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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Putting your kids life at stake is by no means a small thing brother .... Your views are appreciated but can be argued over mola Ali also took water for hazrat usman and his family when people stopped water on them ... Also it was the ahal e bayt including hazrat Ali and HASSAN and Hussain who did the funeral procession and buried the body .... The fact is no unbiased person can do away with them in a eye wash JAZAK Allah KHER Hazrat ammar e yasir and hazrat Salman e Farsi were given governorships of two places as well during his time .... No point criticising bro JAZAKALLAH KHER
  2. It's a question to you and i'm trying to get our discussion back towards the question. Why is it that a majority of brothers from ahleSunnah use "Karamullah wajuh" with Ali's name, and not with any other caliph of Islam (Abubakr, Umer, Usman)?
  3. Nice one Bruv lol Lol.... The matter of fact is u r answer less .... You can't admitt brother
  4. Brother in search of light , Old topic man , I don't even feel like replying but still For me A divinely appointed imam cannot sit idle doing taqiya and doing nothing if the deen of his PROPHET PBUH is changing ..... This idea cannot be swallowed by any prudent man .....
  5. It was not about reliability .... It was about whose book it is ..... It is a Shia book ....now if u say its unreliable than that's fine ..... Obviously when someone has written things against ur point of view .... How will it be reliable .... Anyways I leave it here .... JAZAKALLAH KHER
  6. Lol Ok pal I have personally met Shia scholars and asked them of their opinion So whatever mate
  7. Kash ful ghumma fi marifatul aimmah published in Iran
  8. That's fine bro But I m still of the opinion that he was Shia scholar Might be that I m wrong
  9. Bruv that is not the thing I have seen many Shia scholars on television and especially in their sermons referring to this book.... I personally know a few Shia leaned people very inclined in giving references from this book..... They never mentioned that hadid was a Shia scholar Anyways kool bro No worries
  10. IBN abul hadid is a Shia book He used to be the debator defending the Shia sect in the last days of banu Abbas He used to invite Sunni scholars for polemical discussions ..... He was a renowned pro Shia personality in his time and for his debates against Sunnis he wrote this voluminous book which is about 20 volumes or 40 volumes
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