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  1. Ive heard someone quoting two ashaab as "Muhammad Ali jat" (a sindhi who traveled to arabia and became a companion, he returned to what is present day pakistan's sindh and introduced islam there) And "Malik ibn Deenar" Can someone verify them?
  2. Salam, Anybody who could add knowledge to the title, naming who and how many ashaab of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w travelled to the sub continent? Wasalam
  3. (salam) Finally a great advice. I will surely be following the itinerary you suggested here, never thought about Slovakia (just googled the images and they are awesome). So, I 'll probably just apply for UK in these vacations considering most of the tourist attractions will be closed. If possible kindly guide me about rest of the missing countries I asked about aswell. but all in all... a great plan marbles ^_^ I'll keep that in mind, thanks :) (wasalam)
  4. (salam) Great ! Just what I was expecting before posting the topic here, you guys never disappoint :lol: No my friend, did you check the geographical locations of the countries I listed? For me I guess it's fine. Agree, but then again you don't get to travel everyday ;) Not a problem, bring your parents and siblings while you're at it "BUT NO CATS !!!" ;) Trust me, they can't be worse than French :mellow: (wasalam)
  5. (salam) Hope you're all doing great. Brothers and sisters I'm in a phase of planning a trip to some of the places around Europe. Since this is my first time travelling, I would like you guys to join in and help me make this trip memorable. :wub: ^_^ Currently I'm residing in Nice,France. From here I plan to move to Italy then to Hungary>Czech>Austria>Switzerland>Germany>Sweden>Netherlands>Paris>Spain>Portugal starting from ~23ish Dec. The Places in Bold are not finalized and based on the comments from you guys with cities,famous Places, attractions, landmarks etc I will make changes (add/remove) to my program. It would be even better if I can meet some of you guys and roam around with a guided tour of your hometown or just for a cup of coffee :) I will probably not be staying for more than 1 or 2 days in any country since I only have 2 weeks of vacations. It will be great if any of you might be able to host me as well, "promise I won't break your crockery or steal your Music CDs". :P . As for Nice,you're always welcome to plan your trip and stay at my place. Kindly comply asap since I need to book my tickets. Looking forward to your suggestions and hopefully meet some of you guys. :angel: (wasalam)
  6. (wasalam) I will also be studying in Nice InshaAllah, you're welcome to come at my place anytime and we can look up together :) (salam)
  7. You can control your dreams with a little practice. Those are called Lucid dream, give it a search on google
  8. Applied GIS and Spatial Analysis by John Stillwell :P
  9. Diese tage Ich habe prufung. Will be back in a week
  10. I don't see how is this relevant to the topic? You're prolly just trying to get into the chat room :huh: and I assume your're the same guy trying to find a rishta in sister's forum? Wunderbar it is then
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