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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yet PRESSTV Iranian news doesn't report it.....hmmmmmmmmmmm now we know Hezbollah and Iran are cowards. They talk gibberish about attacking Israel, but when Israel rains missiles on Hezbollah's roof, they hide like mice. There are two ways to survive in this world: 1) fight like a man and win or 2) hide in a Hezbollah mouse hole and come out and scavenge when everyone else leaves http://news.antiwar.com/2013/12/29/israel-shells-lebanon-after-rocket-strike/ [edited]
  2. will that guarantee me a chance to watch Nasralalala burn in hell fire? :D And you're basing this on what you think. ...what are your credentials? What degrees do you hold, sister? http://www.dailystar.com.lb/dailystar/Pictures/2012/08/11/92190_mainimg.jpg LOOK, its Hezbollah's boyfriend...the terrorist that was caught before he attempted to bomb a Christian neighborhood.
  3. Its okay...Allah will show us the truth on Judgement Day. If I ask nicely, would Allah Allow me to watch Nasrala burn in hell? with some popcorn and a coke...
  4. how is he lying? Just because you were taught different does not mean you were taught right. I do however disagree with his "do not debate" stance. I believe that all Shia and Sunnis should sit together and share their knowledge. Alcohol was also permissible during the time of the Prophet pbuh .....any of you wild boys and girls getting crunk tonight?
  5. Narasallah is no warrior. He is a fat hairy rat that hides in the sewers. I laugh every time I see his pre-recorded speeches displayed on a big tv. I don't respect that fat swine. Slaves of Allah, yet people of Palestine are still starving and struggling? talk is cheap. Hezbollah and Iran are crooks the moment they starting to suck up to the Christians. They are nothing more than charlatans. An honorable person does not kiss bottom for support. Once again, I dont hate Shia. I just despise your filthy leaders. Shia civilians are as innocent as anyone else. Its your ma
  6. http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/27/world/meast/lebanon-explosion/ First they killed Rafik Hariri, now its Mohammad Chatah. And you guys love to call Al Qaeda terrorists. *shaking my head* The difference between Al Qaeda and Hezbollah is Al Qaeda is HONEST. Hezbollah are lying rats who, like Zionists, kill and then deny it. I sincerely pray that Israel wipes Hezbollah off the map.
  7. Shiism seems like a religion based on emotion and a 1,400 year old grudge. All I've seen on this forum is people mocking dead men and women, and when you attempt to debate with them, they give analogies instead of factual points. I do defend Shia in other Sunni forums, because I Shia personally know are good people. Speaking of the Sunni forums, they actually have adab and courtesy. I have never seen them call people "dogs" or "pigs" or things like "kill those dogs" ...it shows a lot about a sect. What I'm still trying to fathom is: Apparently Omar killed Ali or something like that...
  8. What I don't understand is Shia imams encouraging young men to fight and die for a secular president. They twisted Allah's Words so badly that it is now CLEAR that they have no Islamic agenda. Civilians forced to say "the is no god but Bashar al Assad" by Assad's troops all over youtube, yet Shia are encouraged to support these soldiers. A cameraman was buried alive saying "La ilaha il Allaha" by Assad's troops, yet Shia are encouraged to support these soldiers. Children and women died from barrel bombs and missiles shot from warplanes, yet Shia are encouraged to support these soldie
  9. Assad is not a legitimate leader. The people want him out, therefore he should have left office before his troops began to open fire on civilians. I wish I was there joining with FSA. But Praise be to Allah that my cousins defected from the Syrian army and are now killing Hezbollah and Iranian invaders. May Allah grant FSA victory and lead the Muslims to destroy Persia once again. Ameen You never see youtube videos of Hezbollah or Iranian terrorists taking shahada as they're dying, because Allah blinds their hearts during their last moments. But you do see FSA fighters given the
  10. I did read the article. In fact, if you re-read the article, you'll realize that it is based on the words of an unnamed "senior security source." If Michel Samaha didn't get caught, that "senior security source" would have said, "Syrian rebels bombed a Christian neighborhood." "They infiltrated into Lebanon illegaly" -----as opposed to Hezbollah infiltrating to Syrian land legally? I don't remember calling Nasrallah to send troops over to my land...
  11. Those 32 people slained are innocent Lebanese civilians until Hezbollah proves otherwise. In Syria, the rebels at least provide proof by displaying the ID Cards of the murdered invaders from Iran or South Lebanon. its only fair. you can't just kill someone and hide his corpse and tell the media that he was a terrorist. Oh I see...so your version of the Quran tells you to attack people first before they attack you.
  12. This may seem explicit, but the purpose of this is not to mock, but rather see your personal views of this situation. I read about Mutaa. I understand the pre-conditions and conditions, but I must take this to a personal level to see if we personally agree with it. Here is the scenario: If your father has passed way or divorced your mother (May Allah Grant your parents a long happy lives and marriage. ameen), and I, a 25 year old young man, find your mother attractive and she finds me attractive. How would you feel if your mother and I had mutaa?
  13. PureEthics, Your knowledge in Islam is profoundly limited. I suggest you refrain from giving your input. You are clearly basing your arguments on YOUR logic and YOUR personal interpretations of the Quran. I say this with kindness, please stop attempting to mislead Muslims. "And who is further astray than those who, instead of Allah, pray unto those who do not hear their prayer until the Day of Resurrection, and are unconscious of their prayer?" (Qur'an 46:5) interpret this.
  14. Iranians are actually even funnier. Only in Iran are Jewish Synagogues ALLOWED, and Sunni mosques BANNED. Whats sad is to you guys, anyone who is a Sunni is a salafi/wahabi....but the majority of the Sunnis don't care for this neo-salafi [Edited Out]. Personally, I have never liked the saudis. In fact, I was always pro-hezbollah and pro-Iran until they decided to support secular Assad. In the end, however, Allah will expose everyone and the ones who follow religion based blindly will be held accountable..whether they are salafi or shia
  15. You're showing us an article written in May 2013 ...but the Chemical Attack occurred in August 2013 And the second one is from a blog...
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