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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to The Green Knight in Bombing In Masjid Imam Al-Sadiq [Kuwait]   
    "Muslims" killing us, in the merciful Ramazan. Just like a "Muslim" killed our Imam Ali (as) in Ramazan.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to alirex in Salafi Response To Kuwait Mosque Bombing   
    Victims of Fatwas given by Salafis.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Abu-Jafar Herz in Salafi Response To Kuwait Mosque Bombing   
    The fatwa coming from Shaykh At-tusi is talking about when the buildings are empty, or in dar al-harb, and countries are considered as places where fighting is permissible (dar al-harb) when the Imam (as) is present. The wars you see today coming from the Shia are wars of a defensive nature not offensive. So if anyone wants to use this hadith to consider all the non-muslim countries as permissible targets where they churches are allowed to be demolished are taking the statement out of context.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to The Green Knight in Isis Leaders Sodomizing Their Troops   
    They should also come to SC in a bid to find compassionate and respectful psychotherapy through our various discussions on gayism. Trans-specie, pedos, everyone is invited. =/
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Muhammed Ali in Secular West Running Out Of Haram To Make Halal   
    Not only have the muslims been passive about this threat, they don't have enough knowledge to tackle it. This includes most of those who are supposed to be knowledgeable.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Sumerian in Secular West Running Out Of Haram To Make Halal   
    Read the hadith below, and tell me how much of the stuff discussed below has become legal or normal. Its ridiculous...
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Qa'im in Secular West Running Out Of Haram To Make Halal   
    Still waiting to see the legalization of consensual incest. Love is love, right?
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to guest050817 in Secular West Running Out Of Haram To Make Halal   
    Adultery: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32331335
    A dating website focusing on adultery has announced its intention to list publicly in London.
    Canadian-owned site AshleyMadison.com, with its tagline "life is short, have an affair", said it was listing in Europe because of the continent's "more laissez-faire attitude" to infidelity.
    Parent company Avid Life Media said it hoped to raise $200m (£134m) in London later this year.
    The site says it has 36 million members in 46 countries worldwide.
    Prostitution perhaps is half way there.
    Allah'hu'alam if this hadith is applicable:
    Kitab Al Kafi - Volume 2 - Patience
    1704–12. Abū ‘Alī al-Ash‘arī (–) al-Ḥasan ibn ‘Alī al-Kūfī (–) al- ‘Abbãs ibn ‘Ãmir (–) al-‘Arzamī that Abū ‘Abdillãh (‘a.s.) said:
    "The Messenger of Allãh (ṣ.a.‘a.w.a.w.s.) said: 'The time will come (soon) for people that a kingdom would not be achieved except by murder
    and insolence, and wealth would not be obtained except by usurpation and greedy. Also, love would not be attained except by taking out the religion (from one's self) and following carnal desire. So, he who comes to live in that time and endured poverty though he is able to obtain wealth; and
    endure the enmity (of people) though he is able to attract their love, and endure humility though he is able to achieve dignity, Allãh will grant him
    the reward of fifty honest persons who truly attested me.'
    Saheeh- Grading by Alama Majlisi r.a
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to hasanhh in It Begins......   
    I was reading Haydar Hussein's "Secular West Running Out of Haram to Make Halal" and thought of "It Begins".
    So l have a question:
    Does anyone know where I can buy a mountain and a few sheep?
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from hasanhh in It Begins......   
    There we go..... the next thing we are going to hear from them is that bestiality is also 'Natural, and it is normal for males to be aroused by animals.'
    Yes, brother. And there go all their arguments, into the gutter.
    "Ooooh, it's not a disease, it's an orientation, it won't spread, you know!"
    "Oooh...how backward of you.....you Muslims are all sooo fossilized.....still dwelling in 7th century Arabia....!!!"
    Nonsense! Another high-end drama or soap-opera, and a very cheap one at that .
    This is where their 'modernity','freedom','liberalism' and 'civil rights' have brought the human kind .

    Truly...that's what they deserve.
    (Love the quotation on your signature banner, by the way!)
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from aliasghark in Waiting For White People Apologize For Dylann Roof   
    Ha ha ha ha  :lol: !
    Nice one, brother! Really,Mark Steel's the man!
