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  1. posting embarassing videos now means 'opposition'? i don't see it that way.
  2. what i mean? I meant has it really come to this?? such lunacy that ppl cant distinguish fantasy from reality...this only gives muslims a bad name. the only ppl who made a mockery r themselves. may Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى protect us inshAllah!
  3. Livia

    Living in Iran

    what about u?
  4. replying to u & the op as well....first who said that saudi or emirate royal families r even muslims?? these cronies do not qualify as muslim..neither do any president or royal family in all the middle east..
  5. Livia

    Living in Iran

    r u originally iranian?
  6. Livia

    interesting article..

    Millions of Iranian and foreign pilgrims and other tourists visit Mashhad, the second most populous city and the holiest Shia site in Iran, every year...the city has turned into a popular destination for Iraqi sex tourists have shocked Iranians, and many of them have turned to social media to vent their horror and disgust....at least 6,000 “guesthouses” in Mashhad were actively involved in the trade. It reported that single Iraqi men are a fixture in the guesthouses, renting out rooms on the condition that they will receive sexual services. The site also demanded that the authorities put a stop to it. ...such places are breaking the law by accepting Iraqi men and their “companions.” His controversial comments attracted further media attention, and a day later, in an interview with Mehr News Agency, he retracted them [Persian link]. “I never confirmed the reports that Iranian women in Mashhad are sexually exploited,” he told the news agency.....“Among Iraqi tourists there some who come to Iran to have certain relations,” he said. “One of the cities named is Mashhad, but now they are talking about Abadan [in Khuzestan] as well.” The market for sexual services in Iran’s pilgrimage cities goes way back, but after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, when sexual relations outside of marriage became illegal, “temporary marriages” emerged as a popular alternative way to buy and sell sexual services. Sunni religious authorities consider it un-Islamic, but the majority of Iraqis are Shias...... why the sudden sensitivity to Iraqi men taking part in it?....important element of the historic animosity that many Iranians feel toward Arabs. As part of this, many Iranians feel ashamed and humiliated that Arabs are allowed to pay Iranian women for sexual services. “They come looking for prostitutes,” Mehdi, a taxi driver, told the Guardian reporter. “One day I picked up an Iraqi guy and he asked me if there were any [concubines] around… We deserve all we get for letting those Arabs into our country. We have so little honor and pride left that even Arabs are showing up in this most holy city asking around for women. That [Edited Out] I just told you about? He actually knew some Persian. So as soon as he asked about [concubines], I let loose every vile curse I ever heard, pulled over, grabbed him by his collar, and tossed him out of my cab. And as I drove off I yelled, ‘Eat s.hit!’ — just for good measure.” source: https://iranwire.com
  7. Livia

    Living in Iran

    4-5 kids each!..u know in international population statistics always claim iran having lowest birth rate in all of middle east...
  8. Livia

    Living in Iran

    so ur a white caucasian?
  9. Livia

    Living in Iran

    maybe earlier decades it was uncultured & primitive...is it developed now?....
  10. Livia

    Living in Iran

    where r u from gaius?
  11. Livia

    Living in Iran

    please go into details sister Fatima...tell us what you've experienced... i'm interested about reality....please share with us
  12. Livia

    Living in Iran

    hmmm...looks pretty run-down & desolate compare to other areas i seen of tehran..
  13. Livia

    Question for Iranians (Anonymous Poll)

    what's their sect? shia or sunni?