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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalaam, I wanted to know if there are any Noha Applications available for iPhone 4. And if yes then can somebody please let me know which ones. Thanks You AH, nali476
  2. Can anybody tell me where I can find the Timetable for Ramadan for New York ? Thank you and
  3. hi

    I am mahdi moarefzadeh from iran.whats your name?i like to be friend with you.please send me email to mmoarefzadeh200@yahoo.com

    i am waiting ror your reply.

    best regards.

  4. salamun alaik warahmatullah

    wishing u a very happy birthday

    ""live like ALI die like HUSAIN

  5. Thanks but I have this one. Its not a studio MP3. This is them reciting it live, thus quality is not good.
  6. AS, I am looking for the Noha: Pervaiz Party - Wa Allah Saeen fro my uncle. THe quality of the mp3 I found is not good as it is Live. I have looked at many many sites but no luck. I hope somebody can lead me to this Noha. Thanks. WS, ~Ali
  7. Bobbydon if you click on the link posted above www.yaimam.com it will take you to Nauhas. Nadeem Sarwar is up there as well. Nothing is wrong with anyone.
  8. If anybody can post a link or email me the timetable for New York times, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ~NA
  9. recieved permission...i feel if men get some type of sexual intentions to women reciting then they should refrain from it...please do post your thougths up on that page shukhraan,

    sorry i cudnt send this as a private meassge coz its bringing up some error message...:$

  10. selam sister/brother plz could i ask a huge favour if possible please could you help me comment on the general topic called "UK public CD of a woman reciting Noha (latmiyat), Is it allowed?"

    because i remember you made some valid points when fatemah ladak who was baligh when she recorded her 1st album, now these guys called batool and fatima dhamani are being critised when they have

  11. I believe it is this Sunday. To commemorate the Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Ali (a.s.) NA
  12. Does anybody have more information on this ? i would appreciate it. I don't know where the Jaloos begins from but it proceeds to Al Khoei center. i was wondering if anybody had more information on it. Thanks. ~NA
  13. Does anybody know where I can watch videos of the Shab Bidari in Connecticut. I want to see all the Nauha Khawaans that read. THanks in advance.
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