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to hasanhh in It Begins......   
    Civilizations always marches on  -- into the sewer.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to aliasghark in Waiting For White People Apologize For Dylann Roof   
    MARK STEEL's the man :) 
    Thursday 25 June 2015

    I'm still waiting for white people to start apologising for Dylann Roof
    When will they finally condemn their own people's extremist tendencies?

    The Americans who make comments loudly after a major incident have been unusually quiet since the shooting in Charleston, so they must be preparing for an even grander screaming session than normal.
    For example, after the shooting rampage in a school in Connecticut, the National Rifle Association declared the solution is to arm teachers. So as black people are being shot at regularly, presumably the gun lobby will announce all black people must be given sub-automatic machine guns to protect themselves. Sarah Palin will insist that as poor black teenagers are most  likely to be fired at, it’s the duty of the Republican Party to offer flame throwers to young blacks in Harlem, free with an ice cream to encourage as many as possible to arm themselves.
    The senators and news reporters have also been slow to demand all white people apologise for the shooting. But I expect soon there will be special investigations in which random white people are stopped in a garden centre and asked to condemn the murders, and asked why they did so little to stop it happening. And if they say ‘‘it was difficult to do much as I live a thousand miles away in Chicago’’, all non-whites can tut and say ‘‘how many excuses can they come up with?"
    Then there will be documentaries to find out where people like the gunman Dylann Roof get radicalised. A presenter will tell us ‘‘I’ve discovered the shocking truth, that there are hundreds of bars and golf clubs where people say blacks are criminals and all take drugs, and this is where the fanatics learn their crazy ideas full of hate’’, and decent folk across the land will scream they should all be shut down.
    Yet still the West allows white people to keep flowing into our countries. Surely the time has come to say enough is enough, and if we’re to protect the right of citizens to go innocently to church, we must eliminate these breeding grounds of white terror, by sending drones to bomb white countries such as Finland and Andorra.
    Some so-called ‘‘moderate’’ white people might say Dylann Roof was not representative of all whites, but we need to ask why they’re not doing more to integrate the terrorists into civilised black ways. Universities such as Harvard or Yale, where most students are white and therefore susceptible to the radicals’ message, should stop teaching yachting and rowing, and make everyone play basketball on a court with potholes, in a block where police sirens never stop wailing.
    Many figures in the white community seem to be in denial about the crazy views of the people they sit next to. After the shooting in Charleston, Jeb Bush said: “I don’t know if the attack was racially motivated.” To be fair to him, there weren’t many clues, except for the gunman’s confession that he was a white supremacist with a manifesto for creating a white America, and the way he screamed “you’re taking over our country” to a church full of black people. But that’s not much to go on, and we can hardly expect a presidential candidate to be Inspector Morse.
    Another Republican candidate, Rick Santorum, said the shooting was an attack on Christians, adding “What other rationale could there be?”
    And indeed, faced with the scant evidence at hand, it’s clear the gunman hated Christians and hardly noticed the coincidence that everyone he was firing at was black. Similarly when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, the motivation was that they really hated harbours. They were sick of them, with their annoying jetties and boats that can’t sit still without bobbing up and down.
    Another candidate, Senator Lindsey Graham agreed the target was “Christians, not African-Americans”, and added his own theory, “Dylann Roof was just one of those whacked-out kids”.
    It’s the same with the Ku Klux Klan. So many people jump to the conclusion that racism plays some part in their ideology, while ignoring the more obvious conclusion that they’re all a bit whacked out, probably as a result of stress from exams.
    Fox News presenters pursued the line that the shooting wasn’t motivated by race and was “not a hate crime”. But that’s the trouble these days, you can’t even gun down a crowd of black people in a black church, screaming you’re doing this because they’re black, without someone deciding you’re being racist. That’s where political correctness has taken us.
    One sign that there are other people in South Carolina who retain some sense of white superiority, is that the cities are full of Confederate flags and statues. The argument for keeping the flag has always been that it represents all sorts of things, such as the scent of the magnolia flower and paddle steamers up the Mississippi, but unfortunately some people ignore all this and make an issue of how it was the flag of the war to keep slavery. How petty, to let one little incident spoil the image of a pretty flag with lovely shapes.
