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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. this guy explains the definition of a sahabi very well its a short clip in urdu
  2. (Written out from an English Majlis) Once a Jew approached Imam Ali a.s and said to him "I have some questions to ask, which no one replied back to me since Muhammad died. Since the Prophet died, no one has replied. Can I ask you them and can you answer them? Imam Ali a.s asked him to go ahead. The Jew asked- What is 1? What is 2? What is 3? What is 4? What is 5? What is 6? What is 7? What is 8? What is 9? What is 10? What is 11? What is 12? What is 20? What is 30? What is 50? What is 60? What is 70? What is 80? What is 99? What is 100? Imam Ali's Answer 1 is God 2 is Adam and Eve 3 are the
  3. W/Salam They stood up against the tyrants at the time, JAK as should most people, should know that the things he is against, there will ALWAYS be people who will come out and prove him wrong or defend themselves. These actions that JAK talks against, the people who do them are always willing to take time out and prove that they are allowed to do them, and everyone knows there are certain actions that are not wajib. JAK makes statements against these, maybe its just the way he says things. In certain majlises of his, he has made statements about peoples actions, hes never said he went up and st
  4. of course, how can anyone be fake about their love for ahlulbayt.....but true he DEF needs to be careful bout what he says while on the mimber. TBH, if you listen to enuff off his majlises, i think ull realise that he seems to love the attention. He makes statements anti something, wait for the public reaction, civil war or wotever, then play of it and "correct" himself , but then hell go and make another anti something statement in the meantime and cause a second war. his cycle continues Hes apparently banned from reading in Pakistan, UAE etc, if this is true, people should definately ask th
  5. Makes sense doesnt it really. Wot annoyed people was that first the committe were aware that there was going to be trouble. They had many confrontations well before Muharram regarding JAK reading, yet they did what they wanted and disrupted everyones Muharram Secondly, what aggrevated issues was the fact the commitee lied. In one confrontation, the committee stated that the reason they wanted JAK, was coz he was conveniently available, and secondly no UK maulana was available to read in Muharram as they were all abroad. This obviously wasnt the case as 2 maulanas were present to read when JAK
  6. why dont people ask themselves these questions before the defend JAK 1. What should a maulana read on the mimber DURING Muharram? 2. What should a maulana read on the mimber DURING Muharram, knowing he is being aired ON A NON-SHIA CHANNEL??? Then once you have answered these questions without being biased or narrow minded, watch his videos on youtube, and find his 2008 Majlises read in Clapham AND his 2008/2009 (1430) majlises at Idara The majlis he read at Idara this year, you will notice, that yea he may have started of OK and no trouble making or wotever, but watch as soon as he does his VO
  7. yea definately peshawar nights, its all referenced to their books
  8. unless you know for a fact that a "malang" instigated the fight, you shouldnt really say anything
  9. just to correct this, this person who "beat up" the committe member was NOT part of this "malang" community, he was a relative of the committee member, so you could say it was more personal. Bit unfair to blame this on the "malang" committee
  10. imam ali foundation is helpin paki idara in tooting, so its worth a shot. wf im sure would like to help in these projects if they get an input
  11. why not appeal to Imam Ali Foundation or World Federation, im sure they can put some of their collected fund towards the channel
  12. well you can go to Hyderi Islamic Centre if your in south London. they have english programme http://www.hyderi.org.uk/index.php?option=...tid=&catid=
  13. can you spread the word around everyone
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