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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Trump does need a trial for sedition, but it should be a criminal trial, not an impeachment. I'm not a lawyer. If both are needed, both are needed, but the criminal trial is the important one.
  2. This may be his family's rule, but there is no Shia prohibition against marrying a woman who does not wear hijab, just as there is no prohibition against marrying a man who shaves his beard. Your husband needs to take responsibility for his choices and marry you properly so you and he can raise your child together. If he evades his responsibility he might get away with it in this life but he will surely be punished severely in the hereafter.
  3. In any event, the child is legitimate and he is obligated to provide and care for it, and neither of you is allowed to prevent the other from knowing the child. His parents can not override God's laws. Convert. Marry him. Wear hijab around his family and take it off around yours. You may find that you like it and want to wear it all the time. At minimum you can wear hijab in Lebanon and take it off in UK.
  4. Did you attempt to communicate with them? If no, why not?
  5. Thanks! I've been meaning to read this book but forgot.
  6. Is there a proscribed Islamic economy? That would be the correct one, if it exists, and if it does, I'd like more information on it. In my opinion, these labels like "communist" or "capitalist" matter so much less than how you actually treat people and interact with your world.
  7. It could be that they caught the virus in their home states, and it's going to be much more than 200 infected, ultimately.
  8. It can be delayed, but eventually it is inevitable. The US economic system relies on continual increase in consumption. That can never be sustainable. Rather than "the economy", we should focus on community health and well-being. We have enough resources.
  9. A friend told me that Biden is going to end support for the Saudi aggression against Yemen. I hope that is true. I never would have expected it from him in a million years.
  10. From an Islamic point of view according to those marjas who allow gender surgery, a post-op trans woman is a woman. If you don't know whether the person is post-op, you should err on the side of caution and lower your gaze. If you genuinely believe the person to be male and continue eye contact, and then find out later that she is a woman, you will need to adjust your interaction when you know. Similarly with a trans man, if you believe the person is female and lower your gaze, and then find out he is a post-op man, you can adjust your interaction. But as I see it, there's no harm
  11. Poor at a job I love, no contest. Would you rather have a spouse who you like in every way except they smell bad, or have a very physically attractive spouse with a dull personality.
  12. @hasanhh this one is for you. I've never watched this show, but I think I remember you've mentioned it:
  13. If you've given her that Quran already, and you are not indebted to her for other reasons, you do not owe her anything except financial support during her iddah time.
  14. What are you going to do - stare? May as well err on the side of caution and lower your gaze. What's the reason not to?
  15. I've read that those mittens were a gift from one of his constituents, and are made from recycled sweaters and water bottles.
  16. Yes. Someone took a picture of Senator Sanders at the socially distanced inauguration, looking cold and annoyed, and the internet is having fun photoshopping him into a variety of settings.
  17. What mahr did you agree to when you married? If that is unpaid, you have to give what you have agreed. If there is no mahr the marriage is invalid.
  18. If you owe her money, you will continue to owe it after divorce, but if you don't, you still won't. There is no divorce fee, but divorce does not absolve debt. If you have children with your ex-wife, you are still obligated to provide for them until they are adult and able to provide for themselves. You don't divorce your children.
  19. Ok. I amend my previous statement: It isn't, according to Shia tradition. I don't know Sunni hadith very well. (Or pretty much, at all.)
  20. My expectations for Biden are low. He's an establishment "moderate" (ie right wing) and he's owned by lobbyist groups including the various war contractors, but I hope to be proven wrong. Maybe he's seen that if the people come together, they don't stand a chance, and the people are really close to coming together.
  21. I group all the billionaires and billionaire corporations as oligarchs. Without money to brainwash the public and threaten the other candidates, Trump wouldn't have been elected in 2016.
  22. Oligarchy, not democracy. Oligarchy is the system that selected Trump. The United States pretends to be a democracy, but really isn't. Money rules, not the people. We should change this. But not in the way Trump's minions attempted - completely differently.
  23. This context changes my answer entirely! My relationship with my parents improved dramatically when I moved out from their home! As long as I lived with them, they saw me as an ignorant child and treated me as one. Once I was out on my own, my interactions with them became much more balanced, with improved respect from both sides.
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