    It’s the same with Bin Laden, he made all those entertaining short films and sported a charming beard but he’s only remembered for the times he lost his temper. If only someone had understood that Bin Laden had no long-term aims, he was just one of those whacked-out kids.
    Many Southern states also have statues of Confederate generals such as Robert E Lee, but instead of making a fuss about everything, perhaps black people should learn to accept statues of people who raised armies to keep them as slaves, just as in England we’d be perfectly happy for  anyone to erect a statue of Hitler in Trafalgar Square.
    So the Republicans and US networks will soon get round to demanding the whole white population is guilty for this shooting.
    Or one of them will tell us Dylann Roof was an idiot, because if he’d said he thought everyone in the church was armed and he was only acting in self-defence, he’d have been found not guilty and given a job in the South Carolina police. 



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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Hameedeh in Changing Name   
    Thank you so much, sister.
    Barakallahu Feek.
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from haideriam in Circular Reasoning Of Twelvers   
    Brother, you have elaborated the point very well, and one more example that can be added is that when Samiri(la) usurped the position of Haroon(asws) after Musa(asws) left for miqat, Haroon still continued to be the caliph of Musa and the Imam of Bani Israel. In this case also, the authority of Haroon was not based on the possession of temporal power,but rather on the proclamation given by Musa, and hence, by Allah. Thus it can be said that Imamat has been a Tawfeeq from Allah(swt) throughout the history of the earth. Possession or non-possession of temporal authority does not interfere with it in any way.
    Actually the view which has been referred to in the article you mentioned was first espoused by Ibn Taymiyyah. It was he who,in his Minhaj-us -sunnah written in opposition to Allama Hilli(rha) stated that temporal power and wealth are looked upon as favors from Allah, and since our twelve Imams had neither of the two, they could not have been suitable guides for the ummah. This argument has been the fulcrum of Sunni/Salafi polemics ever since.
    Brother, belief in the coming of Imam al- Mahdi(atfs), appearance of the Dajjal(la) is very much a part of their Aqeeda(I emphasize the word Aqeeda), so much so that a person who negates these concepts is deemed to be a Kaffir by their scholars. It may be noted that none of these concepts are mentioned in the Quran though.
    The famous Salafi Scholar and Former Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baaz was asked a Question regarding a Man, who negates concepts like AntiChrist/Dajjal, al-Mahdi (asws), Arrival of Jesus etc; and considers These Narrations to be lies upon Holy Prophet (asws). And he is a person who offers prayers, fasts and performs other compulsory acts. So what would be the status of This person.
    He replies in His book, Fatawa Noor ala Darab, part 1, page 355-356
    Answer:- This person is like a Kafir, because he is negating something which is proven from Holy Prophet (asws). If knowledgeable people have explained and clarified to him, and still He is adamant on negating and denying them, He is kafir. For who negates Holy Prophet, He is kafir. And who negates Allah, He is kafir.No doubt, the authenticity and Tawatur of These Narrations from HOly Prophet about Arrival of Jesus from Skies in last times, and appearance of Yajuj and Majoj, and appearance of Dajjal in last times, and coming of al-Mahdi (asws), all 4 are proven. al-Mahdi will fill the Earth with Justice like it will be filled with injustices. And arrival of Jesus, and appearence of Anti Christ and Yajuj and Majuj; all are proven by Authentic and Mutawatir Narrations from Holy Prophet (asws). So negating them is Kufr and Misguidance. We seek Protection and Peace from Allah
    Thus, We see that If a Person denies Such concepts which are not mentioned in Quran, but Proven from Narrations only, He will still be labelled KAFIR.
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Muslim2010 in Kama Sallaita `ala Ibrahima Wa `ala Ali Ibrahim   
    Also this, Allah has promised that there will be a guide for every generation:
    And those who disbelieved say, "Why has a sign not been sent down to him from his Lord?" You are only a warner, and for every people is a guide.[13:7]
    So how do you expect Allah to go back on his words and terminate all spiritual guidance. This is impossible, as Allah himself says:
    [This is] the established way of Allah with those who passed on before; and you will not find in the way of Allah any change.[33:62]
    The practice of Allah is that there has always been a devinely appointed guide present among every generation, be it a prophet, or merely the successor of a prophet, This is the shi'i doctrine of imamate. 
