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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah, After spending countless hours on ShiaChat, I am here to bid farewall to everyone here and this website. First, I would like to thank the moderators and administrators for being so understanding to allow me, a non-Shia, speak his mind as frequently and as openly. Second, I would like to apologize to anyone I may have offended. The intention was never to offend anyone but learn from each other. Last, no Sunni is better than Shia and no Shia is better than Sunni except in their faith, intention and deeds. I have said this before and I will say it again.
  2. Walaykum as salaam, May Allah [swt] bless you and protect you (from harm) after sharing the above-mentioned points. I am not a Shia but even I was moved by your post. We must never lose sight of the four points I have highlighted from your post.
  3. Ahlul Bayt [ra] with uppercase "A" and the general with lowercase "a". Brilliant! I have never laughed this hard when it comes to religious blunders. Brother Abul_Hassan01, this is remarkable work.
  4. They were all Prophets [asws], not Imams [ra]. Furthermore, if Ibrahim [as] was an Imam, then the criteria was for him to first attain prophethood. Where is this exception made for Imams [ra] (that they can bypass prophethood and directly attain Imamat)? So, as we see, apples and oranges. We ask for proof for Imamat. You are showing us successorship among Prophets [asws]. Not to mention that these Prophets [asws] came when the religion had not been completed and perfected. Once the religion was perfected, there was no need for Divinely Appointed Prophets [asws] nor Imams [ra].
  5. Good point. I mean it. Here is where you have an opportunity to learn our position though you may continue to disagree with it all your life. Neither Abu Bakr [ra] nor Fatima [ra] can be right solely based on who they were. However, when it came to Fadak, Abu Bakr [ra] was right because he was upon the Sunnah. Please read the narration (I have read a few versions of the same one) which says that Abu Bakr [ra] assured Fatima [ra] that he would maintain Fadak like Rasulullah [saw] after which Fatima [ra] was pleased with him. While Abu Bakr [ra] was right, Fatima [ra], by asking for Fad
  6. 1. For example who? And I hope you are not talking about those who turned back on the religion upon whom Abu Bakr [ra] declared war. But knowing how imbecile you are, I would not be surprised if you start taking their side over one of the most eminent companions of the Prophet [saw]. 2. Really? Try to refrain from using such language. Sometimes the person in front of you might have spent a lot of time in situations you would faint in. So don't act tough when you cannot back it up. Of course you are looking at a screen otherwise you may have seen stars. 3. Now we have it straight f
  7. To class something as sahih on the conditions of the two Shaykhs does not negate my point because what you have quoted are not from Sahihain. Please return when your mind has cleared up and you are a little less hurt.
  8. 1. I have addressed every narration posted here and I have refrained from insulting your books. I have accepted the reality of our books and that is precisely the reason I do not insult your books. You believe it is safe to reject anything that gives Allah [swt] a shape or form although that is not the intention of the report. I believe it is detrimental if I disbelieve in that which Allah [swt] attributes to Himself. Therefore, you say "no" to every such narration whereas I hear and I obey. As for what the alleged anthropomorphism in the narration, I adopt the same stance (towards the
  9. 1. I know and I somewhat agree with your assessment. Since I respect scholarly works, I would be a hypocrite to disrespect Al-Kafi or the other three books knowing how much our Six Books, especially the Sahihain, mean to us. Having said that, the book is titled, "Al-Kafi" or sufficient and was compiled at a time when it could be confirmed by the representatives of the 12th Imam [ra]. In the preface, we are asked to “Test the various reports by the Book of God; whatever agrees with it take it, whatever disagrees with it reject it.” Then, the preface says, “…You wanted to have a book whic
  10. 1. To forget is not an attribute of Allah [swt], is it? But we understand the meaning behind the verse while rejecting the literal meaning of it. Identical approach we adopt when dealing with such narrations. We believe in everything Allah [swt] attributes to Himself (otherwise we would be among those who disobeyed) without attempting to explain or imagine the shape, form or condition. 2. Exactly. So then what is wrong if we do the same with narrations and not take them literally? 3. Ibn Kathir [rah] says, "Our Lord will reveal His Shin, and every believing male and female will pros
  11. You have not accounted for the following. Please do so before you proceed to further question us. 1. It will also be said: "This Day We will forget you as ye forgot the meeting of this Day of yours! and your abode is the Fire, and no helpers have ye! (Qur'an 45:34) 2. "And the sky We built with hands; verily We outspread [it]". (Qur’an 51:47) When translated, they use "with power" for "bi'ayydin". 3. "The Day that the shin shall be laid bare, and they shall be summoned to bow in adoration, but they shall not be able." (Qur'an 68:42) 4. "And thy Lord cometh, and His angels, ran
  12. Why are you quoting the verse regarding inheritance when Fadak, according to you, was a gift? But to refute you thoroughly, as is my habit, allow me to remind you that Allah [swt] provides guidelines for Fay in the Qur'an. Concentrate on that before you get to inheritance. No where does it say that Fay can be taken as personal property which then can be gifted to, or inherited by, future generation. Obviously you will bring the narrations and reports which state that Fadak "belonged exclusively to the Prophet [saw]". I have already explained that while 4/5th of booty of war would go to
  13. 1. To prove Imamat, you bring up Prophets [asws]? SubhanAllah. I asked for proof for Divine Appointment of Imams [ra], not Prophets [asws]. What you have brought forth is like bringing the verse regarding the distribution of "booty of war" to make a case for Fay. By the way, a Shia member here already did that. He also quoted Nahj Al-Balagha as a "Sunni source". Shura is a process and it is not our usool-e-deen. Imamat is your usool-e-deen. Prove it or shut it! By the way, since the religion is perfect and complete, there is no need for Divine Appointment of any individual. The be
  14. You are right. I assumed those with brain will understand. Those without need an explanation. Or just a reminder to read properly since the entire thought is summarized with, "In the end, innocent Muslims and non-Muslims pay with their blood." Translation, no matter which way you cut the situation, innocent blood will continue to spill until tyranny ends with the destruction of ISIS. In the same breath, however, I condemned the remaining tyrants and prayed to Allah [swt] for their destruction, whoever they might be, since the Supreme Judge [swt] knows that better than any one of us.
  15. 1. What a silly person you are! Really! You say to me, "it is up to you to prove your claim" and then you want me to not overlook the "main point" which was, "There wasn't one successor of a Prophet or King who became it by shura or some ancient form of democratic system". I had no claims and the "main point" was your own point. In other words, you want me to account for your whims. I have seen all sorts of trolls but you are from another realm. Well, baby genius, let me remind you that you said, "I don't know about you but the Holy Quran is clear about the concept of Imamat which is D
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