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  1. You'll need to mop/wash the whole floor in this case.
  2. They did play a big and enabling role in the partition. But I don't think it is entirely their doing.
  3. There have also been cases where the good guy was made to look like the bad guy, and many stayed 'neutral' under that perception. For example, consider Muawiya (la)'s propaganda warfare against Imam Ali (as); the brainwashing of the Syrians, and the role of 'neutrals' like Abu Musa Ash'ari, or even the kharijites who precisely upheld the 'no good guys in this war' line; which side they ultimately ended up benefitting because of their 'both sides' logic. I have no reason to believe that the enemies today are not deploying this very tactic, especially when they have much more sophisticated weaponry at their disposal.
  4. But they must have been subjected to some flow of information that made them predisposed to Fox News, right? That's how the information war works. You never know that you are being fed propaganda.
  5. Heartening to see brother @Abu Hadi getting a hang of the gen-Z lingo. However, contrary to the pop culture stereotypes, betas are actually quite sane and pragmatic. They are the negotiator/problem solver types, and generally are the first to initiate steps to resolve conflicts, and they deal with rejections and defeats reasonably, given their withdrawn nature. What the case here seems to be doesn't look like beta behavior. A good example of a beta male is the character Bassanio from Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice'. He's always playing second fiddle to his friend and benefactor Antonio, is always browbeaten by his mistress Portia, and not the leadership/outgoing type, but at the same time he's one of the most pragmatic characters in the play; he's quick to offer hush money to Shylock to not push the case against his friend in the Duke's court.
  6. If he's really serious about you, he must approach your walī. Real men man up and talk business to their potential father in-law instead of playing high school romance coquettish mind games. Also, make sure you are not crossing any lines. Be ever-mindful of the fiqh of opposite gender interaction. Salamun alaiki.
  7. Salutations and peace be upon you, O Aba Muhammad al-Hassan al-Askari (عليه السلام), and cursed be your enemies, killers and tormentors. 

  8. That is precisely how it is designed to be. To look as if all is well, while it is not. Where are the people within your circle getting their news and information from? This is the tricky part. We have been lulled into this faux sense of security that we can be 'neutral' in this war. We cannot. If you dig deep enough you will find the trail leading somewhere or the other. They have multiple ways to reach us.
  9. Always welcome, brother. I will see if I can recommend something else too, inshallah.
  10. To the OP- See, if the problem with the idea of hoors is its dissonance with a secular-liberal understanding, then the liberals themselves are hypocritical for finding fault with this concept and then pushing for free sex and lax sexual norms. If it is the Hindus who are using it to mock us, then they are hypocrites too, since the concept of 'hoors' or nymphs is all over their scriptures as well. Even the biggest of gods within their pantheon and their leading saints are said to have either consorted with or enamoured by such nymphs according to their own scriptures.
  11. Yes, I was talking specifically about the figure '72'.
  12. Is it really worth it? That's just beneath the average Shi'a's self-respect. That being said, there's no evidence whatsoever that they'll actually change their minds about our beliefs once given an explanation. There's a reason the rancour has persisted for a millennium and a half.
  13. But all of these are a bit dense. I'd rather you watched those videos and explained things to her simply, since she's only 7. Wa alaikas salam.
  14. You can show her Sayyid Mahdi al-Modarresi's video series on Atheism on YouTube. Also Ahmad Deedat is a good option. If you are looking for content especially on Islam and women's issues, take a look at Zara Faris's YouTube channel.
  15. The Imam of the Time (aj) prays for us every day. In every qunoot, he pleads with Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) on our behalf. When we have his prayers with us, other people don't really matter. Wassalam.
  16. Well, the ta'wil that some of them do is that the 'hell' is actually the earthly sufferings you suffer for your misdeeds in your previous life. And vice versa for heaven. That being said, I have just got my copy of Sheikh Saduq (rh) 's book 'al-I'tiqādāt al-Imāmiyyāh' ('The Creed of the Imamites/Shi'a) ; it's a dense work. I was browsing through it and found no mention of the '72 Hoor' concept- which implies that our ancestors, the early shi'a in the times of the Imams (ams) or even during the Minor Occultation and soon afterwards, didn't hold such views. But if I find something related to it I'll surely post it here.
  17. But as some others have also pointed out, the two women look two different for them to be considered the same person.
  18. Yes, this video seems to be older, looks like it's fake news.
  19. In our times it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell technological bots apart from biological bots.
  20. Three hours in one go is a bit too long. They should have split into a series of videos.
  21. "After the Sarasyns gyse, Woth a whym wham, Knyt with a trym tram, Upon her brayne pan." ~The Tunnyng of Elynour Rummyug, . a 1529, Skelton, E. Rummyag 75 .
  22. Which in itself is a major sin, akin to shirk, as it has been described in the traditions.
  23. Good. They'll be dealt with as the khawarij were dealt with back then. But I digress, and the thread oughtn't be derailed.
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