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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Mahdavist in Where did Shia originate Hijaz or Iraq?   
    Walaikum as salam
    Essentially the Shi'a were already present from Madinah, if we are referring to those who were loyal to Imam Ali (عليه السلام). 
    The current day demographics are related more to dynasties and caliphates than early islamic history. 
    Iran has a large shia majority even though it was originally predominantly sunni (in fact most of the compilers of the sihah al sittah were persians). 
    North Africa used to be largely Ismaili during the Fatimid dynasty, but today they are mainly sunni. 
    You mentioned Iraq, but don't forget that the eastern regions of Saudi Arabia still have a significant Shi'i population. 
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from modaoudi in Which Marja Do You Follow? (Vote in Anonymous Poll!)   
    Are you sure brother? My marja allows it (FYI I don't follow the leader), and he(may Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) lengthen his life) is listed by the Jameh al-Modarresin (The Association of Teachers, the most top-notch Ahlul Khibra one can get) of the Hawza Ilmiyyah of Qom as one of the six most 'alam maraji currently(just in case you come trashing his credibility).
    Marhoom Sheikh Lankarani (rh.a.) allowed it too, and so did Imam Khomeini(rh.a.) What's your point?
    Bring proof that chess as we know it now is the same as it was in the time of the Masoomeen(asws).
  3. Completely Agree
    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from habib e najjaar in The most dumbest thing   
    That's true, sister. What I am trying to imply is that lazy but manipulative people bag rewards and gains without working hard.  Unlike what we regular folks do.
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Shaikh Bahjat [rh]- Rasoolallah [sa] missed fajr.   
    Assalam alaykum wa Rahmatullahi ta'ala wa Barkatuh,
    Eid al- Adha Mubarak!
    Dear brothers and sisters,
    Browsing through some old threads and websites a few days ago, I came across an interesting opinion of Ayatollah Bahjat [rh. a.] that Rasoolallah[sawa] indeed woke up late and missed his fajr prayers. The late ayatollah's [rh] view was reported by brother @Ibn al-Hussain in the following thread, with references -
    And the following answer by Shaikh Hadavi Teherani also confirms that the late marja [rh] did indeed hold this opinion -
    Is it true that the Messenger of Allah (S) once missed his Dawn Prayers?
    In the light of this information, I would like to know what arguments the late ayatollah [rh] forwarded to argue his case, and whether or not he accepted the incident of sahw -an- nabi [sa], given that he has accepted this incident.
    jazakallah in advance.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Qa'im in "All the Perfumes of Arabia" - Muslim Self-help, Available on Amazon   
    "A beautiful, balanced, and inspiring book." - Dr.... John Andrew Morrow
    My brand-new book, "All the Perfumes of Arabia", is available now on Amazon.
    “All the Perfumes of Arabia” is a Muslim self-help book that is founded upon the prophetic example. The book explores themes of redemptive suffering, mental and physical health, personal responsibility, family life, and more. There are also chapters dedicated to renewing and re-purposing our faith in Islam. Each chapter uses perfume notes to reintroduce readers to aromatherapy, an age-old Islamic medicinal custom.
    Not only can every heart heal, but the prophetic model allows you to reclaim your life and heal the world. “All the Perfumes of Arabia” re-orients the reader toward Islamic gnosis and praxis, making ancient wisdom applicable and practical in daily life. Discover the Arabian treasure and rediscover your soul.
    Very humbled that Allah gave me an opportunity to see this day. I have spent over a year putting into words everything that I have learned in relation to Islam and self-help.
    As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression, I discovered that our tradition is a source of healing. I went head-first into these issues blind, with little awareness and guidance. But Allah was always there and He always carried me through. I learned so much in the process.
    We always needed a book for young Muslims and converts to navigate these problems practically and renew their faith. Inshallah, I am hoping this can help at least one person. If you have a moment, please share and spread the word -- may you share in the reward.
    Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/dp/1675566399/ref=sr_1_2…
    Amazon.ca https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1675566399
    Amazon.co.uk https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1675566399

    Kindle (only $9.99): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082Z723C8
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from 000 in Reverts   
    Assalamu alaykum sister,
    The commonest denominator in all answers- culture, culture, culture.
