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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It would be great if someone could contact him in person. Looks like a real deal. Also, I can understand why he might keep a low profile. The takfiris/khawarij will be after his life.
  2. The rida of my Imam (aj). The moment I come to know that he is pleased with me, nothing else will matter to me anymore. No worldly achievements. No recognition. No wealth.
  3. What makes you believe that? Please beware that ilm al-hadith (the science of hadith) is very different in both the schools of thoughts, with very different epistemological and methodological vantage points. What may be saheeh by Sunni standards may not be saheeh by Shia standards, and vice versa. That being said, the hadith sciences themselves are a highly nuanced body of knowledge, with a complex set of variables such as sanad (chain), matn (content), ma'ana/mafhoom (meaning/interpretation of a hadith) and dirayah (balancing/examining a hadith vis a vis other authentic narrations) and the le
  4. Wassalm The translated volumes of al-Kafi, I believe, are available on Amazon. Although I doubt if you will find both the English translation and gradings in the same volume anywhere. Allama Majlisi (rh) has graded and commented upon the ahadith from al-Kafi in his book 'Mirat-ul-Uqool', but I doubt if it has been translated in English.
  5. Salam, We don't claim to have any single "all-saheeh" hadith collection. Individual hadiths are graded and authenticated by scholars of hadith after a rigorous process of examination.
  6. Indeed, brother. In most Western textbook narratives of Islam the Wahhabi version is the default narrative, which I think is not a coincidence (the Prophet (S) being born to mushrik parents, Islamic doctrines as taught by their madhab, history as taught by their madhab etc). Wasalam.
  7. That's the unbelievers winning the culture war. Exactly what I am talking about. What is worse is seeing the heirs of Sadr (rh), Mutahhari (rh) and Tabatabai (rh) fumbling for responses when faced with the cultural challenge- either adopting the posturing of the postmodern Left couched in vulgar IdPol, or tailing after neoconservative quacks in search of 'responses'.
  8. I don't think that that a majority of practising Muslims in the West want the Sharia to be implemented there. It is a group of clowns like Anjem Chowdhry (mostly affiliated with the you-know-what school of thought) who clamour for it. All of our maraja are unanimous on this- we have to obey the laws of the land. Besides, I think even you will admit that there is a long-standing project to colonize the Muslim mind. It's a game of soft power. That's what I meant by "taming".
  9. Setting one's house in order,taming the nafs, taking one's religion seriously, educating oneself in the tenets of the Sharia and correct aqeedah, and doing dawah is too much work. Let me just go to this video on Youtube and type "Mashallah" in the comments instead.
  10. The same exoticism and fetishization about which I spoke above. I have a name for this- "pop Orientalism".
  11. This, unfortunately, is the face of diasporic Islam in the West (and increasingly among the westernized youth in the post colonial East too). Being Muslim is just another "identity" like being black/asian/gay in the Western IdPol spectrum. It has nothing to do with your beliefs any more. You can commit all sorts of sins, adopt an utterly un-Islamic lifestyle or even not believe in the Shahadatayn and still be regarded a "Muslim". For the Western audience and ideologues everywhere- from Hollywood to academia to the political elite- this reveals the success of the "integration" and "accult
  12. This is what "intersectional" imperialism promised and delivered....
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