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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. --------------------------------------------- (salam) (bismillah) This is the authentic hadith: Volume 9, Book 89 - Judgements, Number 329: Narrated Jabir bin Samura: I heard the Prophet saying, "There will be twelve Muslim rulers (who will rule all the Islamic world)." He then said a sentence which I did not hear. My father said, "All of them (those rulers) will be from Quraish." Does this refer to the Shi'a Imams? No, Because it says "Muslim rulers (who will rule all the Islamic world)." - The Imamat also includes Hussein R.A, who did not rule the Islamic world. Do We Believe In them?
  2. your posts are making me believe that you're more of a "I don't follow any sect" guy... I just told you about the beliefs of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa. They all consider Ali R.A to be the Rightly-Guided Caliph, but not a successor of Prophet S.A.W. the Mufti i follow is also an Ahlus Sunnah, and he supports this point of view (Sunni) of Ghadeer Khumm, which disapproves the Shi'a Claim for Ali R.A. to be the chosen Master. Let me tell you something, there are only two sides, Shi'a And Sunni, and i choose Sunni so therefore, i support every single sunni brother. Thank You (salam)
  3. [Edited Out] I am sorry brother Aashiq, but these shi'as should learn how to tolerate if they know how to dis-respect. [Edited Out]
  4. 1) As i have said before, whatever happenned during Ali's R.A Caliphate does not reflect his intentions or elligibilaty. And i believe i have no right to comment whether he was inexperienced or not. 2) Ofcourse Hussein R.A was right!! (salam)
  5. Couldnt expect a better comment. Please let me know about the hadith with a proper reference and i will be glad to clear your misunderstanding about it. I know what you must get in mind whenever you hear a hadith. But we should also keep in mind that she was the wife of Prophert S.A.W and he left her as an example to us on how we should keep our wives. Therefore the allegations against her are illogical. This Also Goes To The Companions of Prophet S.A.W. This Is My point of view. As for matam, we will discuss that in "Matam". InshaAllah Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, ‘The beau
  6. Please Read My Last Post To See What The Hadiths Really Mean. There Is No Proof That Those Narrations Were Said In front of everyone or to the companions of Prophet S.A.W directly. Just, a comment brother, if you know how to have a neutral point of view, then please tell me what you think about matam. Now, Personally, i think you shouldve done something better than that. - no offence, but i did not like that comment of yours. It is just the hatred against Aisha R.A taught to shi'as which gives a wrong idea about a hadith. None of the Hadiths are against what islam teaches. Anyways, in the f
  7. What Brother Beeru is trying to say there, is that what 'HAPPENNED' during the caliphate, not what were the intentions of the Caliph. That Doesn't Anyhow make Yazid Even Close To What Ali R.A was. Whatever Yazid did (and his intentions) will be judged on the Judgement Day By Allah SWT, It has nothing to do by how his Caliphate was. Also, cursing him is useless and calling him jannati is baseless. Just to tell you, i am NOT siding with Yazid over Ali R.A. Whatever Yazid Did, will be judged by Allah. therefore, I have no right to curse him, or claim whether he will be Jannati or Jahannumi. PS. t
  8. About the first one... "Abu Bakr's R.A goat ate the Quran"... thats what i heard from many shi'as. but many of them have laughed on it too (just like you). And about the rest of them... You must know better... lol :D
  9. Hey! who told you i was shi'a!? i am debating my heart out against shi'as out here and you still don't know whether i am sunni or not. :squeez: And what i said was true. (salam)
  10. (salam) Brother I am only targetting the shi'as who are here to debate, but lack knowledge about their sect. So then i could proceed with a sensible debate on Matam. (salam)
  11. Firstly, the suffering of women around the world should not be taken as Sunni/Shi'a. Secondly, the Shia/Sunni comparision on suffering of women does not make sense due to the huge difference in population. Thirdly, There is no use to give evidence from Western controlled media against Shi'aism Or Sunnism. EDITED Note from mod: Stop the insult
  12. Gibberish: Unnecessarily pretentious or vague language. Please tell me where is the dis-respect there. And there is no proof given that those writings are from the Holy Quran. :dry:
  13. [2:222] They ask thee concerning women's courses. Say: They are a hurt and a pollution: So keep away from women in their courses, and do not approach them until they are clean. But when they have purified themselves, ye may approach them in any manner, time, or place ordained for you by Allah. For Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean. Thats why she mentioned bathing, because you would know she was purified. "And Then Approach Them In Any Manner, Time, Or Place Ordained For You By Allah", thats why she said only fondled her, which is
  14. Lebanese, by saying that Yazid decided to rule, i am not siding with Yazid, and i also believe that Hussein R.A was right to fight him. just because sunnis are taught not to curse the dead and different historic recordings, Shi'as think that we "love" or "idealize" the ones on the wrong side. Maybe its what they are taught from the beginning, to take sunnis as enemies. Please provide with a proper ayah and not a gibberish in arabic. tell me the number of surah and ayat. then i would believe you. we will talk about the successor thing after you get me a proper ayah to prove your claim.
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