    Reverts are not integrated into the culture of the community that they come to live with. And as sister @ireallywannaknow has also pointed out, many cultural practices are too mixed with Islam these days for our own good; this is not to say that it is necessarily bad, or un-Islamic, but when cultural biases and habits begin to overshadow what the deen dictates, it is time to review our priorities. On the other hand, the reverts' understanding of Islam is usually through the primary sources- Qur'an, ahadith, writings of the Ulama, and through secular Western scholarship, devoid of any cultural hue, so there's a disconnect here. The reverts often don't speak the same language, are not a part of the family/kinship networks which the others in the community are enmeshed in, and do not always look the same as others. These factors contribute to a not-so-subtle 'other'ization  of the reverts, and the reverts face the resultant problems- loneliness, isolation and neglect, communication issues, having to marry someone whom probably no one else in the community would marry, feeling judged etc etc. 
    As a revert myself, I must unequivocally confess that this is a huge put off.
    But alhamdulillah, things are beginning to look better. As the generations progress, the migrant Muslim communities as well as the reverts will coalesce around a common, organically formed Western Muslim culture. We have an increasing number of English-speaking ulama, da'is and muballigheen in the West. Nearly all our maraja (may Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى lengthen their lives) have English-speaking representatives in the Western countries, and the lectures in the Islamic centers in the West are now increasingly in English. A lot needs to be done, no doubt- our mosques, Hussainiyyahs and centers need to be de-culturized, and communities need to become more sensitive and caring towards reverts so that they don't feel isolated or left out. On the other hand, the reverts must also make some effort to know and understand the culture of their host communities, since social transactions don't happen in a cultural vacuum, and the effort to know each other and integrate must be reciprocal.
    Inshallah, things will improve, and we shall turn into a trans-national, multi-cultural, polyphonic community, as our Holy Imams (as), and indeed, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى in his Book wished us to be.
  7. Haha
    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Mzwakhe in Messi - The Greatest of all Time   
    Maradona is the all-time best!
    Case closed.
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in How do you deal with sexual frustration?   
    Assalamu alaykum,
    Dear sister,
    Masturbation is haram mutlaqan [absolutely forbidden] because it is zina, period. I had once read Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi [ha] quote a hadith from Imam as-Sadiq[as] that whoever masturbates has committed zina with himself, so you can well imagine the sinfulness of this vile act.
    Have you tried fasting? It works like miracle. Fast frequently. Don't leave any wajibat. Pray nawafil more often. Listen to/ recite Surah at-Tawbah and Surah Yusuf. Focus especially on those  bits where Yusuf[as] fights temptation and subhanallah, emerges triumphant.
    Look at the problem from this angle- I may love a car, a house or any particular object. I covet that car/house, but don't have enough money to purchase it. However much I may like it, I know that since I am not the lawful owner of the car/house, I cannot steal it/usurp or forcibly occupy it. Think about the evils of letting go of your self control, and how poorly it would reflect upon your personality in the eyes of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. Learn to conquer your desires. Merely having a desire does not warrant fleeing headlong in its direction to fulfill it. The jihad against the nafs is the greatest jihad. The zuhd of Khadijah[sa], Fatima al-batool[sa] and Zaynab [as] should be your ideal. Do not criticize the ahkam of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى out of desperation, my sister.
    I had seen your other thread as well, and it looks like that you need serious help. May Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى help you overcome your temptations, dear sister.
    Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa Aali Muhammad.
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Mahdavist in Is Hezbullah against America too?   
    Unless you are taking lessons in diplomacy from the Saudis and the other Gulf Arab Oil Monarchies.  
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab in Who Is Ahmad Al Hassan?   
    Wow!! You nailed it, akhi!
    We have 1400 years of such fitna behind us. We've withstood the fitna of the Kaysaniyyah, the Zaydiyyah, the Ismailiyyah, and the Waqifiyyah, and in the modern times, the Bahai's. The school of the 12 Awsiyyah (as) of the Prophet (sa) stands strong and proud, and its followers united behind its Shepherd (ajtf) and his deputies (ra). If this bloke and his army of propagandists think that they can swindle us, it's them who need to smell the coffee.
