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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Go away you splinter in a elephants foot.
  2. When a person dies. He goes into the ground, and his body is eaten by the earth. The earth then grows a fruit and a flower or a tree. So in an essence when your eating an apple your eating death, and your also eating the entire universe. Your eating the cycle of life and death. Enjoy the sweet taste, because one day you be it :D O yes, and you already are it. Have a love affair with God.
  3. Aboo Fatimah


    What is love she asked? Love is the shadow by your side Following you as a companion Its the sweet taste of rain, Upon the soil of mother The ocean making tapping sounds As a boat flows through it Its the sweet music we hear Sleeping and awake A mercy our hearts feel, Even after they break Love is standing there through trials, Waiting for the heart to speak When it speaks it says words, Words that transmute pebbles to Gold Love is the honey bee, And the honey it worked making The morning dew, And the crescent moon Have the sweet sun in your heart Allow the light to penetrate your soul Ah what
  4. i thought you were leaving

  5. The truth is I love all of you dearly :D I was trying to find a job, then I wrote this message to take time away. And then around 9:00 pm I got a voice mail stating I was hired. See how this universe works? I will be going away for a bit to focus on spiritual things, and to get somethings together. Moderators you did a good job at kicking the fitriyyah cult off the site :D. May you all find peace and happiness.
  6. I've been here since 2003 and have concluded I don't have much left to contribute :D . I would like my account to be terminated and placed into the realm of non-existance :D. Not banned or suspended but terminated :D Thank you!
  7. I have heard Buddha has said that we are a begging bowl, in the ones hand. As far as being a slave, I have heard nobody is a slave to anything but themselves.
  8. How come it was impermissible then, and permissible now. What exactly changed?
  9. Once Mary Magdelan was cleaning the feet of Jesus. And Judas comes into the room and sees this and says you can't let that woman do this to you. This is a sin, and Jesus says i won't be here much longer let this woman give me her love. Do it because she gives you her love.
  10. You guys think to much its much more simple then all this stuff. 'Allah' says he is with you, hes with you. Who the heck are you to call someone a hypocrite? A believer, a disbeliever. Thats 'Allah' job, and its not yours. So because of that 'Allah' is where 'Allah' is. And your perception of what is, doesn't mean 'Allah' isn't there. Your perception is flawed, but 'Allah' will be there if 'Allah' is there with or without your perception.
  11. The heart works without my control
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