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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalaam, I wanted to know if there are any Noha Applications available for iPhone 4. And if yes then can somebody please let me know which ones. Thanks You AH, nali476
  2. Can anybody tell me where I can find the Timetable for Ramadan for New York ? Thank you and
  3. Thanks but I have this one. Its not a studio MP3. This is them reciting it live, thus quality is not good.
  4. AS, I am looking for the Noha: Pervaiz Party - Wa Allah Saeen fro my uncle. THe quality of the mp3 I found is not good as it is Live. I have looked at many many sites but no luck. I hope somebody can lead me to this Noha. Thanks. WS, ~Ali
  5. Bobbydon if you click on the link posted above www.yaimam.com it will take you to Nauhas. Nadeem Sarwar is up there as well. Nothing is wrong with anyone.
  6. If anybody can post a link or email me the timetable for New York times, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ~NA
  7. I believe it is this Sunday. To commemorate the Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Ali (a.s.) NA
  8. Does anybody have more information on this ? i would appreciate it. I don't know where the Jaloos begins from but it proceeds to Al Khoei center. i was wondering if anybody had more information on it. Thanks. ~NA
  9. Does anybody know where I can watch videos of the Shab Bidari in Connecticut. I want to see all the Nauha Khawaans that read. THanks in advance.
  10. nna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun

  11. It is a religious Procession so we techinically cannot be denied. And there are police block of traffic on the street before Jaloos progresses to that side. And when the Jaloos passes that particular street, they are reopened immediately for traffic. And the crossing streets are always left open as well as one lane aliongside the jaloos for vehicles.
  12. Will anybody be kind enough to give me the address to the ImamBargah in Chicago. Thanks in advance.
  13. Chelum meaning 40 days after the first of muharram.
  14. The Chelum Jaloos in New York will be on February 24 inshallah in Flushing Queens.
  15. I was there. My uncle organized the Shab-e-Daari. He read really good. They should have started with him instead of making him the third one.
  16. My uncle asked me to find some Lahore Party Nohas for 2008, so any ideas ???? It doesn't have to be the official official lahoer Party. Anybody.
  17. Hey does thatimambargah give online majalis live? Cause I would like to see Shahid perform.
  18. Ok. That is so wrong and perverted. Are you trying to say that when men listen to a Nawha by a female, they begin having sexual thoughts in their head?? Why is it that all the restrictions are on women in Islam. For example women have to wear hijab so the men don't become sexually aroused. Women too can feel that way. Sorry to sound a bit harsh but I am an RN so I am looking at this situation in a medical way. Of course I understand it's part of Islam and wrong to question it but sometimes I get a buit feminist about it. LOL.
  19. No that is wrong. It is permissible on Ashura day.
  20. Are you sure its haraam for men to listen to women ?! Because at Al-Khoei when there is a ladies majalis, sometimes men sit in the other room listening. What are basing this on? Just wanted to know since I have no idea about it.
  21. I have been going to Al-Khoei since Thursday. hassan Sadiq has not shown up on as of yet. False advertisement!! Lol...Pakistani people are known for that.
  22. Could not have been said any better. THANKS !
  23. Well first Muharram starts today so my guess is that he will be there from today onwards. I can just imagine the crowd. It is more worse in the ladies section.
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