    And interestingly, while researching on this very verse, I found this-
    The Prophet said, 'I am the warner... you are the guide, O 'Ali. After me, the rightly guided shall be guided by you'."
    -Al- Durr al Manthur, Jalauddin Suyuti, volume4, page 45.
    Besides Suyuti, Imam Tha'labi, in his Tafsir-e-Kashfu'l-Bayan; Muhammad Bin Jarir Tabari in his Tafsir; Muhammad Bin Yusuf GanJi Shafi'i, in Kifayatu't-Talib, ch.62, from Ta'rikh-e-Ibn Asakir; Sheikh Sulayman Balkhi Hanafi in Yanabiu'l-Mawadda end of ch. 26 from Tha'labi, Hamwaini, Hakim, Abu'l-Qasim Haskani, Ibn Sabbagh Maliki, Mir Seyyed Ali Hamdani and the Manaqib of Khawarizmi, reporting on the authority of Ibn Abbas, Amiru'l-Mu'minin and Abu Buraida Aslami in different words, have narrated eleven hadith whose main point is that, when the above verse was revealed, the Holy Prophet, putting his hand on his own chest, said: "I am the warner." Then, putting his hand on Ali's chest, he said: "After me you are the guide of the community. Those who receive guidance from you will be the guided ones."
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Muslim2010 in Kama Sallaita `ala Ibrahima Wa `ala Ali Ibrahim   
    Assalamu alaykum brother Omar,
    I think you have misunderstood the doctrine of imamat. It is not my intention to question your beliefs, nor do I intend to debate with you.Hoever,please allow me to clarify some doubts-
    1.Allah(swt) is talking about the ending of the office of prophethood, and not about ending spiritual guidance in all forms-
    Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets; and Allah is ever Aware of all things.(Quran 33:40)
    If you claim that Allah(swt) severed all divine guidance after rasoolallah(sawaw), then you are indirectly questioning the omnipotence of Allah.Who is guiding us, if not Allah?Imam is not a new type of spiritual guide, it has been in existence since the inception of the earth.
    2.Imams before the finality of prophethood were imams as well as prophets for the simple reason that the office of prophethood had yet not been terminated and the message of Allah,which finally culminated into the revelation ,completion, perfection and protection of the Quran, had yet not been completely delivered.When this message had finally been delivered by Allah through the last and greatest of his prophets ie.our Prophet Muhammad(sawaw), the office of prophethood was terminated, as it had completed its purpose. Hence, the imams who came after the prophet became just imams, and not imams+prophet, as the case had been previously.plain and simple.  Secondly, the assertion that imams will be from the descendants of the prophet(I am assuming you mean descendant by the word 'heir') is because imam Ali(asws) was not from the prophet's lineage.he was the prophet's cousin and son-in-law, but he was not the prophet's son.Why would Allah contradict himself in his book by first saying the imams would be from the lineage of the prophet, and then appoint someone as his viceregent who is not from the prophet's lineage? Thus, the verse which mentions the appointment of Ibrahim khalilullah(as) as imam, and then promises that all further imams would be appointed from his progeny(except the unjust) is ample and sufficient proof of imamate.
    3. Brother, please be polite while criticizing others. It is very unfortunate that you are using such type of language.  I am not here to convince those who are already convinced, and if you think that the divine office imamat is based on qiyas, then you are most welcome to do so.
    As for your answer, nabuwwat came to an end because the message of Allah, which cosisted of the tawrat,zabur, injeel and the books of all the previous prophets, and culminated into perfection into the Quran, was completely, finally and perfectly delivered, as I have explained in the previous point, and hence the office of nabuwwat had served its purpose. Now, a guide was required to preserve that message, and carry forward its teachings to the succeeding generations , hence the requirement of an imam.
    Thus the office of nabuwwat ended because the message of Allah had been completely delivered, and not because that Imam Ali(as) was less deserving of prophethood. Had there been a prophet after Rasoolallah(sawaw), it would surely have been Imam Ali(as), as your own eminent ulema have stated-
    A)  Ali Ibn Sultan Muhammad Harawi Qari, in his  ‘Mirqat al-Sharh bar Mishkat’, commenting on the hadith of manzila, says,"There is an indication in this hadith that if there were any prophet of Allah after the last of the prophets, it would have been ‘Ali."
