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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Iskandarovich in First Traces Of Imamah In Bukhari As Well   

    These are not waterproof evidence for the proof of the Imamate but it is a proof that during the presence of the Prophet s.a.w. there were already indications that Imam Ali a.s. would have been appointed by the Prophet s.a.w. as his successor and not as some sects claim that the suggestion of Imamate is only created after the emergence of Abdullah Ibn Sabah. 

    Read with me:

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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to The Light in First Traces Of Imamah In Bukhari As Well   
    These hadiths indicate that the belief of imamate and the belief that Imam Ali being appointed by Rasulallah(Saww) existed in that time and the people knew about it, but majority denied it due to hypocrisy. 
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Syed Fraz Hussain Naqvi in Purpose Of Imamah   
    U better need to enhance ur Knowledge my Mate.....
    Prophets corrected Kufer.....Yes I agree....But there are some misunderstanding b/w the sects of Islam as well..?? So to whom u look forward for Guidance....??? 
    As Prophet Muhammed(saww) said..."Verily in my Ummah...There would b 73 sects...out of which only one would go to jannah other 72 to hell "
    So if there is everything correct in Islam roght now then why did Prophet(saww) uttered such words....???
    Yes...u said that Yazeed still remained in power...But read history....it was only 2 yrs not 4 yrs....Secondly...Can u give the reference about his participation in meal along with Imam ALi(as) bin Hussain(AS)...??
    Which sort of argument ur're giving...?? Every single historician is well aware that the Capital of Ummyads was Syria.....and ALi(AS) bin Hussain(AS) used to live in Madina....How can u say like that.?? And by the way...from which source ur're proving this...? Are u defending Yazeed ...??? 
    And u say that where is the Hadees in which Hussain(AS) porhibited the incest....So mate.....Please read out the hadith.....i request u...becuz half knowledge is not good for Spiritual health....?? Which sort of questions u are rising....??
    And ur other point about recognition of Imam of the age....For this purpose i may ask u 2  questions.....then i'll reply to u
    1) Tell me who is the imam of present age...?? Cuz according to Quran and Hadith , recognition of Imam is must
    2) How u recognised Allah..?? From Ghairmasooms...From the speeches of Mullas...who didn't even pass the matric..?? 
    Please mention me in ur next comments by quoting on this reply so that i may not feel any difficulty in finding ur answer...Regards..   
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Syed Fraz Hussain Naqvi in Purpose Of Imamah   
    Yazeed( May Allah Curse upon him & his ancestors)  gave him the refuge in the special house for the purpose of mourning over Hussain(AS)....And it was just because of mounting pressure over him by the public....U mentioned that Yazeed used to have meal with Imam Ali bin Hussain(AS) but u forgot to mention that he kept the Imam(as) in prison for about one year...
    Secondly...who was yazeed....?? Let me tell u from an authentic sunni book
    "Ibn Kathir himself writes in Bidayah: 
    "Traditions inform us that Yazeed loved worldly vices, would drink, listen to
    kept the company of boys with no facial hair [civil _expression for paedophilia
    boys, a form of homosexuality], played drums, kept dogs [civil _expression for bestiality], not a day would go by when he was not in a drunken state".
    It is related in Asarul Baqiyah of Abu Rayhan (al Biruni), that on the first day of the month of Safar, the head of Imam Husain (a.s) was brought to Damascus. Yazeed placed it in front of him and poked at his teeth with the staff of his hand while saying, "I wish those of my clan who were killed at Badr, and those who had seen the Khazraj clan wailing (in the battle of Uhad) on account of lancet wounds, were here. They would have hailed me with loud cries and said, 'O Yazeed! May your hands never stupefy', for we have killed the chiefs of his (the Prophet's) clan. I did so as revenge for Badr, that has now been completed. The Bani Hashim only played a game with sovereignty. There has come no Message (Risalah, from Allah), nor was anything revealed (as Wahy). I would not belong to the Khandaq family, if I had not taken vengeance upon the descendants of Ahmad for their deeds". So how can u imagine that The Grandson of Ali(AS) & Fatima(as) ...The Son of Hussain(AS) used to have meal with Yazeed...?? And historician revealed that after one year of jail...Yazeed released the Ahlu Bait(as) and after 3 days they all went straight to karbala to mourn over Hussain(AS).....So there is no evidence which proves such incident...And the source u mention is not authentic ....And Yazeed granted freedom to ahlu bait(as) becux of his own fear as i mentioned earlier....
    From the same point i would like to answer ur second question about disobeying the Ruler....
    For a Muslim ruler it  is must that he should b merciful.....should follow the islamic instruction....just and kind...but did Yazeed posses all that..??
    wasn't he drunk...?? didn't he attacked Kaába..?? Didn't he make the dignity of muslim women in madina legal for his army...??
    Read...Tareekh ul Khulafa...Al badaya wa nahaya....and Khilafat o malookiyat...
    Is there anything left to argue about why Mola Hussain(AS) took stand against Yazeed....
    U recognised Allah by the Holy books....and we recognised Imams by the same Holy Books...
    Just Figure out how many times the word "Imam" is used in quran......Figure out how many times Allah emphasizes about the importance of Imam.....We recongnised Imam from the ahadith....Allah says in Quran...." Verily for every time....we have appointed a leader"  
    This verse strengthens my point.....This verse guides us that yes there is Imam right now who is guiding us....
    U asked about Ahadith so there are
    1) The world will not come to pass until a man from among my family, whose name will be my name, rules over the Arabs.
    (Tirmidhi Sahih, Vol. 9, P. 74; Abu Dawud, Sahih, Vol. 5, P. 207
    2) Allah will bring out from concealment al-Mahdi from my family and just before the day of Judgment; even if only one day were to remain in the life of the world, and he will spread on this earth justice and equity and will eradicate tyranny and oppression.
