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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from shia farm girl in I think my mother is actively dying...   
    Words are poor comforters, sister.
    Stay strong. That's all I'll say.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Khadim uz Zahra in Modern Families   
    Well, it's halal to follow the cultural practice which are, themselves, halal. There's no one-size-fits-all answer to your questions. You have to specify exactly which modern cultural practice you want to adopt. If it becomes fashionable for men to wear a cap in public - like it used to be expected for men to wear top hats in Victorian times - there's nothing haram about it so adopting that practice would be halal. Wearing the tight fitting yoga pants of these days contravenes the rules of hijab so adopting that cultural practice would be haram.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Waseem162 in Modern Families   
    Our standard is Islam. Islam is the Absolute, All Encompassing religion dear. 
    We Muslims don't take people as examples. We take Qur'an and Ahlulbayt and our own intellect to show us what is right and wrong.
    And yes, this is not modernity what you wrote above, its Modern form of Jahiliya (ignorance).
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from strength=Abbas in Post Your Voices!   
    My voice is not worth posting.  
  5. My Prayers
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Natsu in I did it!   
    Whatever it was,it might have entirely changed my life
  6. My Prayers
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Natsu in I did it!   
    For years i had difficulty communicating with people,Some of you might remember cuz i posted a thread about this months ago,well i think I finally got over my fear of communicating with people(tho i still have problem maintaining eye contact).I can now start a conversation properly and without fear(well it requires more practice).
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to ShiaMan14 in What Did You Buy - 2018   
    College books? That is such a scam...its a racket.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to ShiaMan14 in child adoption   
    There are medications available to help women lactate.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to ShiaMan14 in Celebrating New Year is haram and israf?   
    1) We spend money on so many useless things...might as well add fireworks to the list.
    2) it is not celebrated as a religious event so this issue is moot.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to ali_fatheroforphans in Celebrating New Year is haram and israf?   
    Yeah celebrating new years is harram if you're talking about how most people celebrate it. Listening to harram music, being near people who drink alcohol and going wild - this is clearly a toxic environment. We do have to be careful how we celebrate new years. Its okay to watch fireworks but we shouldn't get carried away at all.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to AMR5 in Celebrating New Year is haram and israf?   
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from shia farm girl in Your personality type   
    Mediator type. INFP-T.
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Miss Wonderful in I think my mother is actively dying...   
    Words are poor comforters, sister.
    Stay strong. That's all I'll say.
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Hayy ibn Yaqzan in I think my mother is actively dying...   
    Words are poor comforters, sister.
    Stay strong. That's all I'll say.
  15. Completely Agree
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Son of Placid in Christian Taliban   
    I'm afraid Hollywood has been degrading morals for a lot longer than ten years. Beauty pageants have been going for almost 100 years. America was tuned in to sex and drugs and rock n roll in the 60's. Heavy metal turned people to the dark side. Death, destruction, hatred, etc. Alice Cooper learned his audience the day he threw a live chicken into the audience.  They tore it apart and some devoured it.
    Pink Floyd, (A British band that had a powerful influence on the dark side...of the moon). split up because David Gilmore couldn't handle the demonic activities surrounding Roger Waters. People thought, wow. The Rolling Stones almost broke up when Kieth Richards caught Mick Jagger in bed with David Bowie, people laughed it off. Bruce Jenner became Katelyn Jenner so s/he could be a proper lesbian, and was honoured for it.
    Each generation has gotten progressively worse.
  16. Completely Agree
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to GD41586 in Christian Taliban   
    They aren't a big deal anymore and this accusation is something our radical left throws put to scare people into voting for the democrats, who have never met a moral code that they didn't despise.
    Once America decided to let Hollyweird's "values" be the hip & cool life philosophy to hold (hahaha!), The dominionism Christian right lost a lot of it's cultural power. That happened about ten years or so ago and sadly, the country is now a moral cesspool because going to church or having any religious beliefs at all gets you mocked and laughed at by the Ariana Grandes and Matt Damonite culture makers now.
    It's a sad state of affairs.
  17. My Prayers
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Miss Wonderful in I think my mother is actively dying...   
