social and moral point of view. sazim
  13. I will just narrate a small passage from "Muntihul Amal " by Sheikh Abbas Qumi. One of the SHIA (Sehel Bin Hasan Khorasani) of Imam Jafar e Sadiq went to him and told him that i have 100,000 soldiers with me to back you up, lets wage a war against the Khalifa e Waqt. Imam was sitting near a bread oven, he asked this shia to go into the burning oven, and the shia couldnt, then Our Imam asked Haroon Maki to go into the burning oven, Haroon did. Once Haroon Maki came out of oven unharmed, the Imam asked Sehel, how many are there like haroon in Khurasan, Sehel replied none, and the Imam said My son will not appear until there are 5 like Haroon sazim
  14. Who is responsible for these wars and supression, humans arent? If we can start wars, start supression, kill billions and billions of people, cant we humans stop all this, but i guess that is the paradox........in order to do that, we have to rediscover our divine qualities, which is inherent in every one of us..... wishing is for the weak and old, acting is for the strong and brave Are we humans weak and old????? Arent we suppose to be the grandest creation of all??? sazim
  15. After listening to all these discussions (books,forums,majalises) about Imam’s appearance, I have gathered this much that there are some definite signs and not so definite signs, and as per Imam Ali there are 10 definite signs (please read nehjul al Israr) that must occur before the Imam appears. Most people agree that some signs have already occurred (though the intrepretation of those prophecies is another matter), for example, the decline in moral and social values (religion allowing gays marriage) the detoriarating concept of religion (ever increasing sectarianism in Islam), the cost of a human life (legal abortion) , greed, maliciousness, etc,etc………but we have witnessed all these phenomena through out history ( please read Quran and the history of Prophets) Now there arises some questions ? are we safe (correct intrepretation of signs) to assume that the appearance is very near (a member has mentioned 20 years) or do we want Our Imam to appear, because we cannot handle our responsibilities as muslim first and humans later, I will come back to what Imam Jafar said about our readiness with respect to Imam’s Zuhoor. Now lets predict for a while that Imam do appear in the next 100 years, then we have all the prophesised events leading to “Rijjat”, “Qayamat Sughra ,Qayamat Kubra, judgement day ( after the judgement day everything within this physical universe comes to an end, please correct me if I am wrong) and finally Jannat and Jahanam… So how much time till the judgement day, say 1000 years of human efforts, failures and successes in this universe…..Would that be a fair estimate ? If yes, are we given only 1000 years to gain the lost glory (becoming Ashraful Makhlooqat once again) as a specie? And we have to gain this lost glory on two fronts We have to explore this incredibly mysterious, beautiful and everexpanding universe, (Prophet’s Mairaj is an example to follow, yes I believe we humans have the capacity to travel to the far end of the universe), and We have to unravel the mysteries of being human, being a part of Allah, rediscovering the divine quality of “SACRIFICE”, as done by Imam Hussain in Karbala…. The prophet’s Mairaj and Imam Hussain’s Grand Sacrfice are the two unique events in human history, which glorifies Humans, and make Allah proud, and we as humans have to do something very similar to be rightfully called “Ashraful Makhlooqat” I think 1000 years is not enough for that. sazim
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