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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hmm Ive struggled for so long now just want this to end
  2. I feel as if I will go to hell man and Im now in such a situation that I kind of really dont care about going to hell forever because I just cant fight anymore
  3. been fighting for 9 months now every second of the day
  4. slm its allmost 9 months now . i used to be such a strong believer in Allah i had absolute certainty no doubts nothing. but now thats all gone i now feel doomed. some time ago a person said to me that even shia islam is not doubt free is this true? or does the guy not know what he is talking about
  5. Im verry afraid I will enter hell forever. because Im absolutely confused because of argueing with myself its all because of ocd. Im in doubt I cant see the truth anymore. I dont feel the greatness of Allah anymore I dont know what to do
  6. 6. be nice to your parents 8.read everday quran 9. praise Allah ever second of the day
  7. I dont know how to tell my parents brother I dont want to dissapoint them
  8. slm, I started this year with a new study but I dont like it so I go everyday to school but dont go to the classes. my parents think I go to school to the class, but I just go and sit in the library. I dont know what to do I cant go to the study anymore because Ive missed too much and I dont know how to tell my parents. Am I considered a liar? and if so what will be the punishment
  9. How should I solve this problem?
  10. Slmwrwb, Ive a big problem Ive been suffering from ocd for 8 months now. I get these pictures every second in my mind. Like pictures of harm, shirk, kufur I dont know what to do about it. I get pictures about other pagan deities like krishna, buddha etc it has made me confused. I cant see the truth anymore can someone help me out of this? I just want to have certainty about shia islam and I want these pictures to get out of my mind
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