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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This. But I never presumed they were sent by shaytan lol. I was simply too shy and inexperienced to know how to deal with the situation because I had a different upbringing (culture/family/parents). This is something I regret and miss very much. Times have moved on and I have now found myself being a rejection bag for stuck up shia hijabis looking for Mr. compatible/romance/rich/perfect etc.
  2. Indeed God knows... but then again won't that put them in the category of "psychopathic serial killer"? and anyway it is their wahhabi masters who used, brainwashed and exploited them to carry out these crimes against innocents, who in turn are being funded and supported by the saudi/gulf country government, who in turn are being funded and supported by the zionists and western governments. Point being that at the end of the day someone who knows what they are doing, and who are not mentally unstable, is responsible for these atrocities. Unfortunately that's the reality of the times we are living in. At the very least in western capitalist society the average Joe is seen as nothing but a resource to be exploited, rather than a human being.
  3. I generally agree with this principle, but there are instances where the acts of oppression are deliberate and come from cruelty, arrogance, bigotry and selfishness. Such people who have no remorse for their actions, deserve no mercy from Allah and are entitled to nothing but eternal lanat.
  4. Woah... I'm in the same boat as you. The party who have wronged me have shown no remorse and regret for the rights they have taken from me and have not even considered an apology to me. Without delving into too much detail about what happened they are my manager and people I have to work with so unfortunately I have to put up with them all day every day, which is a most difficult test. I make lanat on them all the time and hope their punishment will be in the next life rather than here. May Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì grant us strength and protect us from our enemies.
  5. Excuse me... but our objective here is to defend the honour of our Prophet (p), regardless of who is correct. So with all due respect brother Qa'im it is in bad taste for you to say to me that I am responding to your argument based on my own personal security and to satisfy my personal feelings. So just a gentle reminder that we are actually on the same side. This is the reason why I keep away from shiachat for long periods of time, because these debates just keep going around in circles just for the sake of it. Granted, you do make a good argument, so I am not outright rejecting it. BUT the claims that aisha was older shouldn't be dismissed completely and neither should the justifications for it. At the risk of "peddling" this discussion along further. There are two points that need to be considered: 1. If the law for legal age of consent was removed all around the world now. Would you all be ok with your daughters, nieces etc. to marry at the age of 9 or 10? 2. If this has become unacceptable only from the beginning of the 20th century, then why did it become unacceptable? What changed in society? And before anyone says it's because women started working and going to school in the past century, I don't buy that because they can still easily marry and do these things at the same time regardless of age.
  6. One could turn around and say that it was not necessary for The Prophet (p) to marry Aisha when she was 9 or 10. It was not a matter of life or death for him to do so. The Prophet (p) already had other wives. The only reason to do so would be in order to make abu bakr happy and keep him as an ally. That being said, look at how many people have rejected Islam just because of this apparent scandal against the Prophet (p) marrying aisha. If an alliance with abu bakr was so important marrying his daughter could have waited until she was older. Perhaps that is actually what happened, i.e. The Prophet (p) offered to marry aisha and declared to do that when she was 9, but agreed to officially marry when she was older? And then over the course of history (most probably after the age of the 12 imams (s)) the story got misinterpreted. All in the name of forming an alliance. Again this all depends on narration authenticity. I am ashamed to say these things about our beloved Ahlul Bayt (so astaghfirAllah)... but islamophobic groups could easily say the same thing about Imam Ali (s) and marrying Lady Fatima (s) and The Prophet (p) didn't mind that about his daughter because he just had no morals. The haters will be prepared to say anything so to be perfectly honest this comparison with Lady Fatima (s) is not a strong enough rebuttal. Unfortunately I do not know anything about the age of Lady Fatima (s) when she got married, other than what has been said on this thread.
  7. I'm not a fan of Yassir al-Habib, but I believe what he is trying to point out is that this is one big scandal against the Prophet (p) by Aisha and most likely propagated by bani umayya. There are narrations available saying that Aisha was in fact in her late teens when the Prophet married her. It comes as no surprise to me that Aisha would start up this scandal against the Prophet (p).
