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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. this guy explains the definition of a sahabi very well its a short clip in urdu
  2. (Written out from an English Majlis) Once a Jew approached Imam Ali a.s and said to him "I have some questions to ask, which no one replied back to me since Muhammad died. Since the Prophet died, no one has replied. Can I ask you them and can you answer them? Imam Ali a.s asked him to go ahead. The Jew asked- What is 1? What is 2? What is 3? What is 4? What is 5? What is 6? What is 7? What is 8? What is 9? What is 10? What is 11? What is 12? What is 20? What is 30? What is 50? What is 60? What is 70? What is 80? What is 99? What is 100? Imam Ali's Answer 1 is God 2 is Adam and Eve 3 are the substances 4 are the Heavenly Books 5 are the Daily prayers 6 is the period in which the Heavens and the Earth were created 7 is "wajalana Hokhitum Saran Shidada" 8 is the Angels who carried the Throne 9 are the signs Allah gave to Moses 10 is the extra days Allah made Moses Stay at Sinai 11 are the Brothers of Prophet Yousef 12 are the springs of Musa 20 is when Allah says in the Quran "if there are 20 of you who are patient, you will defeat 200" 30 is when Musa was at Sinai for thirty Days 50 - One day is like Fifty thousand years on the Day of Judgment 60 sixty as the Kafarra - feed 60 poor people 70 is the number of men Musa took towards Sinai in order to meet the Lord 80 is if you accuse someone of adultery but you don't have 4 witnesses, you have to whip them 80 times 99 is in the story of David when he had to judge in the Quran, about the 99 sheep and the person who had 1 sheep 100 is the number of whips which you give to someone who has engaged in Adultery To this, the Jew replied "This is the treasure of the Prophets I have been looking for. Ash hado La Illaha Illallah, Wa ash hado anna Muhammedun Rasoolallah, Wa ash hado anna Aliyun Waliyullah".
  3. W/Salam They stood up against the tyrants at the time, JAK as should most people, should know that the things he is against, there will ALWAYS be people who will come out and prove him wrong or defend themselves. These actions that JAK talks against, the people who do them are always willing to take time out and prove that they are allowed to do them, and everyone knows there are certain actions that are not wajib. JAK makes statements against these, maybe its just the way he says things. In certain majlises of his, he has made statements about peoples actions, hes never said he went up and stopped thm, or asked them y they do them, instead he spreads them on the mimber in a negative manner. The main problem here is his muharram majlises, they get aired on non shia channels, so firstly he raises issues amongst our own people that they may not be aware of as well as publicises disunity by spreading these things to other muslims. if he wants to show unity and create unity like he says, then he should talk about our history etc., and whilst being aired on non shia channels, defend our actions and answer to non shia's misinterpretations about us, if he doesnt agree with certain actions, he shouldnt condemn them or criticise them. If he doesnt want to create unity, then he should feel free to condemn, critisice actions of shias. if people that listen to dont agree with things he says, and people that dislike him because they dont agree with wot he says, maybe he should take a hint, and stop sayin certain things in every other majlis so your sayin let JAK be, let him carry on doing his anti this anti that speech, and we focus on other areas? people are only against his actions because they are very recent and involved a large number of people. Many people are complaining that due to him, they did not feel like it was Muharram, that some of his words caused disuinty, some of his actions caused disunity, but hey, lets forget this side of the divide hes caused, and focus on bigger issues. y not just make a stand where necessary, people can focus on more than one thing at a time. when did Allah tell you this lol. FIRST Find the definition of unity, then listen to his majlis, then look at the aftermath of his majlis and then tell me if his majlis and its results agree with the definition of UNITY lol, this page is the SMALLEST example of his disunity ok so your sayin hes shown so much devotion that he got banned. like i said before, all those things HE is against, he can go up to any Malang, matami or wotever people have labelled them, and any one of them will defend their actions. you can ask the youngsters aswell and they will be able to answer JAK to defend their beliefs. fair enuff if hes banned from these countries for standing up against the governments and corruptions, respect to him. BUT if thats the case, thats