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  1. I agree with all that @AussieShiasays here but I want to add two things. 1. Mutah is marriage. Don't have sex unless you are willing to raise a child. No preventative method is 100% effective. (Obviously reduce the chance of pregnancy by using contraception.) 2. A man who has had legitimate relationships should not rule out a woman who has had legitimate relationships when he is looking for a life-partner. A non-virgin man insisting on a virgin wife is a hypocrite and is reducing his odds of finding the right person.
  2. For starters, they should stop murdering, terrorizing, stealing from, and displacing the people who have been on that land for generations.
  3. If it's true, that's messed up.
  4. Nothing is ever too big to fail....
  5. It's not wrong or a sin to ask questions! The Quran warns against blind following.
  6. Study. Read. Find your answers. Questions are a sign of a strong mind, not a weak faith.
  7. Only if both she AND her family are not materialistic. What are the odds of a decent fellow approaching a nice girl from a nice non-greedy family before she's been approached by a million creeps and become cautious?
  8. Following. I have no idea, but it sounds like something I'd like to make. (Or maybe just eat!)
  9. Trust your instinct and do not marry him. The things about him that bother you will not get better.
  10. Permanent marriage also. And at least with mutah the woman isn't held hostage at the mercy of the man's whim to terminate or not. She can just wait it out if the man is unreasonable - and why would she be parting from him if he's reasonable?
  11. Permanent marriage also has an agreed upon dowry. It does not have predetermined duration, but it can be terminated by the man at any time, even after just a few hours or days. Would you describe all marriage as similar to prostitution?
  12. Intelligence is not 100% genetic. A portion is from upbringing and a portion is random. Obviously the parents and community who raise an individual do make a difference. But the inherited portion of intelligence seems to come from the mother's DNA. Genes associated with intelligence are located on the X chromosome. In girls, the genes related to intelligence located on the X chromosome from the father seem to be inactive. The article didn't explicitly say, but I think they can be passed on to her children. So while her father's intelligence doesn't impact her, it might be found in her children. I'm not sure.
  13. Tell your friends what you are doing and why, and if they want to join you, you and your friends can encourage each other. Don't try to help them improve if they don't want your help.
  14. https://psychology-spot.com/did-you-know-that-intelligence-is/ The implications of this study are rather freeing for women - we don't really have to worry much about the intelligence of our partners beyond what we consider attractive. For men this might be a big deal.
  15. You know they can do that with any modern gasoline powered car too. If you're worried about the government controlling your car, you need something from the 80s or earlier, or build your own.
  16. I drive a 2018 prius plug in hybrid. It professes a 25 mile range, but I usually can get about 29 miles on a charge. I walk to the grocery store and my workplace is 6 miles away. Where else do I need to go? I fill the 11 gallon tank about 4-5 times per year, or after a few trips into a nearby city or one trip to visit my folks in West Virginia.
  17. No need to rebuild, just modify slightly. For example, an abandoned mall or an industrial park could house an entire community. The only changes needed would be interior. And public transit could carry people between villages. Building new is just greenwashing and is problem, not solution. Office commercial areas would need increased water supply only. Residential areas are as easy as retail or industrial to repurpose. If you run into anyone who is doing this work, let me know, I want to be part of their design team, if I'm at a point in my life that I've got time for it.
  18. @Abu Hadi I live in a suburban east coast area, and there is one charging station near my house and it's close enough that i may as well plug in at home. I don't know how many are located in nearby urban areas, probably a lot more, but that's not relevant to me because I rarely go in to the cities, and when I do go into any nearby city, my home charge isn't enough to get me there, or barely is, and I never stay long enough to charge up. However, I go months between filling up my tank, pretty much only when I go on long trips. If i owned a fully electric car on the east coast, except Tesla which is absurdly expensive, I'd have to rent a gasoline powered car for trips anyway. Battery powered cars, both fully electric and hybrid, are terribly polluting and reliant on near-slave-if-not-literally-slave labor. What we need is less reliance on private cars. 15 minute cities is an idea worth investigating, as well as increased remote work and the four day workweek.
  19. Most women are not going to feel physical attraction without emotional attraction and most men nowadays lack emotional depth and devote more time to getting to know his TV, computer, phone, and game system than to getting to know his wife. Many men might be content with intimacy with a stranger, and a few women might, but most women and some men require more of a partner. Not saying this is the case with those poor sad men married to "asexual" wives, just worth considering.
  20. If you live in a place where you can charge at home but there aren't many public charging stations, hybrid is ideal. Fuel prices volatility is less impactful, but your driving is not impaired by lack of access to charging.
  21. I drive a hybrid car and almost never need to refuel because I rarely go farther than 25 miles in a day. Which poll option do I choose?
  22. This topic has been discussed extensively here. I recommend you try a search. The answer is depends who you ask.
  23. What do you think about the phenomenon of toxic masculinity (lack of emotional maturity in men) being rooted in British colonialism and racist ideologies? Here's the entire article. The article doesn't mention how British rulers became so mentally deficient, nor how it came to be seen as a desirable trait, but it does speak of the character flaw being intentionally cultivated in young men by imposing trauma and abuse upon them. I suspect the emperors and noblemen of ancient Rome suffered this same disability. I wonder how far back in human history it goes - perhaps as far back as the existence of wealth and poverty.
  24. Making rich corporations richer should be illegal.
  25. Islamic marriage counseling if it's available, secular if it's not. You have to at least try.
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