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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams. Whats halva? :huh: Sorry. Salaams
  2. Salaam. Allah guides whom he wills and sends astray whom he wills. BUT this is after they have been given the proof. It is those that accept the proof which has been sent whom Allah guides and those who reject it that Allah places a seal upon their hearts. Its not for any of us to decide who is to be guided or not. Salaams
  3. Salaams. Ya I dont really like that site. Filled wit too much ignorant, Sufi hating Wahabis/Salafis/Shaitainis last time I checked.
  4. Salaam all. Its been awhile :rolleyes:
  5. Salaam all. Muawiyah and Yazeed first to enter Hell? LOL. Lets not make false statements...Its one thing to debate...but Allah decides who enters Hell first. Becareful wat you say....dont get to emotional. Salaam.
  6. Salaam. I have a big problem. I am in university and I am studying hard, but its still sooo hard and my grades are not good. :cry: I pray and pray, but its still not good. :( What am I doing wrong? Are there any specific duas I can make or anything? Please someone share some light with me. Inshallah Allah knows best. Salaam.
  7. Salaam. LOL. This joker thinks that ppl in Mecca were monothiests! LOL. Yes of course they were, thats why they worshipped idols and stored them in the Kibla and the Prophet had to fight them for so long! LOL. You do not even know something so simple and you expect to be able to interpret Quran? LOL. Allah should have a section in the Quran talking bout ppl like you who are not misguided but just plain hilerious :lol: Salaam.
  8. Salaam. I agree with you bro Orion. I find it sad that bro Nadeem seems to think he can explain any part of the Quran on his own just using other parts of the Quran. Of course you HAVE to use one part of the Quran to explain another, but not all of us are masters of Quranic arabic and many other things that we need to understand the Quran. That is why we need learned ones. The Quran tells ppl to listen to those who have knowledge. Salaam.
  9. Salaam. Does anyone have any links to websites with info on the Jaffari Madhab? Thanks. Salaam.
  10. Salaam. Yes, my fellow Sunnis seem to think that the Shia leadership is not good. But the thing is, Sunni leadership was elected through human will. Shia Imams are nominated through the will of Allah. Allah tells the Rasul wat to do, Rasul says that there will be 12 leaders from Quraish. Badda boom badda bam. :D Salaam.
  11. Salaam. Beautifully said bro Abbass. Im glad I realized! Salaam.
  12. Salaam. Very nicely said. Now please show me the ayahs of Quran that explain how to perform the daily prayers. Thank you :) Salaam Edited By followeroftherasul on 1035493003
  13. Salaam. I do not see the point in arguing with someone who interprets the Quran on their own. Salaam.
  14. Salaam. This cannot be authentic if it says Allah has hands. Isnt this against the Shia creed? Salaam.
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