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Maryam.It in Using Soap While Ghusl   
    Assalam alaykum brother,
    But when I emailed najaf.org about this, they also said it is not allowed. They said so on two different occasions.
    I think what brother @Hassan- is trying to imply is that in the first wash, water would get mixed with soap lather and not remain mutlaq. Only in the second wash would mutlaq water reach the skin, and we need to wash the head and neck + each side twice, so this would mess with the ghusl.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to A7861 in ShiaChat Dogs Fanclub   
    OMG!!! There’s even a dog forum here (happy clap, happy clap, happy happy clap)!! 
    Ive been wanting a Pomeranian forever - can’t get one though (obviously) but omg this forum has made my morning!! 
    Thank you to whoever set it up... ❤️
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Heavenly_Silk in ShiaChat Dogs Fanclub   
    How come I haven't discovered this thread?
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to The Straight Path in Imam Ali Killed Dogs?   
    According to the office of Sayyed Sistani in London:
    Salam alykom
    Are we allowed to kill dogs without a specific reason or fear for diseases?
    In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    It is allowed in case of sufficient excuse

    Wassalamu Alaykum
    This makes sense when you look at the bigger picture and not only in one or two specific hadiths. This also seem to be in line with the Sunni view that such hadiths have a context behind them, and were not meant generally as you should go out and kill all dogs you can find.
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to starlight in ShiaChat Dogs Fanclub   
    Teacup dogs 

  16. Completely Agree
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Ashvazdanghe in Imam Ali Killed Dogs?   
    When Animals Complain to God [4th night Muharram) |Sheikh Azhar Naser -9/13/2018
    And there is a famous quote from from Prophet (pbu) that “an adulterous Woman once saw a Prophet hirsty dog I desert & she made a pot with her shoe & gave water to that dog that Allah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) forgave  her sins & rewarded paradise to her but in other hand a good woman tortured a cat that caused death of cat that in response Allah enters her to hell “ source Nahjul Fasaha so as Imam Ali (عليه السلام) always was following proxy & ordered of Prophet (pbu) also there is many stories that Grand Shia scholars was caring about astray dogs that were providing food & shelter for dogs so the claim about killing dogs just fabricated for insulting  both Prophet Muhammad (pbu) & Imam Ali (عليه السلام) also 
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in ShiaChat Dogs Fanclub   
    How come I haven't discovered this thread?
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to yashia in Imam Ali Killed Dogs?   
    I wonder where some people get their "Islam" from?
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Propaganda_of_the_Deed in Imam Ali Killed Dogs?   
    Dogs are our friends, they do more for us than any other species. 
    Guide dogs for blind and deaf, bomb sniffing dogs, guard dogs, rescue dogs, drug finding dogs, police/army dogs, therapy dogs to help with the clinically depressed and sick kids, they even have dogs capable of detecting early stages of cancer and more, not to mention some who refuse to leave their owner's grave. We  honestly don't deserve them. 
    This is coming from a cat person.
    I can accept the answer by Sayyid Sistani.
    Dogs are one of the few select animals mentioned by name in the Qur'an, and even then, not in a bad light - protecting People of the Cave.
    I will defend the innocent puppers if I see injustice against them -_-
  20. Completely Agree
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to aleena1904 in ShiaChat Dogs Fanclub   
    I have a dog. A cockapoo ( cocker spaniel and poodle). It’s unfortunately know as a designer dog. He doesn’t malt and is absolutely amazing. He listens to commands. We have a prayer room which he knows not to go anywhere near. We only have clean, never been touched by a dog clothes near the door so we can change before prayers and after wudhu. 
    He even stopped my car from being burgled at 2.30 in the morning when he heard someone try to open the car door. How he knew I will never know but super glad he did. 
    I haven’t had any issues with my religious practises since having a dog. It just makes you more aware and coinscious. Which I think is a good thing. 
    I genuinely hate the way Muslims stereotype dogs and have this hatred for them. They are also a creature of Allah. 
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    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Propaganda_of_the_Deed in ShiaChat Dogs Fanclub   
    You certainly live up to your username.
