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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. OK, really it is just a question about the phrase astaghferallah, http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc147/a...99bf755d386.jpg What is the sign over the second letter? the one that looks like an "up Arrow"?
  2. I am lost. How is this action "not thaat of a Shia"? What is morally wrong with what she did?
  3. Are there any references for this hadith? I would really like to read it and it is certainly interesting.
  4. I would say that the main difference is that Nike was never attacked or accused of "mocking Islam" because we all acknowledged that they did not know what they were doing. They on there own, after consulting with Muslims, thought to change the logo. Any Music that has "a sick heavy beat" to it, that would be insulting to you if you heard Qur'an in it, you probably shouldn't be listening to anyway. Music only becomes makrooh when it is suitable for haram gatherings, and Qur'an or not, it should be avoided, according to our scholars. Well, I have not seen the documentaion itself. But all of th
  5. That is easy! CAIR! No just kidding. It is clearly the fault of the employer. If a person opperates a business then they must act according to the Laws which govern their business, as well as the general rules of morality. I have run into that scenario before actually, and I also submitted an opinion to a newpaper regarding such acts in ohio. In my case, I was told that I could not use my break to make salat. I was somewhat less kind than cair. I nicely explained that I was fine with them saying that, and asked that the red tape be skipped, and I just move my things into the bosses office. Whe
  6. It certainly Behooves Sony To eran about Islam. It is also in each and every direct persons interest to learn about it, and follow it. Brother we have no disagreement there. But there are a number of differences between our points of view, and so as not to let either of us slip in and out of what is being stated here, lets enumerate them: 1) What is in Sony's best interest as a manufacturer, and indeed what is in their employees best interesdt ad creations of the true God, Allah, is indeed, to learn about Islam, but it is not necessarily our job to impose their best interests upon them. We can
  7. It has nothing to do with being passive. Nothing art all. In fact I am probably one of the least passive people you will ever meet in your life. The only thing it has to do with is justice, and equality. IT is not being passive to allow others to say what they want about us, it is being just, and the longer we insist that only we have a right to speak freely, the less just we are, and the less just we are, the longer it delays the coming of Imam Al Mahdi. Sony was not mocking our faith, I am sure in their eyes they thought they weree actually paying us a compliment. They did not undertand how
  8. ????? Dude, the song John Walker's Blues uses verses from the Quran at the end of the song. and countless everlast songs use phrases such as "La Illaha Ill Allah" and what not. Notto mention that wyclef Jean uses te phrase (and verse of the Quran) "Bismillh Ir Rahman Ir Raheem", followed up by ""see you don;t have knowledge of self, you don't know what that means" Why do we seem to think that it is ok to use litigtion as a weapon? We should recognize that we can't sue people into respecting us, nor can weprotest things until the americans fall in line and realize how cool we are. In western
  9. Ironically, the answer is, becauser it is sunnah. According to what I have read and been told, at the battle of uhud, when the prophet Muhammad was injured, he exclaimed "Ya Ali Madhad!"
  10. Well, first of all, we need to seperate two things. The Shia belief concerning Aisha is that she made very bad mistkes AFTER the death of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), not that she was just an evil person in general. Secondly, many many times, the Quran, as well as hadith, talks about Widows, and what is owed to them. This, in the very least proves that there is a difference between a wife and a widow. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) durring his lifetime, oversaw the activities of his wives, and gave them guidence, which they followed. After he Died, when they ceased to be his wives, nd instead became his
  11. alot of Marjaes have issued rulings about that very subject. you might just check some pages. While most of the people on here are very smart, and quite well read, islamically... This may be a bit more than we are qualified to answer.
  12. can't go wrong with some marvin gaye and a rotating bed!
  13. I am gonna try to answer two posts in one here. First, as to the verses. Yes I am of course aware of them. Very much so. But if you read carefully, you will notice that permission is given as a last resort. It never says "eat Halal Meat" it says "don't eat any meat, unless it is Halal". While I know these two statements seem similar, the difference is that the second putrs emphasis on not eating meat, and simply allows a small exception (that being if the meat is Halal). While the first encourages meat consumption. Since the Quran phrases meat eating like the second example, the same Idea ap
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