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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. inna lilla wa inna ilaihe raje'oon apparently he passed away today http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1211556/Devout-Muslim-dies-savage-beating-race-hate-gang-granddaughter-three.html
  2. wishful thinking :P ya alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli
  3. ^ ya its not working yet...hopefully soon inshallah
  4. Very well said...FANTASTIC arguments and points put forward
  5. i was looking for the thread which said it is now being shown online.....but its not actually being shown on their website www.hidayat.tv
  6. GHULAM - lol why do u attend jak majlises if u hate him so much....im sooo shocked u go!!! Imam zain ul abideen was known for being the 'adornment of the worshippers' and the 'chief of those who do sajda'....he used to tremble before praying salat and turn pale when doing wudhoo....despite being an infallible....he spent all his time praying and doing tableegh through writing supplications....a hindu became a shia by doing a phd on the sahifa sajjadiya....we need to focus on the ilm of our imam eg his treatise on rights, dua makhrimal akhlaq, his speeches, his ahadith, his duas etc....this wa
  7. compulsory = wajib recommended = ehtiyat ????????????
  8. salaam...mashallah u have made excellent points on ur posts re jak and imam cryng cos of us

  9. u got me for BACK up...trust me im connected ;)

  10. from wat i have seen they are all pakis first.....i have spoken to jak on the fone.....he is very much a paki!!!
  11. very well said ur doin well for a bacha :yaali:
  12. ^ JAK is jus being abit of a paki...its nowt alien :!!!:
  13. yeh true but i jus cant STOP laughing at aloo qeemas/ali imrans comment :lol: on the vid so apt hahahahaha syed mohsin....the jak lovers believe that jak haters are in a majority and vice verca i admire u for standing ur ground and arguing ur case despite soo much opposition lol hats off to people who fight for what they believe in
  14. well done for speakin out in defence of jak lol

  15. 'bar ignorants lanat beshumar' hahahaha love it

  16. well i did say there are some things he says that i dont agree with eg the conspiracy theories i dont think jak or the malangs are uncover CIA agents lol.... however, people seem to love his masaib...i have listened to many speeches where he talks about fazail e ahlulbayt and his masaib really make people cry....it seems his love for ahlulbayt is genuine i jus think he needs to be abit more careful and sensitive u anti jak people are making me go off him :!!!: may Allah guide us all to the truth path of the ahulbayt ameen :yaali: i was there the day the trouble started...i think it was the 2
  17. Interesting discussion, to be honest I wasnt expecting articulate responses from the anti jak camp, all I have been seeing on other websites is curses and swear words. Approaching these people seems difficult as one would expect to get beaten up by them lol Well, the JAK row is now causing domestics in certain homes lol I like JAK majlises and I find them very inspirational, there are some things that he says which I dont agree with but I guess that could be with any maulana. I personally have felt that I have received a calling to certain ziarats through him and have had messages from ahlulb
  18. u made some very good points on the jak thread. Thanks for that, I dont have the energy or the time to engage in such dialogue! I rate people like u for giving lengthy detailed replies in support of the truth.

    im a jak fan lol but there are certain things i dont agree with either

  19. go to an ismaili wedding.....u will get ur answer esp if u r a TRUE shia of the ahlulbayt
  20. thanks for that....i always wanted to know her story....the other two were shahbaz and boo ali sina.... im gonna forward this to my friend who has her name
  21. try vit e oil zinc and vitc supplements shud help
  22. its HINDA...hind was the good wife of yazid
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