    B)Jalauddin Suyuti, in his 'Baghiatul-Wuaz Fi Tabaqatul-Huffaz', gives a narration with a sahih chain of narrators leading upto Hazrat Jabir ibn Abdullah Ansari(ra), the content of which is -"The Holy Prophet told the Commander of the Faithful, Ali ,"Had there been any prophet of Allah after me, it would have been you!"
    C) Mir Sayyid Ali Hamdani Shafi'i in his 'Muwaddat- ul - Qurbah" narrates with a sahih chain of narrators leading upto Anas ibn Malik , that the Holy Prophet said, "Verily, Allah made me superior to all the prophets, chose me for excellence, and made for me a successor, my cousin, Ali.
    Through him, He strengthened my shoulders, just as the shoulders of Moses were strengthened by Aaron. He, (Ali) is my vicegerent and assistant. If there were any prophet after me, it would have been Ali, but there will be no prophet after me."

    (pardon my spelling mistakes)
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Muslim2010 in Imamah In Quran Using Qiyas   
    spot on!!  :yaali:
    Greatly said bro...couldn't have said it better myself!
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Muslim2010 in Do Shia Give Divine Attributes To The Imams?   
    :"it's in future tense, talking about judgment day, and it's limited to what Allah wants to show. Plus it has no mention of making duas to others than Allah, while the real back breaking verses against falsehood are the ones that clearly say we should not make duas to any other than God .. in the Quran and hadiths. 
    And prophet Shuwayb talking to the dead doesn't mean they hear it, because only Allah can make those in the graves hear. Also it doesn't show him making duas to martyred people, which is the whole issue here.":end qoute
    No, it isn't. How is it in the future tense? The words here are "shall intercede" and not "shall be interceding", as per grammatical rules of classical arabic. And if you are so so intent to prove them talking about the judgement day, how about this verse-
    We sent not the Messenger, but to be obeyed, in accordance with the will of Allah. If they had only, when they were unjust to themselves, come to the Messenger and asked Allah's forgiveness, and the Messenger had (also) asked forgiveness for them, they would have found Allah indeed Oft-returning, Most Merciful.(Al-Qur'an, Surah an-Nisa, 4:64) 
    The sahaba had commotted a sin, and it was a thing between them and Allah(swt), then why was the prophet's intervention required? Why did Allah command them to seek the prophet(sawaw)'s intercession? Is Allah comitting a shirk here by commanding the sahaba(ra) to seek the prophet's wasila, if indeed these verses are meant solely for the judgement day, as you claim?
    Listen brother, wasila is NOT making dua to other than Allah(swt). It means asking the prophet(sawaw) or the ahlul bayt(asws) to make a dua to Allah on our behalf, just like asking any other pious muslim to make a dua for us. We do NOT believe that these pious intercessors have the power to benefit or harm us independent of Allah(swt)'s will. The help ultimately comes from Allah alone, and NO ONE ELSE.All they can do is to make an entreaty to Allah on our behalf; whether or not the wish of ours is granted is absolutely subject to Allah's wish and discretion.Hope I am clear.
    Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah, the inspirational figure behind the Salafi movement, was also averse to the practice of tawassul,  and opposed it to death, but even he had to admit that the dead can hear us, of course, with the will and consent of Allah, as proven by this fatwa of his-
    “There is no doubt that they are aware of the living that visit them.The proof of dead awareness comes from the two Sahih Books of Bukhari and Muslim in which Rasool Allah s.a.w. said that when people have buried a dead person and leave for home, the dead can hear the thumps of sandaled feet of those who leave.”
    Majmuaat-al-Fatawa by Ibn Taymiyyah, vol. 24, page 362
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Muslim2010 in Do Shia Give Divine Attributes To The Imams?   
    Mashallah brother!A tooth breaking response to the so-called 'muwahhideen' here.
    They are pretending as if the imams(asws) never taught us to seek their wasila, and as if a thing called dua tawassul and naad-e-ali never existed on the face of the earth.
    Jazakallah khair!
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