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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Completely Agree
    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in true or false?   
    Fake news.
  2. My Prayers
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Ashvazdanghe in This Will Happen in the Next 24 Hours!   
    In 24 hours later Saudis will kill more Yemenis & Israelis will kill more Palestinians & shia Muslim go to Karbala for Arbaeen walking & crisis in Iran between monachiest fans & conservatives will happen 
  3. Like
    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Quick question...   
    Assalamu alaikum,
    Unlike the Sunni fiqh, the Ja'fari fiqh does not require witnesses to be present at the time the aqd is pronounced, either during mutah or permanent jawaz. So it can be done over the phone.
  4. Haha
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Fakeha in How to turn someone down gently?   
    Where could we find such a generous man like you!! May Allah saves you from your wife every time you get a decent proposal from sinf-e-nazuk 
  5. Haha
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Fakeha in How to turn someone down gently?   
    I wonder why the most of the"rejecting" ideas are from men 
  6. Haha
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Urwatul Wuthqa in How to turn someone down gently?   
    You may find & learn any style of martial arts that looks suitable & gentle to you.

  7. Haha
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Sirius_Bright in true or false?   
    Alaikas Salaam,
    Time to say Good bye to your friend.
  8. Like
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to ShiaMan14 in Quick question...   
    Temporary and permanent marriage can be done over the phone.
    7Question: Is it valid to pronounce the marriage formula through a telephone?
    Answer: It is valid. https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01250/
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Haji 2003 in Sunni Shia marriage?   
    Why don't you 'game' this?
    Project forward and consider what happens when significant family situations arise, for example: 
    The upbringing of children, will you simply tell them to attach (r.a.) next to all historical names? When the kids see him never attend majalis and you do, what will the effect be on them? Co-existence is what antagonistic nuclear powers do - not married couples.
  10. Haha
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to zafa in Sunni Shia marriage?   
    No is my answer on personal experience and belive me they are countless ......
    It look good love marriage caste no bar religion no bar everything no bar.... just u and me ..but after some years defenetely everything else does matter... except u and me ....:)
  11. Completely Agree
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Irfani313 in Siblings and Preserving Your Faith   
    This is as if Allah swt is talking to you @ali_fatheroforphans
    Say, "If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your relatives, wealth which you have obtained, commerce wherein you fear decline, and dwellings with which you are pleased are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger and jihad in His cause, then wait until Allah executes His command. And Allah does not guide the defiantly disobedient people." 9:24
    This is as if Allah swt is talking about your siblings with respect to you.
    “You will not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day having affection for those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their kindred. Those - He has decreed within their hearts faith and supported them with spirit from Him. And We will admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him - those are the party of Allah . Unquestionably, the party of Allah - they are the successful”. 58:22
  12. Like
    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from starlight in Ujb of the faithless   
    Avante garde neo-Jacobinism. Too bad we are still 'beduoins stuck in the 7th century Hijaz.'
    Brother @ali_fatheroforphans, given that you understand Urdu, I feel none other than Allama Iqbal has put the phenomenon into rhythm more eloquently-
    "Tera dil toh hai sanam-aashna,
    Tujhe kya milega namaz mein?"
    (Thy heart is enamoured of the idol,
    What wilt thou gain in prayers?)
    The 'sanam' can mean a host of things. And given our times, we know that it does.
  13. Like
    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from ali_fatheroforphans in Ujb of the faithless   
    Avante garde neo-Jacobinism. Too bad we are still 'beduoins stuck in the 7th century Hijaz.'
    Brother @ali_fatheroforphans, given that you understand Urdu, I feel none other than Allama Iqbal has put the phenomenon into rhythm more eloquently-
    "Tera dil toh hai sanam-aashna,
    Tujhe kya milega namaz mein?"
    (Thy heart is enamoured of the idol,
    What wilt thou gain in prayers?)
    The 'sanam' can mean a host of things. And given our times, we know that it does.
  14. Like
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to ali_fatheroforphans in Ujb of the faithless   
    It's called 40 hadith by Imam Khomeini, and yeah you can find it on al-islam.org
    It's a great book which covers a lot of topics of spirituality. 
  15. Like
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Islandsandmirrors in Ujb of the faithless   
    I think this refers to people who look down on people who practice Islam even a little bit. I’ve seen a lot of people who think that religion is something to be ashamed about (istaghfarallah) and try to dissociate entirely from any religion. I’ve met people who made fun of me for believing in Islam, even though I was born Muslim. They were quite arrogant about it too. It became worse when I started practicing. They stopped respecting me.
    I don’t care if these people make fun of me. They will be losers (unless they change their ways.) in the hereafter and they will regret not taking Allah’s calls to guidance and goodness. 
  16. Like
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to starlight in Ujb of the faithless   
    Islam is submission(to Allah).
    Most often it's arrogance that prevents people from accepting and acknowledging the existence of a Divine entity who has more control over their lives than they themselves do. 
