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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam bros and sisters. my name is awais syed live in new york. this year i have been attending a lot meetings and majalis at our new york islamic center called al-mahdi foundation. it is small in size but offers great lessons about islam. i recently found out that the center is also a sunday school for kids, but unfortunately the center is having financial problems. volunteers collect donations and all that other stuff from ppl to maintain the center but they still fall short every month. i wanted to help out, if i had that fortune i would have given it to the center, but me only 23 and
  2. I had posted a response similar to this one before. so now i post it as a topic. WHAT DID ABU HANIFA, MALIKI, ETC, AND ETC... SACRIFICE INORDER TO GAIN THE RIGHT OF IMAMMAT? they didnt put their sons on ground like ibrahim as to cut their throats on gods order. They didnt sacrifice like imam ali or imam hassan or hussain. how the hell are they considered imams when one or two of them were learning under the shia imam please do explain
  3. simple...................................... JIS JIS KA MEIN MOLA US US KA ALI MOLA. do we all agree to the saying of the prophet muhammad (pbuh),that ali is considered mola of those whoever considers me their mola. so is our prophet mola of other prophets? did other prophets not do bait under our prophet? immamat is given to only few, not all other prophets were given immamat, only ibrahim as and our prophet (pbuh) were given that right and from him leads into the 12 imams. so yes imam ali is higher to all the prophets except prophet muhammad (pbuh). remember prophets came and gone, th
  4. is there anyone that likes punjabi nohay from lahore recitors such katree bawa,nisar,shahzada etc etc? and if anyone has links to their nohas except www.markazimatmidasta.com
  5. hahah this whole topic reminds me of the board sign i read hanging in the middle of the street in lahore in bhatti gate, stating (im the city of knowledge and ali is its gate, abu bakr is its ground, umar is its four walls, and uthman is its cieling) how retarded, sunni brothers just want to make up stuff. how can a city have four walls and a cieling? and no this is not made up, i wish i can give u written text, or a hadeeth from sahih, or maybe the board itself. so please trust it, I SWEAR ON Allah IT SAID THAT ON THE BOARD EVEN MY FATHER CRACKED UP AFTER READING IT. brother eeman would love
  6. Awais


    salaam bros/sisters one of my kuwaiti/pakistani sunni friend had told me that he doesnt need to do wuzu to pray if he just took shower and prayed immediately. i mean i been taught that no matter wat u must do wuzu even after taking shower and heading straight to prayer. is that ok for him, and is it all sunni belief?
  7. i heard it and ofcourse he praises prophet (pbuh). but not his family. salalahi aleh wassalam he doesnt say sallalahi aley wa aley hi wassalam thats why i dont listen
  8. Awais


    just wanted to know if anyone here has heard of this lahori noha. ( is tarha shaam kay bazaar mein sajjad aaya, paaoo mein bheriyah thi sir peh talwaaro ka saaya aisay sajjad aaya). if so and if u know where i can get it please let me know thanks
  9. thank you very much syed shia for the post
  10. The fact that our iman is incomplete without an acceptance of the Wilayat of Imam Ali, is strong reason to suggest that neither is our Namaz complete without declaring our acceptance to Maula's wilayat and Imamat. I have always believed that Maulas wilayat draws the line between a momin and a muslim....the difference between a Hur(a.s) and a yazid(LA-BESHUMAR). Yazids army was packed with namazis, but their battle in hatred of Maula Ali, meant that they accepted none of his true status and I dont think any "sane" person could say that their namaz was accepted! here is wat i found and agree w
  11. here is a list of ur favorite copy paste articles, and it does have exact same hadeeth i listed before. ur ulemas have researched that were present at this debate and accepted the responses. Abu Muhammad Abdullah Bin Qutayba says that Ali did not swear allegiance and returned home. Later Abu Bakr and Umar went to Fatima's house to placate her and to seek her pardon. She said: "Allah be my witness that you two have offended me. In every prayer I curse you and will continue cursing you until I see my father and complain against you." (7) Ahmad Bin Abdu'l-Aziz is one of your ulema. Ibn Abi'l-Ha
  12. uthman was not generous, he gave away to get something back in return. he gave stuff to poor in hopes that his sins will be forgiven. Thats why. And why should i consider ur stories to be true. Everything that shias tell you u consider it to be fairy tales or stories, ive read a lot of ur replies u only know how to best put forth ur response of either fairy tales or stories. prove that prophet muhammad said that uthman was the most generous. have u ever heard from ur ulema anything generous about hazrat ali (as). hardly right. its always about umar abu bakr, uthman. what happened to ima
  13. Dua-e-kumay'l : when u seek forgiveness for wat u have done wrong, or just need to feel pure and free from sins.
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