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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I thought this might be relevant to the topic: https://medium.com/@adeelajaffery/healthier-snacking-for-our-kids-4c1c6904397c
  2. Thank you sister Hameedeh for the positive feedback. Please share with your family and friends and spread the awareness. Indeed, our parents did the best they could and what ever was in their knowledge. They didn't feed us wrong stuff on purpose but still many mothers quickly fell for the convenience trap and bought a whole lot pre made packaged food from the store. And that trend has increased by many folds among the current generation. The responsibility lies on our shoulders esp as the followers of Imam Hussain (A) to help correct this. I just think of it this way, if Imam Hussain (A) would be here, what would he do? And the same for Imam Mahdi (A), because when he comes he is going to fill the whole world with justice hence this is also another area which will need to be worked upon. Let's help him by joining hands for all good causes. Let's build this legacy of a new, better and healthier food system for ourselves and our children so we can better serve our Imam.
  3. Salam alaikum, Trying to bring my community members' attention towards this important issue: Is convenience more important than our children’s health?Today, I am kind of furious and sad. Sad to see how our laziness can, and is affecting our children’s health. I have a sincere question to all of you. Do you think, a working mother or as busy parents we have the right to feed our children, our future generation, anything we like? I really want to use my emotions today, and probably transfer a bit of that energy to my readers. The time is gone when we were in the dark and didn’t know what we were eating. We were being fooled by the food industry eating chemical laden ‘so called’ food. Tell me a house that doesn’t have bread, mayonnaise, ketchup, pancake/waffle/cake/cookie mixes, noodles, crackers, pasta, biscuits, sauces, processed cheese, sausages, burgers, nuggets, boxed juice/milk and whole lot more. They all have chemical preservatives and additives to prolong their shelf life and lots of sugar to enhance their taste. I get sad when I hear mothers and caretakers saying: ‘Just give them a peanut butter jelly sandwich.’ or cheerios or other [Edited Out]py cereals. That too for breakfast which is technically the most important meal of the day. Why? Is our leisure more important than our children? It’s time we understood there is no such thing as kid’s food or kid’s snack. They eat what we eat and we all should be eating plain simple food. Not to forget: Please check the ingredients on your peanut butter (and jelly too!). Why? Because peanut butter should contain ............ Read the complete article here: https://medium.com/@adeelajaffery/is-convenience-more-important-than-our-childrens-health-17de23d2e956
  4. Thanks for your reply! Ya I guess you are right! Will try to go to Saba Center more often and get my daughter enrolled in Sunday School. Thanks again!
  5. Salamun Alaikum brothers & sisters, A consultancy company based in US is looking for a Ruby on Rails Developer. The developer needs to know Rails 4, Ruby 2, RSpec and other technologies usually used in the a typical Rails application. You'll be provided with mentorship by an expert Rails developer should you feel stuck. At the moment, we have a contact management application in the pipeline we need help with. It needs integration with social networks. The barebones application has already been generated and uses Rails 4, Rspec 2, PostgreSQL with the usual stack. We require someone who's good at TDD/BDD and fond of startups. The stories have been laid out in Pivotal Tracker. It's a month long project. With the right candidate, this will turn into a full-time (remote) job. If it seems interesting, please forward your resume along with your github link and anything else you would like us to see on addi110@gmail.com. Thanks!
  6. oopsie! I just posted asking for some shia sisters in this area. I sure don't want to give my information any one claiming to be a sister and living in this area. What was I thinking? Getting to know through internet is never safe. Thanks for the reminder. I will delete my post. :)
  7. Salam Alaikum wa rehmatullah Sisters! I hope everyone is doing good by the grace of Almighty. I just wanted to drop by and ask if there are any sisters who live in the SF peninsula bay area or SF itself. We recently shifted here from Qom where I lived for three years since my marriage. I don't know a single soul. No one from my friends or family lives here so it's getting very weird I must say. Plus my husband is very busy too and not home most of the day. Basically pakistani but lived all my life in Dubai. So if any of you sisters out there live in this part of the world, I would love to get to know you and probably meet up inshallah. I have been going to Saba center (San jose) for Muharram but it's difficult with two young kids and its hard to get to know people in such a short time as I need to rush back home. It's a 45 min drive one way to/from Daly City. Thanks in advance!
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