a different issue. INhis majlises, he talks about so called "unity". if he wanted to create unity, his intention would be to bring people together, make peace etc, the statements he makes in his majlis regarding anti this anti that dont create peace or bring people closer together, infact they cause seperation and divide (already shown in peoples comments regarding "matamis", "malangs", "parna") blaming the committee lol, i think theres enuff evidence of the committee playing games, politics in the mosque etc. mashallah bruv, love the message of unity you learnt from JAK, now theres a minority within shias who you refer to as Malangs or Matamis or wotever u wanna call them. if they were a minority, the majlis would have gone ahead no? The role of the committee is to consider all peoples views, mainly its members, all in the wellbeing of the Idara. Did they do this? Their own members pre informed them that they were not happy with JAK reading, the committee was fully aware that there would be "uproar" if JAK read, AND they were given the name of a maulana who was fully available IN the UK. The commitee knew of JAKs repututation, were aware that there would be uproar, knew they could have replaced him BEFORE muharram, still went ahead. DID NOT fully agree to his demands (petition), were not happy with his actions like you said, involved the police and nearly had Idara shut down, but hey lets not give them blame. they also decided to aggrevate issues by bringing in "bodyguards" lol, which just provoked people more. and these people were placed there intentionally by the commitee, so before anyone claims they were "just volunteers", this is not true. if they were just volunteers, there would have been a mix of pro and anti JAK as well as various duties, but every "volunteer" was pro JAK. i know of people who completed volunteer forms very early in and made it fully clear of their availability but were not called because it is pretty obvious in Idara of where people stand regarding JAK. another game/politic played by committee which made matters worse, but hey lets not blame them!!! (the punch up was with committee member and his relative NOT the "minority") regardless, the members who opposed JAK BEFORE muharram recommended replacements already in UK sorry i shant blame the committee, they did nothing wrong, sorry, my fault.!!!! death threats lol, unless you heard this with your own ears, im sure its just rumours, and if this was the case, then JAK shouldnt have read unless he wanted to be " murdered " in the Idara or something. I also heard RUMOURS of "matamis" or "malangs" or wotever you wanna divide them as being threatened, but i didnt hear it with my own ears so i dont need to spread it to make there cause greater. they needed to make a stand did they lol, well as mentioned by other people here, the committee themselves didnt agree to JAKS demands so they themselved amongst the committee seem pretty divided as it is. it seems like your saying that because JAK is a maulana, he has the right to criticise peoples actions, disunite people etc, but when these people defend themselves, a STAND needs to be taken against them....bit unfair right? forgive me, that was a bit harsh. but the cycle bit is true regardless. he makes statements, lets the civils wars begin, lets the divides begin, lets seperation occur, lets groups be labelled (parna, malang etc), then corrects himself. like i said before, take the good out of him, of course he reads good majlises, but he gets easily "distracted" so he should be careful because the platform he uses for these anti this anti tha statements, intentionally or not has a huge impact on the moments after.. no i just have better things to do in my life than approach someone who makes the same mistake repeatedly. educate him lol, well firstly, i dont go to his majlis, i take the good out of his majlis from other people, and if i hear hes said statements, i hear them for myself before i comment. if he made the mistake once, fair enuff, but when its a cycle of comments that never end, then i am sure theres a bigger agenda. i think it would be more appropriate for people that likes him but dont agree with certain comments he makes (someone like yurself) to approach him and inform him of his ways. however, if i ever came face to face with him, without any pro JAK or anti JAK people, of course i would ask him or speak to him directly, but i am not going to go out of my way to speak to someone who constantly speaks AGAINST his own people and causes disuinty, because like i mentioned above, if he done it once, fair enuff, but his cycle is never ending. im sure its safe to say that in his history of "creating unity", at least, AT LEAST one person would have approached him and said "theres certain things that you say that