  8. And what pray tell evidence do you have for that "no evidence"? You're talking as though sexual activity is going to be haram in heaven, something which is perfectly halal in this life. And what about the poor souls who get denied sex in this life or have to suffer endless marriage rejections? What do they get? A pat on the back for their patience? While other people get to enjoy this halal blessing? I'm not suggesting it will be a brothel in heaven, but I'm talking about the intimacy aspect. But if you have evidence then by all means let's see it.
  9. No offence taken... truth can never be reached without asking questions. I think beating chest in uniform and as a procession is nice... it shows a form of unity and emulates how what happened to our Imam (as) is a tragedy for all shia all at the same time, kind of similar to the rituals in hajj only that chest beating is not obligatory. When chest beating reaches a point where you are harming yourself then that's when it needs to stop. I'm afraid I'm no expert in hadeeth so perhaps other shiachat members who can look up sources can help there. I will give you my view as much as I can though. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this question... yes we do refer to Sahih hadeeths for general purpose, why wouldn't we? When we enter into a discussion with a sunni and that discussion topic is about the first 3 caliphs then yes we will refer to sunni sources about them. Yes that is exactly what it is and most turbah come from Karbala, although some turbah can come from the holy city of Qom where Imam Ridha (as) sister is buried. This clay is from the land where Imam Hussain blood was spilt and it is loved by Allah (swt), because our Imam gave everything for Allah. So we seek nearness to Allah by praying on this blessed soil or clay. As I said I am no expert in looking up exact sources... but I will say this. For the people of knowledge and learning authenticity of a hadeeth is established if it is Sahih, Sareeh (explicit/clear) and mujma3 3alayh (both shia and sunni agree on it's authenticity). This particular hadeeth fails these criteria as far as we are concerned. I have heard that this hadeeth was fabricated by bani umayya deliberately to coincide with the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain (as) in an attempt to make people forget his cause. I wouldn't be surprised if this was true as they were the masters at fabricating ahadeeth. We are ordered by Allah to obey and follow our Prophet and his Ahlul bayt (as). On Ashura we affirm that we wish to be their true shia by showing our full support for our Imam Hussain who was the Wali of Allah at that time and that we will support him and the Prophet whether we existed back then at the Imams time or now 1400 years later. So generally speaking we are obliged to follow Ahlul bayt (as) (we wouldn't be shia otherwise) and a natural result of this is that we commemorate that tragedy on Ashura.
  10. Sunnis love to quote this saying of the Prophet (saas) when it comes to remembering the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as), however what we are mourning is not the mere loss of a loved one because we miss them. Even the death anniversary of the Prophet himself is not a day where we can just forget him and and go out and have fun and party, although we don't mourn the Prophet in the same way we do Imam Hussain. Why is this? Surely the Prophet, Ali, Fatima and Hasan (pbut) are of higher status than Hussain (as). So there is something else we are mourning which sunnis fail to see or comprehend (either by choice or ignorance). We mourn the how the light of Allah on this Earth was oppressed and slaughtered by the most wretched and vile of men. How pure evil let out its true form against pure good. On the day of Ashura: - The side of Imam Hussain comprised his family and 70 loyal companions against 20 to 30 thousand - good (truth) is minority and evil (falsehood) is majority. - The side of Imam Hussain each of them fought with almost unheard of bravery to the last man for Allah and for truth and justice against an army of cowards who ended up refraining from close quarters combat and showered them with arrows and stones (including a targeted arrow on a few month old baby) all for a few coins from their vile masters. - The side of Imam Hussain wanted to save the religion of Islam from destruction and guide people to Allah (swt) whereas the side of yazeed (la) wanted revenge for the defeat of his pagan ancestors and to put out the light of Allah and stay in power, live in lavish palaces, drink alcohol and so on. So you see it is our love for Imam Hussain (as) that causes us to mourn for him because we are choosing his side against evil and so it is a painful and sorrowful thing for that which we love, i.e. the representation of all that is good in this world, to be assaulted and killed by that which represents pure evil and hypocrisy. The dividing line between good and evil gets blurred and faint over time so by mourning the Imam (as) that line becomes clear to us all over again and reminds us of who we really are and our real purpose in this world. If we don't mourn Imam Hussain (as) then he will be forgotten forever and that line between good and evil will become so blurred that we wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two. I hope I have made sense with my humble reply... this is my own personal view and philosophy about this subject. If you have anything else to ask then please do or perhaps other shiachat members can elaborate on this too. As for harming our bodies, this is not something that Imam Hussain (as) wants. It serves no purpose and does not help us see that line between good and evil. Imam Hussain's suffering had to happen and it happened by the spilling of his pure blood. Self harm is by our own choice and therefore does NOT have to happen. Our own personal life difficulties and hardships on the other hand are not our choice and by the grace of Allah and inspiration from Imam Hussain (as) we get through our own life's troubles and emerge victorious. These minority shia who do it are wrong and we don't need sunnis to tell us they are wrong because we already know it is wrong. If anyone reading this is an advocate of self harm in muharram/ashura now do you see? You see how it can put people off our faith? I look forward for the day when self harm/tatbir is gone forever so that the truth and wisdom of Ahlul bayt (as) will shine without this unfortunate innovated stain.
