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  1. Pearl178

    Thoughts 2018

    Salam sis @starlight yes we are all fine alhamdulilah the cyclone was moving towards the coastal area far from where I live. Just praying for all those affected by it though. Hope you are well sis
  2. Pearl178

    Thoughts 2018

    But why would your friend come and tell you what the other guy said? How do you even know that this guy isn’t just trying to cause a stir? He’s creating fitna which is worse. I don’t get when people do that.
  3. Pearl178

    Thoughts 2018

  4. Pearl178

    Necessity of hijab

    I wear loose clothing, hijab with hands, face and feet showing (I don’t really know if covering feet is wajib). My clothes tend to be a little colorful but not too flashy. A bit of makeup is a must though I know it’s against the rules...as for social hijab, I try my level best to limit conversations with non-mahram at work but it can be challenging at times when you spend most of the day in the office.
  5. I hope I can finish the Quran this Ramadhan. I never end up finishing it but hopefully this year will be different.
  6. Pearl178

    Your everyday outfit?

    And abaya
  7. Pearl178

    Warning to all Muslim Women

    My mom had a child in her 40’s. Ironically this youngest sibling of mine turned out to be more intelligent and wiser than her 4 oldest siblings (and yes that includes me too).
  8. Pearl178

    Thoughts 2018

    Nothing wrong with it at all and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. My brother married our second cousin 4 years ago, it was completely arranged we knew nothing about her. Alhamdulilah they are perfect for each other , a match made in heaven. And she is also an amazing sister-in-Law I couldn’t have asked for a better sis in law. So yeah, if she is a good person then by all means don’t let something trivial as this stop you from going forward.
  9. Pearl178

    Thoughts 2018

    An epic speech by Simon Sinek on leadership: https://streamable.com/0y45u
  10. Pearl178

    #28 How often do you pray Salatul Layl?

    Do you pray the full thing 11 raka’at ir just the 3 (shafi3 and and witr)?
  11. Pearl178

    Thoughts 2017

    @starlight missed you too sister, hope you are well.
  12. They would never get it from seeing their parent divorce a couple of times either. A broken home is 10000 worse for the kids if kids is what you are worried about.
  13. Pearl178

    know any ex shias?

    Unfortunately atheism is becoming a trend amongst shias in my country. It's mainly because most of the youth nowadays can't be bothered to put up with the obligations (or burdens as they would put it ) of religion. It's either that or that they claim to be muslim but commit every kind of haram. I treat them with respect like any human.
  14. Pearl178

    Choice between communism and capitalism

    Question is: how should these finite resources be distributed to ensure everyone has their faire share?