    (Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Vol. 1, P. 99)
    3) The promised Mahdi will be among my progeny, among the descendants of Fatima.
    (Abu Dawud, Sahih, Vol. 2, P. 207; Ibn Majah, Sahih, Vol. 2, P. 519)
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Abu-Jafar Herz in Purpose Of Imamah   
    I think others who are reading your posts will agree with me that you have a problem, and that is, understanding the intent and meaning of texts. Let us take for example what you posted from Khumayni 
      "We (shias) do not worship such a god who gives authority to rascals like Yazid, Mu'awiyyah and Uthmaan." Kashful Asraar - 107 - Khomeni.. This does not mean ya jaahil that we do not believe in Allah, this excerpt means that Allah (a) did not give authority to these men, thus whoever believes in a god that gives authority to evil men then this is not really Allah and we do not worship a god who doesn't exist.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Khayat in Purpose Of Imamah   
    First you said that Jesus a.s. was sent to kaffirs, which means that Bani Isra'il were already before him, which is not true as they were the favoured nation of Allah swt and were upholding the law of Musa a.s.  After rejecting al-Masih a.s. is another matter.  The calf was during the time of Prophet Musa a.s., and many years after him were prophet Daud, Suleiman and Elijah pbut, and they were surely not leaders of a kaffir nation.  So on that matter it is clear, that majority of the believers didn't akcnowledge the Wilaya of Issa a.s. during that time, like the majority of the believers didn't acknowledge the Wilaya of the Imams pbut.  
    This is how the successors were chosen.  
    And when your Lord said to the angels, "Indeed I will make upon the earth a Caliph" Holy Quran Surat al-Baqarah 30 
    Have you not considered the assembly of the Children of Israel after [the time of] Moses when they said to a prophet of theirs, “Send to us a king, and we will fight in the way of Allah “? The Holy Qur’an Surat Al-Baqarah 246  
    and say, God save king Solomon. Then ye shall come up after him, that he may come and sit upon my throne; for he shall be king in my stead: and I have appointed him to be ruler over Israel and over Judah.  (Injeel Gospel of Kings 1, chapter 1, 34-35.) Because Jesus did not die, it could be that he was the Imam of the time until the Prophet sawas. And Allah knows best.  There were messengers though and one of them was Arius who is called an early Christian but he was a Muslim as he preached what Jesus a.s. taught, which is the religion of Allah swt.  He opposed the establishment of so called Christianity and he along with his followers was chased and banished by the majority of Christians. Lets not forget the Apostles of Jesus a.s., also chased and killed. Some will tell you that they were his Successors. And Allah swt knows best.   Imams pbut confronted the Kings of the Umayyads and Abbasids l.a., because  they usurped the right of the real Caliphs of Allah swt. Imams pbut could have defeated those Kings if they wanted by the will of Allah swt and every Muslim to acknowledge them but then what was going to be the purpose of it?  There wasn't going to be any test, and the whole test in the first place since the time of Adam a.s. becomes meaningless, because this way the whole world could have been Muslim and every time every nation to recognise the Prophets and Imams, without any testing. Like Allah swt said to Rasoolullah sawas that if he wanted the whole world was going to accept that he was a Prophet of Allah. That is why this world is the world of tests and Allah swt has ordained more tests before the Day of Judgement.  Imam Mahdi atf will establish the religion of Allah swt, he will fight whoever disobeys him, Shias included, as whoever diosbeys him disobeys Allah swt. But also Jesus a.s. will be with him, and you must believe in his return, so let me ask you the same question, will Jesus a.s. kill all the Christians? The ones that disobey them and not acknowledge them, will be dealt with as Allah swt wishes.  
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Khayat in Purpose Of Imamah   
    So you claim that Bani Isra'il, the nation of Musa a.s. was kaffir? Interesting because even 600 years later in the Quran they are called ahlul kitab. So how can they be kaffir before the coming of their Messiah, Issa ibn Maryam a.s. They were not yet tested by Allah swt, they were the most favoured nation at that time and they were following what Musa the Wali of Allah swt had instructed them. Yes, there were misguided amongst them but there were even such who accepted Issa a.s. as the Messiah. And the majority of course did not. Like the majority after the Prophet sawas got misguided and followed someone who was not appointed by Allah swt. So the purpose of the Imams pbut is made clear, only by looking at the story of Issa al-Masih a.s. And them not ruling despite being the rightful Caliphs on this Earth, because the Caliph of Allah swt, prophet Ibrahim a.s. didn't rule and Nimrod l.a ruled, and the Caliph of Allah swt, prophet Musa didn't rule and the Pharaoh l.a ruled. 
    So now you have got two choices. You either have to proove that choosing a successor of a Prophet through shura and elections is something which was done before by the Prophets of Allah pbut or is something which Allah has mentioned even once in the Torah, Injeel or Quran, or you have to proove that the ones who chose the one after the Prophet sawas, could make humans out of clay. Because only the one, who can make a human being out of clay appoints the ruler in his Earth. 
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Abu Nasr in Purpose Of Imamah   
    So you finally figured it out. You understood the difference between Shias and Sunnis.
    The purpose of Khilafah. I think the purpose is to kill all other religions and establish Sunnism.
    The only difference is that there are historical proofs for this with barbaric Khalifs throughout the history of Sunnism. On the other hand all the Shia Imams and their Shias were peaceful protectors of Islam.
    Sunnis are the most pathetic humans. They consider their Khalifs as Nabis bur are not afraid, the want to call Shias as kafir but are not afraid. That is why I never expect a peaceful discussion with them.
    Seriously who was Umar again? Right the next prophet after Muhammad (nauzubillah)
    Do you believe in Allah?
    "We Sunnis do not worship such a god who gives authority to Ali, Jafar and Muhammad ibn Hasan." - Pretty much every Sunni.