  11. Yes but circumcision is more similar to giving a baby an injection with a needle if they are ill for example.
  12. The first 15 minutes or so of this was relevant to the current discussion. This chap makes the same statements as you do and again these have already been responded to enough times. The rest of the video is not relevant to this particular discussion and would require separate topics to be created. I found it most amusing that the sheep audience gave the lecturer a round of applause at the end, university students with no common sense or ability to think and criticise for themselves.
  13. Time is nothing but a measure of motion of particles that comprise the universe. In a singularity this motion ceases and thus so does the measure of time. There is nothing to measure prior to the Big Bang which indicates a boundary of where we can start (or stop) measuring. So the question really ought to be what is outside of this boundary. What Stephen Hawking appears to be doing here is saying "lets pretend we are not measuring the motion of particles any more and by pretending this we can claim that the universe has no beginning and has always been"
  14. You are failing to understand how the infinite chain of causes theory is illogical. Perhaps it might help if I was to use the word “Paradox”. It is paradoxical to say there is an infinite chain of causes. This has virtually nothing to do with what was before the Big Bang. All you are doing is saying it was so and then going on to conclude that it is so by “brute force”. For example I can imagine a paradoxical situation where a person goes back in time and kills their grandparents or a square shaped circle. Just because I imagined these paradoxical situations that doesn't meant it is proven to work. More like... nowhere in human history has it ever been demonstrated that paradoxes work and are possible, which is pretty much what you are arguing for. Just forget that we are trying to prove the existence of God for now, attempting to do so with you won't get us anywhere. Your responses to our posts are riddled with incoherency and contradictions.... for example: yet in earlier posts was it not you who said the following: That's an awful lot of looking for an answer in physics from someone who says it is speculative philosophy and not physics... sheer incoherency. Hmm... I wonder if that's because physics can't and never will be able to describe reality because the universe/world is not infinite.
  15. It seems one of the cores of your arguments is that there may be no explanation for the universe and i quote "it just is". I'm sorry but who is explaining away the gaps here? The brothers have thoroughly responded to your arguments and it is your conclusions that suspiciously end up carrying the theme of "Just is of the gaps". On the contrary... every mystery solved points to the existence of a Creator and atheists desperately look for a way to explain it away by saying it was by chance, there is no explanation, or "it just is". A very uninspiring and un-enlightening way of thinking, yet you somehow claim to be scientific. This includes your defence of the "universe has no beginning" argument. An infinite chain of causes is not scientific nor is it logical (as demonstrated above). Even scientists such as Neil Turok who theorized a newer model of a cyclic universe never attempted to claim that the chain goes back into infinity. One may imagine or attempt to perceive an infinite chain of causes and believe that to be the cause of our existence if they really wanted to, but that's no different to imagining unicorns exist and actually believing they do exist as well. This is something that would require huge amounts of blind faith. Hmm... yeah many religions do explain things away with god/s of the gaps but they generally tend to be polytheistic religions or religions influenced by polytheism. We follow a Prophet, Imams and a Book which instructs us to think, ponder and study how the world works and see the signs of a conscious intelligent immaterial Creator, Whose existence is at one with His essence.
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