cause disunity etc... but he still does the same thing again and again nobody is saying hes not entitled to his opinions, but before he criticises or wotever, maybe he should ask these people directly, because they can easily defend their actions, and even if he still doesnt want to agree with them, he should spread these actions on the mimber OR ON NON SHIA CHANNELS AND OPENLY SHOW HE IS IN DISUNITY WITH HIS OWN PEOPLE, OR THERE IS DISUNITY AMONGST SHIAS this is good, this is what we should get out of every majlis, and if maulanas can give us EXACTLY that without diverting on to he does this, he does that, this isnt worth it, this is pointless, they done this, then understand y people get angry no i think im gonna let this one go, its just going to make matters worse, and god forbid, i dont wanna follow the ways of JAK and start spreading these actions that hes talked about. im gonna ignore them, if i talk about them here, its going to be doing exactly wot JAK does - raise issues amongst our people as well as make non shias aware of certain statements that were made. for your record, I have seen these statements from his DVD, AND i have spoken to people that were present at the event he was talking about, who have videos of the event showing the truth. theres no point making matters worse here no point, only going to get different story every time. anyway i doubt JAK was present during this "tabarabazi" which took place AFTER matam. if he WAS present, then he should have apporached these people and asked them y they done it, and if not, then you know, he shouldnt take other peoples word for it. people seem to defend JAK in his statements, but when he gets a reaction, its like OMG Y R THEY DOING THAT!! if he can openly say things about people on the mimber, people have the right to react to him and defend themselves. lol when you keep pushing people, im sure you partly to blame for their actions. the committee was warned about JAK reading way before Muharram, the day the "matamis" were arriving, they were warned, YET they continued to let him read. they made matters worse by encouraging their "bodyguards" to wear scarves, who then covered their chins/mouths with these scarves making themselves look aggressive or wotever regardless of it being intentional or not. Softer lol, it was Muharram Majlises, maybe he should have left his negativity elsewhere, it didnt take him long to start making those comments, and then the demands. He made demands, not all the committee agreed to them, so his wave of "unity" continues to flow across the shias. Mashallah Anyway these issues are going to get longer and longer and JAKS "unity" is going to keep spreading so i think people should let him be where he can. He knew as well as the committee that he was very unwelcome by many of Idaras members, but hes obviously welcome at Clapham. If his fans as well as his "enemies" BOTH AGREE that he makes mistakes, has made mistakes, that he makes wrong decisions, and DOES NOT create unity, then y do these groups still bother defending and attacking him?? both sides understand that he wants unity, but causes seperation whether its intentional or not, but yet we continue fighting amongst ourselves. Also Brother your comments indicate that you yourself are either on the committee or in some way a part of the committee possibly through relation or friends with someone. Your understanding of the events make me believe this and I honestly believe that this is possibly why at first you keep asking why i blame the committee, and then end with the committee also made mistakes. Even if this is not the case, the events at Idara clearly indicate the committee is primarily responsible for what happened, and if you possibly put you relation to the committee, or love for the comittee, or respect for the comimtee or wotever it is, you will see this. Im not asking you to take action against them, but they nearly lost Idara to the Police for Three months while they investigated the fight, and the committee should be very careful in the future with their actions, because this Muharrams events have made it clear that People WILL fight for their rights and defend themselves when necessary