    Your Allah is one Allah.as to those who believe not in the Hereafter, their hearts refuse to know, and they are arrogant. (Nahl:22)
    And they rejected them, while their [inner] selves were convinced thereof, out of injustice and haughtiness. So see how was the end of the corrupters. (Naml:14)
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to ali_fatheroforphans in Ujb of the faithless   
    Have you guys ever wondered why so many Muslims seem to be proud of the fact that they don't have faith or how they aren't religious? How they are obsessed about being open-minded by not having faith?
    I was just reading through Imam Khomeini's book on 40 hadith, and came across this which really hit me:
    The bad deeds of unbelievers, hypocrites, polytheists, atheists, villains, sinners, and transgressors occasionally reach such a point when they become proud of their evil deeds and think highly of themselves. They, on account of their vicious beliefs and deeds, consider themselves to be men of liberal thinking and open minds, free from all fetters and bonds and free from superstitions. They consider themselves as men of courage and valor, link the faith and belief in God with superstition, and consider the observance of religious precepts as a kind of narrow-mindedness. They consider good character and moral behavior as signs of weakness of the personality. They look down on the performance of good deeds and observance of religious duties and rites as the signs of a weak mind and evidence of the lack of common sense.
    They regard themselves as free-men, who, for not believing in nonsensical superstitions and indifference to religious rules, are worthy of praise. Wicked and vicious qualities having sunk down their roots within the deep layers of their hearts, and their eyes and ears having become accustomed to those acts, and they having gained great charm and grace in their eyes, they consider them as accomplishments. As pointed out in the hadith, at one stage bad deeds appear to be good to the evil person and he perceives them as virtues. This is all allusion to the verse of the Quran, which says:
    And what of him, the evil of whose deeds has been decked out fair to him, so that he thinks then good?... (35:8)
  18. Like
    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Tany in please answer this!!! Read the whole text too please!   
    BTW, may the curse of Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى be on the fajir pretender and imposter Ahmed al-Hassan ( la), his cult of brainwashed sickos and those who help his accursed fitna in any way.
    We do barah from the misguided murtadeen, Qadianis and Bahai's. I don't see why the cult of this accursed imposter should be treated any differently.
  19. Like
    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Ruqaya101 in please answer this!!! Read the whole text too please!   
    Assalamu alaikum,
    Ya ukhti, congratulations! I envy you! I strongly feel that old gentleman might have been Khwaja Khizr (as)!
    If I were you, I would never use that candle. Keep it as a tabarruk, and make it a heirloom for your family.
  20. Like
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Mansur Bakhtiari in Who Is Ahmad Al Hassan?   
    Shaykh Jalil al Fadil ibn Shadhan ibn Khalil narrarated from Muhammad ibn Abi Amierrda narrarated from Jamil ibn Durjan from Zaraarah ibn Aeyena, from Abu Abdallah (alaihe salam), who said:
    "And out of Yemen will come the Yamani, with bleached flags (white flags, البيض) on one day, one month, one year (meaning someday).
    OUT OF YEMEN!!! So the Yamani supposedly comes from Basra, has 500 other followers, has a facebook page, and a website called saviourofmankind.com
    Also, he claimed to be Yamani in 2002. That means he did not oppose Saddam or Al Qaeda or the Americans. Is he condemning Israel? No. Is he condemning the Saudis? No. Is he commanding his followers to attack Daesh? No. They are just fighting Iraqi Police in Basra. He should be protecting Najaf and Karbala from the Wahabbis. He is some saviour. Imam Jafar Sadegh (alaihe salam) avoided wearing makrooh black clothes until his life was at risk, and Mr. Hassan can not go up against Daesh.
    Assalamu Alaikom.
  21. Completely Agree
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to iraqi_shia in Who Is Ahmad Al Hassan?   
    If you honestly think that the shia are going to fall for this, you have no idea who we are.
    Go back to your masters and tell them its not working.
  22. Like
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to aaljibar in Calling all followers of Ahmed Al Hasan   
    Salam alaykum,
    I want you to prove to us that this bloke down here is 100% the son of Imam Al Mahdi (aj). and If he is, when is the next son coming out? 

  23. Like
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Ashvazdanghe in please answer this!!! Read the whole text too please!   