  22. My Prayers
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to Propaganda_of_the_Deed in ShiaChat Dogs Fanclub   
    I agree with this.
    It is unfortunate how cruel Muslims can be to animals, usually out of ignorance and also as they do not prioritise animal rights as in the West, partly due to more existential issues and poverty.
    But there is hope, with social media we are seeing more committed individuals and organisations in Muslim countries.
    Like this young woman in Baghdad who looks after stray dogs.
  23. Haha
    AbdusSibtayn reacted to aaaz1618 in Hellpp!!! Need to talk to Sistani   
    Yeah, I mean, what would you even ask? If I met some of the scholars I enjoy listening to, I'd probably not have the guts to say anything, maybe with some courage I could ask "Is it raining where you live?"
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    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from shia farm girl in Islamic Jokes and Humor   
    Now I know why the Hollywood never makes Islamic horror movies.
    Just one Ayatul Kursi, and the demon is khalas!
    How the heck do you stretch it into a 2-hour long film?
  25. Completely Agree
    AbdusSibtayn got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Do you prefer the current "Islamic Regime" or shah   
    This argument is as unimpressive as it could be. A load of baseless slander and unfounded allegations against the leadership.
    Won't corruption still persist if there was a regime change in Iran? Or are you trying to suggest that somehow the people's hearts would change magically?
    The Shah loved the people? How uninformed a person has to be to make such a comment! How he was selling out his country's lands and resources to the imperialists, massacring crowds upon crowds, and siphoning off national wealth to his private bank accounts in the West shows just how much he 'loved' his people.
    I find it amusing that the only people who favor the destruction and collapse of the Islamic Republic are the pseudo-Shia taqleedi secularist-modernists, fugitive royalists living in the States, left-liberal fifth columnists, hawkish imperialists and pro-imperialists, the nawasib, the self-obsessed phony intellectuals, and the intellectually-dysfunctional, emotional-wreck hormonal teenagers who can't tell apart Imam Ali (as) from Imam Ali ar-Rida (as) or Ali an-Naqi al-Hadi (as). They don't have a modicum of knowledge about Islam or the Ja'fari madhab, don't know a scratch about the affairs of the Shia, and struggle to do their wajibat, but they salivate at the slightest opportunity to slander the Islamic republic, and go about spreading their garbage all over the internet.
    Nobody is saying the administrative system is perfect. It has lots of leakages and problems and needs vital reforms. Constructive criticism is way different from unfounded slander and libel. I know there are gaping holes in the system, but I also know that the reason why the Zionists are not dancing in Beirut, the reason why the shrines in Najaf, Karbala, Samrarra, Baghdad,and Damascus have not been razed to the ground like al-Baqi,the reason why the Shia in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bahrain have not been exterminated,and in fact, the reason why the Shia have a mention in the Western academia and a backbone in international relations today is the Islamic Republic and the Blessed Revolution of Imam al-Khumayni [rh].
    And those who are saying that the Shariah of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى ought not to be implemented just because it causes inconvenience to some munafiqeen and dunderheads need to prepare themselves for  the Night in the Grave. Do the Imperialists bother about our consent when they send money from our taxes to fund our enemy nations over and above our loud protests? Did Switzerland bother to seek the consent of Muslims before she banned minarets throughout the length and breadth of her territory? Did France bother to seek the Muslims' consent before banning hijab, or forcing Muslim shopkeepers and restaurant owners to sell pork and alcohol in their establishments on the peril of being denied their licences, and forcing women to shake hands with unrelated men? They are very clear about these policies- if you don't like our laws, don't sign up to live here. Muslims too need to reply likewise to the fifth columnists- if you don't like the laws, feel free to leave.
    I am always at the forefront of opposing blind opposition to the West, nor do I believe in the 'clash of civilizations' nonsense. There are many features of the Western civilization that I admire - the regard for institutions, the deep regard for knowledge and learning for the sake of knowledge itself, past any vulgar utilitarian or status-quoist concern, and the robust tradition of private philanthropy and welfarism. All the same, I feel little reason to change my beliefs and convictions just because they don't happen to appeal to secular liberal sensibilities.
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