    I am not sure how to feel... I remember coming on to this website first in 2011/2012 under a different account and I would always rant about my poisonous father who hurt my mother and his own children so terribly. I lived through so much fear, anxiety, and post trauma all up until his death. And when he finally died in sp 2018 I made sure that huge cement slab was placed on top of his grave. That is how much hatred he racked up in me. I though his death would finally bring relief to our family.
    But shortly after his death my mother became so ill because she neglected herself. I don’t know what weird, and twisted attachement she had to my father who treated her like dirt. But her health deteriorated dramatically. She became stubborn, she wouldn’t eat well, she did not take precautions out in bad weather or take necessary vitamins. She got a lung infection and my brother and I nursed her back to health. But then she couldn’t sleep well due to age and stress. She is honestly not that old. But her stubbornness from past lead to so many things. It feel like everyday she has a new symptom and she refuses doctor visits and gets agitated and defense . Her ways are stressing my brother and I out .
    It kills me seeing her like this. I’m beginning to take huge amounts of overtime at work  this holiday season because it’s just so stressful to come at home.  When I do overtime I make sure that someone will be with her at all times. Otherwise I even changed my work schedule to be more with her. I bought her so many meds that I researched are safe and she doesn’t want to try them. She  is stuck on her own ways. I really fell into a deep depression and became careless about my own life.
    I dunno what to do anymore. I even think I’m becoming numb to her sickness because the worry and pain took so much toll on me and she continue to be stubborn.  One of my biggest fears in life was the inevitable of one day going to lose her and now I’m feeling numb to this fear. I don’t understand. I feel like my parents were selfish. They never let my brother and I plan our own lives. I want my mom to be there for my wedding but I doubt she will live to make it. It’s like they didn’t give a crap about our lives. It’s like my father only cared about himself . And my mother dragged us through years of misery by her never divorcing him. My brother had to the mortgage looming over his head directly after high school since my father had poor money skills. Wallah I don’t understand. It’s like we never get a break. For the longest time I had to watch my father continuously abuse my mother and now that he’s dead she is still suffering even worse than before. I feel like all the past stresses she endured with him have taken a physical toll on her. So even after his death he’s still managed to haunt us. I feel like my father was always a narcissistic abuser and my mother the spineless victim case . She would take out her anger from him especially on me. There are many ways their marriage impacted my brother and I life very negatively. I’m doing everything I can to help my mother . In summer we took her to doctored and hospitals and now says her wishes are to die at home Naturally . So basically she hired me and my brother as google doctors and even then still chooses whatever to do from her mind. 
    You literally don’t know how unbelievable This stress is.  I needed to vent . Wallah I’m doing my best I don’t know what else to . Literally I only have Allah and Ahl Bayt as my source of strength and comfort now.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Qa'im in Your personality type   
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to notme in Your personality type   
    I took the test again because I didn't save it and I wanted to see my percentages, and my classification changed between yesterday and today. 
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to shia farm girl in Your personality type   
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to ireallywannaknow in Your personality type   
    Personality type: “The Adventurer” (ISFP-A)
    Individual traits: Introverted – 82%, Observant – 68%, Feeling – 51%, Prospecting – 68%, Assertive – 51%
    Role: Explorer
    Strategy: Confident Individualism
    It's just a quiz, says nothing about the true me. 
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Ashvazdanghe in Your personality type   
    Your Results

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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Mohammed-Mehdi in BREAKING: New picture of Sayed Sistani (ha)   
    May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى lengthen his life!
  24. My Prayers
    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Who do you love the most? (Mother vs Father)   
    My mother.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Irfani313 in Grammar Questions Ayat Tatheer   
    This is not true. Because this so called open heart surgery implies many more false things. These rumors were spread by hypocrites among sahaba many years later.. 
    1. Prophet was unclean once and then got cleansed????? 
    2. Zam Zam water is more cleaner than the Prophet so it could clean the Prophet??????
    3. According to Qur'an, Jabreel’s job has never been performing surgeries??????
    4. Prophet Jesus (عليه السلام) was born clean yet the Prophet Muhammad (sawaw) who is superior to him, was born unclean and was cleansed later?????? 
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