    The purpose of Imamah is simple.
    To protect Islam from fabrications and innovations (mainly caused by Sunnis khalifs and kings)
    To protect Quran and Sunnah from misguided interpretations (mainly caused by the ignorance of Sunni scholars)
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Qa'im in Purpose Of Imamah   
    You've brought up several issues, from eschatology, to mut`a, to tajseem, to Imamate, to "logic". If you want to focus your discussion on one issue, we don't mind getting involved. But if you're just here to take shots, we're not interested.
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Highflyer in E Wahabi Tu Chala Jaa Jhannam   
    Glad to hear this, brother.May Allah(swt) increase your takwa and love for ahlul bayt(as).
    Best wishes
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to The Green Knight in Debate Invitation   
    If the truth is not to be found in the books with you then you have to search in other books.

    In fact, first, your creed should reconcile its doctrine with the noble Quran and make it according to our holy book. Read the verses of khums, ablutions and all the others and try to incorporate its teachings into your religious practices.
    If you are able to contemplate then you will agree that thats what happens to boats without a rudder to correct its heading. This rudder and navigation control system of the ship of your creed is missing. It has to be none other but a divinely appointed representative of Allah and His holy prophet Muhammad (pbuh). We, the Shia, remained with the ahl al-bayt (as) and we have the guidance and the codex we need.
    Your buddy, faridov, wants every proof from Sunni texts. That's not going to happen. Already you people have had so many nasibis and political opposition through Islamic history that today you have 48 surviving hadiths from Imam Ali (as) and several thousands attributed to little known last minute Jewish revert like Abu Huraira and a teenage girl who instigated the first civil war among Muslims and who has a whole chapter in the noble Quran (Surah Tehreem) for her condemnation.
    Clearly, yours is the "other" side. If it possessed hadiths of Imamate and names of 12 Imams then it would not take 1400 years for you guys to realize and solve this issue. In fact, you lot would not have deviated and jumped from aqeedah to aqeedah. From Jabriya to Qadriya to Khawarij to Mutazilla to the four Sunni religions to Wahabi to Salafi to Deobandi to Barelvi to who knows what else.
    Then most of you with knowledge aren't even sincere with finding the truth anyway. You are all certain that you are on truth. Well... why don't you wait, then? We're also waiting.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Abu'l Khattab in Debate Invitation   
    The ill-intentions of Farid remind me of the narrations on his type, read and contemplate:

    From Imam al-Sadiq (as) who said: "Surely Nuh (as) carried dogs and pigs on his ark, and he did not carry the son of fornication, and the Nasib is worse than the son of fornication." (Kitab al-Mahasin) 
    بهذا الاسناد عن محمد بن خالد عن حمزة بن عبدالله عن هاشم بن أبي سعيد عن أبي بصير عن أبي عبدالله عليه السلام قال : إن نوحا عليه السلام حمل في السفينة الكلب والخنزير ولم يحمل فيها ولد الزنا ، والناصب شر من ولد الزنا

    From al-Sadiq (as) who said: "The Nasib to us Ahlul Bayt should not care whether he prayed or fasted, or fornicated or committed robbery. For he is in the fire, he is in the fire." (Thawab al-A'mal)
    قال الصادق عليه السلام : إن الناصب لنا أهل البيت لا يبالي صام أم صلى ، زنا أو سرق ، إنه في النار إنه في النار 
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Haji 2003 in Debate Invitation   
    Since burning books, re-editing them, destroying buildings and other aspects of the historical record (both historically and in the present day) has been associated with people who do not believe in Imamat, don't you think it was rather important for the Qu'ran's survival that it was not explicit?
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Abu-Jafar Herz in The Clear Refutation Of Fadak   
    Let's go step by step so we can answer your doubts, for my first point you said .
    We are not speaking about infallibility, we are speaking about his abilities to judge in this specific situation.
    If you can answer this question it will be more clear for you, is it unlikely or likely that the best judge in Islam would make a mistake on a court issue that is simple as inheritance?  This is my question to you regarding this point.
    It is common knowledge that he requested Fadak.
    Do you know who Imam An-nawawai is? This is what he said regarding whether or not this is his personal property.