  4. of course, how can anyone be fake about their love for ahlulbayt.....but true he DEF needs to be careful bout what he says while on the mimber. TBH, if you listen to enuff off his majlises, i think ull realise that he seems to love the attention. He makes statements anti something, wait for the public reaction, civil war or wotever, then play of it and "correct" himself , but then hell go and make another anti something statement in the meantime and cause a second war. his cycle continues Hes apparently banned from reading in Pakistan, UAE etc, if this is true, people should definately ask themselves Y???? He should remember his duties on the mimber, and if he claims he wants UNITY, he knows what comments not to make. Also, his listeners, before the start defending him, they should remember what they are going to a majlis for, and what they expect to hear. If they expect to hear bout his anti this and anti that comments, or his conspiracies, or his accusations, then shame on them. For those that enjoy his majlises, just take the best out of him, AND remind him of his duties if he goes off on one off his distractions JAK is VERY VERY lucky that all his majlises are not on the net. Some of the statements hes made against shias are so stupid and disgusting that he should be ashamed of himself for saying them on the mimber. i dont need to repeat them because he should know what hes said JUST another point before i forget, either he himself is a liar whilst on the mimber, or the commitee lied again. When he arrived late for his majlis at Idara, he did not apoligise when he sat on the mimber. Those were present at the majlis will remember his excuse. The committee on the other hand claimed he was late because he rang them at 7.45 or something and claimed he was still at the recording studio for DM in Harrow or whereever and he would be late. Now either he is lying ON the Mimber, or the committee is lying. Either way, they should both be ashamed of themselves. JAK for going off topic and causing disunity/disruption and possibly lying on the mimber whilst Bibi Fatima is present in the Majlis, and the committee for being fully aware that these event would occur
  5. Makes sense doesnt it really. Wot annoyed people was that first the committe were aware that there was going to be trouble. They had many confrontations well before Muharram regarding JAK reading, yet they did what they wanted and disrupted everyones Muharram Secondly, what aggrevated issues was the fact the commitee lied. In one confrontation, the committee stated that the reason they wanted JAK, was coz he was conveniently available, and secondly no UK maulana was available to read in Muharram as they were all abroad. This obviously wasnt the case as 2 maulanas were present to read when JAK left. The committee will have a lot to answer for, they went ahead with JAK FULLY KNOWING OF THE DISRUPTIONS IT WOULD CAUSE. They were warned a number of times that he wouldnt be allowed to read because of the problems it would cause, and they dug themselves deeper and deeper. People believe that Bibi Fatima is present at Imam Hussain's (a.s) Majlises, I hope these committee members can live with themselves knowing this and knowing they could have avoided it
  6. why dont people ask themselves these questions before the defend JAK 1. What should a maulana read on the mimber DURING Muharram? 2. What should a maulana read on the mimber DURING Muharram, knowing he is being aired ON A NON-SHIA CHANNEL??? Then once you have answered these questions without being biased or narrow minded, watch his videos on youtube, and find his 2008 Majlises read in Clapham AND his 2008/2009 (1430) majlises at Idara The majlis he read at Idara this year, you will notice, that yea he may have started of OK and no trouble making or wotever, but watch as soon as he does his VOTING SYSTEM WHILST ON THE Mimber, he notices that the only people in the hall are thos who want to hear him, so listen where his majlis directs to.....its not the history of Islam, Its not fazails or masaibs....its CONSIPIRACIES and ACCUSATIONS about matamis and saddam and so on. What gives him the right to say these things on a mimber? The things he says, do they match his statements on "Unity"? Again remember, his "majlis" was supposed to IN MUHARRAM, on a NON SHIA CHANNEL. Bearing the questions above in mind, and watching his muharram clips on youtube, do you now understand why people dont agree with him?
  7. yea definately peshawar nights, its all referenced to their books
  8. unless you know for a fact that a "malang" instigated the fight, you shouldnt really say anything
  9. just to correct this, this person who "beat up" the committe member was NOT part of this "malang" community, he was a relative of the committee member, so you could say it was more personal. Bit unfair to blame this on the "malang" committee
  10. imam ali foundation is helpin paki idara in tooting, so its worth a shot. wf im sure would like to help in these projects if they get an input
  11. why not appeal to Imam Ali Foundation or World Federation, im sure they can put some of their collected fund towards the channel
  12. well you can go to Hyderi Islamic Centre if your in south London. they have english programme http://www.hyderi.org.uk/index.php?option=...tid=&catid=
  13. can you spread the word around everyone
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