    when you said that you see him everywhere but not in university , the Imams just pray in places that sins don;t happen & it's pure place ,if you don't see him there propbably they don't know her properly also some sins is doing there that Imam (as) doesn't appear there & it's you duty that at least introduce his morality to other people there, the candle is symbol of light that he gave it to you to show that he will illuminate your way in darkness of this way
    Grand Ayatollah Hakim:‎ Morality, way of life of Imams respected by all religions, denominations
    October 24, 2018 - 7:49 PM News Code : 914136 Source : RasaLink:    The revered source of emulation in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf stated, “The morality and way of ‎life of the Pure Imams are respected by all religions, denominations and people in the world.”‎ 
    In this meeting, His Eminence advised the youth to follow the lifestyle of the ‘Master of the Martyrs’ ‎‎[Imam al-Husayn] and stated, “Imam al-Husayn engaged in great sacrifices on the path of God ‎Almighty so that the followers of the Ahlul-Bayt are satiated. The believers must use the light of the ‎Ahlul-Bayt and do their best to satisfy God Almighty‏.‏‎”‎ 

    He stated, “In all moments of his life, Imam al-Husayn paid special attention to the religious duties ‎‎[commanded by God] and adhered to these issues in the most difficult circumstances.”‎ 

    Ayatollah al-Hakim added, “Shi’ahs must be enthusiastic about the ethics and the way of life of the ‎Pure Imams because this morality and way of life are respected by all religions, denominations and ‎people in the world‏.‏‎”‎ 
    Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani:‎ Difficulties of life are causing corruption in society
    October 24, 2018 - 7:40 PM News Code : 914135 Source : RasaLink:    Ayatollah Alavi-Gorgani emphasized that religion and the faith of people are the ‎reasons for the correct actions of the officials and noted, “The path of corruption and ‎betrayal must not be opened up to malignant people.” ‎
  24. My Prayers
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Ruqaya101 in please answer this!!! Read the whole text too please!   
    I dont know why I didn't contemplate asking this earlier. But all of a sudden, I remembered and it came to my mind today.
    I can't even remember when this happened (this is what memorising 13 lectures of 80 slides for 4 units for university exams does to your mind). 
    ahh yes! first of all, reallllly do need your prayers for my exams, (got really REALLY sick for the last 3 months, so I missed out on most of my labs and now im a lost child, especially in physics.) so pray for me for the love of all that you love!
    okay lets get to the main story. about a year ago early 2017 in December or January, (to be specific I remember the days were called layali al fatamiyeh, or the nights of fatimah) I was in Iraq, in my hometown and about a week away from coming back to the west when spontaneously, my father decided to go to Karbala for one last visit. we got to Karbala and I was really really REALLY sick and almost begged my father for me not to go because it would have really depressed me if I wasn't able to enter and touch the shrine and do my ziyarah. but my dad insisted I go. ( I was completely blacked out until we got there, all of a sudden I wake up and the gubbah of the imam was RIGHT in front of me, the maqqam.) so I wake up (I was sleeping on the open cart trolleys they carry around people and food and bags, etc. ) and and instantly realised where I was. I got pretty upset that the imam was right in front of me and I did not have enough strength to go and make ziyarah, so I looked up at the golden gubbah or round shrine? idk what its called, and I made a silent prayer and I also said that I am sorry I am not strong enough to go in and pray or touch your shrine, and on behalf of your mother sayyidah Zehra for you to give me something that I can hold on to, a sign that im on the right path, that I won't go astray and for me and my family to grow and become better muslims and genuine people. I ask you on behalf of your mother sayideh zahraa to cure my mother, who was sick at the time with an incurable disease. and ya habibi ya hussein, I ask of you to please give me a sign, anything, say something back to me, give me an answer if on the right path.
    I looked back towards me as a group of women and men came out in symmetrical rows holding lit up candles on behalf of sayideh fatimah, it was one of the most beautiful scene that I have ever seen. but my eyes kind of looked past them and instant eye contact happened with a man, mashallah his face was glowing and I thought I was looking at an angel, he saw me and quite literally sprinted towards me, my grandma and mother got so scared and my grandma tried to pull me back but before she could, he reached me, put a white candle in my hand and then sprinted off and suddenly disappeared. 
    we were all in shock. 
    now, I kept that candle with me like it was treasure and kept it safe. on the way back, we passed bint al Hassan shareefa A.S and then for some reason we kept getting delayed. however finally once we got on to our can and were driving back to our hometown, we were about to stop at a restaurant and feel up when a terrosist explosion took place right in our view (one of the scariest events I have ever experiences, probably the scariest.) even if my cousin jokingly said "if only we were in that restaurant, we would have died hungry and died martyrs, we could be eating with the prophet right now." alhadmulilah we got to our hometown safe and sound, and the candle was safe in my bag. when I came back from the bathroom, my grandma and mum were holding the candle and telling the rest of my family what happened and how this man was sprinting and suddenly disappeared. all of a sudden, the kids grabbed it from my grandma or mums hand and it snapped in half . I won't lie, I cried. a lot... it didn't even last the night! 
    I still have the candle, the top half, I think I have the bottom half too but im not sure. its in my time capsule in my storage cupboard. 
    my aunty advised me to let the candle burn out completely, but I dont want to do that...
    first question: did the fact that it snap meaning something? but I dont think it did, cause I see imam hussein all the time either in my dreams or I see him whenever I pray, he usually prays in from too me and I follow his lead.
    second question: what should I do with the candle, many say I should let it burn, some say I should light it up whenever I feel in despair, idk, its just in my box in my cupboard with my most prized possessions. I feel as though I should do something with it.
    so sorry this is such a long post.
  25. Like
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Ralvi in How can i make up for the prayers I’ve missed?   
    God cares for intention most of all. If you’re intentions were pure and not deceitful then you shouldn’t have to repeat those prayers. God is merciful. Just be careful not to do the same thing again. Suggestions above are also good
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