     وكذلك نصف أرض فدك صالح أهلها بعد فتح خيبر على نصف أرضها وكان خالصا له وكذلك ثلث أرض وادي القرى أخذه في الصلح حين صالح أهلها اليهود وكذلك حصنان من حصون خيبر…. فكانت هذه كلها ملكا لرسول الله خاصة لا حق فيها أحد غيره 
    Can Allah gift Fadak?
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Highflyer in E Wahabi Tu Chala Jaa Jhannam   
    No I follow every thing in Islam which promotes love for prophet Muhammed(s) and his noble family. this is my deen. and I am against every thing which spreads hate or disrespect for Muhammed(s) and his noble family.
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from blu115 in Need Urgent Help, Don't Know Where Else To Go   
    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!
    Brother, you are doing the right thing, this imam is trying to take advantage of the state your family is in, and, sadly, he has , to a great extent succeeded in brainwashing your community!Keep opposing this shabbily-joined alliance TO DEATH, come what may! In the short run, your family may lose his patronage, and you may face some financial difficulties, but in the long run, you will suffer even the more when you see your sister sad due to such an ill-paired marriage, believe me!
    Try to convince your sister to refuse the offer, that's your only hope as of now.
    And one thing that struck me as strange is, if this (so-called) imam is so pious, why is he thinking about marriage during shahr ramadan? :huh:
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Haji 2003 in Circular Reasoning Of Twelvers   
    If there is no Sunni belief in Imamat, why did successive Sunni caliphs spend so much effort in trying to obtain the allegiance of Shia Imams? 
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Aabiss_Shakari in Disciples Of Abdullah Ibn Saba   
    Who cares if he existed or not. Enough to say he has nothing to do with faith of Ahl ul bayt a.s. Ghalis/Nusairis also claim to be Shia but what attributes of Shia they have?
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to monad in A Question Regardin Shia Faith   
    IF we are playing the game of IF's to entertain the minds of the IF's then I will promote  my version of an infinite IF variable.
    IF the 12 ruled in succession, then the the game could have ended with the 12th during his life time, therefore we would have not existed.
    IF, it remained until the 12th, then depending on the game variables, his life could have been extended.
    IF you had a thinking brain you would not have to ponder over a silly question like that.
    IF the internet was never invented, you would not have had the ability to discuss with faridov how to create a false story of reading a question, that you could not answer.
    I think faridov sent his henchman here, must be bored with life, if the debating on the internet is the only thing that gives him a living idiom.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Asr in Need Urgent Help, Don't Know Where Else To Go   
    br kaziim
    My sincere advice for you would be..you are doing the right thing. Please stand strong for your sister. This 'alim' seems to be taking advantage of his position and power; aswell as a vulnerable family. His response to your rejection was very telling; it is a big big big red flag. Any genuine humble amazing person would act respectfully and accept your decision; this man seems to think you OWE him your sister; and he WILL get his way no matter. Not so amazing or pious afterall.
    Not only that he thinks his lust is a divine revelation from God!!??? A sign of mental unstability most likely. She probably isnt the first to accept or reject his proposal nor the last. The rest of the community have no business in this issue so ignore them; it is in your hands as a guardian to do the right thing and so far you have.
    Saying yes would be easy in the short term but consequences could be harsher in the long run. Saying no may be difficult now; but most often thr rights decisions normally are never easy. Depend on Allah swt only and He will show you a way out and provide for you in other ways.
    Any negative consequence you face because of rejecting this proposal will only comfirm you how genuine this person really is and perhaps that you will count your blessings that you rejected this proposal in the first place!
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to The Green Knight in Secular West Running Out Of Haram To Make Halal   
    Well, Cannibalism is also being praised by science (Ref: Eating human brains thread). I bet the Western elite are rofl'ing as they watch on and ensue a proper "undead" living zombie apocalypse among the slaves by the end.

    Consider the mentality of an atheist for a moment.
    - I'm an evolved chimpanzee.
    - Nothing happens after I die.
    - Eating human brains is good for health (but law should not mind it).
    - Hording wealth is essential for living, no matter the means (but law should not mind it).
    - Normal people take care of their carnal desires (but law should not mind it (therefore legalize everything!)).
    - Believers are bad people. (And hence Muslim genocides and endless mass aerial bombings).
    - Media is god. It informs me of science and determines what is right and wrong for all of us.
    - Its okay to pillage the foundations of the planet. We are going to Mars.
    Sad. -_-
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Highflyer in E Wahabi Tu Chala Jaa Jhannam   

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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to peace seeker II in Sufyani Watch   
    It's very logical :
    Some people don't believe in sufiani because they believe the sufiani to be the Mahdi .. And they'll follow sufiani to their graves
    When the sufiani rises he will have followers that see him the their caliph . Their Amir .. Prince .
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to sharinganMahdi in Sufyani Watch   
    They say to differentiate between a momin and a hypocrite mention Ali (as )name , if he's a momin joy will come in his heart and face and if he's a hypocrite anger will emit from him
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to The Green Knight in Sufyani Watch   
    This is the Sufyani flag.

    Jordan's little king and Teyyep transvestite Erdogan are NOTHING compared to the SUFYANI. You don't need the Al Mahdi to take care of those two Chihuahuas. Please stop your embarrassingly weak and misguiding conjectures. Sufyani, as the name suggests, is another offspring of Abu Sufyan and Hinda and worthy of the name. He is full of blood lust, malice and will scar the chain of events with a much greater influence and in a chaotic and violent way that he won't go unnoticed.
    He could be a Lawrence of Arabia of the 21st century. Coming to end all opposition for Israel's hegemony and dominion over the middle east.
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