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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What are you doing to fix your unacceptable behavior? Communicate your sincere regret for your actions and what measurable and tangible steps you are taking to correct yourself. You've hurt her badly. If there is to be any hope of reconciliation, you're going to need to give her time. If you're unwilling or unable to do these things, be a good man and grant her the divorce she requests. She can't carry the marriage by herself. Even if you do get anger management therapy and learn better coping mechanisms and communication, if too much bad had gone between you and your wife there might be no hope for your marriage. Do your best. Worst case, you'll come out sadder but wiser.
  2. How Religious (capital R) or how religious (small r)? My level of Religiosity (capital R, rituals and practices associated with a particular organized system) has varied throughout my life, and was pretty low when I was a young adult, but my religion (intrinsic belief) has never changed.
  3. It could be. Depression is often lack of hope that the future will be better. If we aim for Paradise we are working toward a better future, but sometimes we struggle along the way. Loneliness, lack of opportunities, lack of social and community ties, family problems, sins, all can lead to depression.
  4. Just wanted to add: the fact that we don't all have it is strong evidence that vaccines work, at least mostly. The two who tested positive, one works in a restaurant surrounded by unmasked strangers for hours every day, and the other is a little kid who puts objects in his mouth and has no concept of personal space. The four of us who do not have unusual circumstances tested negative.
  5. I have a few older friends who occasionally refer to me as "young lady" and I always look around to see who they're talking about.
  6. Sure. That's a nice way to encourage someone with little to do to make better use of their time. My time is far from empty. I struggle to prioritize, organize, and optimize the many things that fill it. It always seems tragic to me to hear people talk about "killing time".
  7. There's covid in my house now. Two of my kids are sick and tested positive. The rest of us are fine. Hopefully we stay that way and these two recover quickly.
  8. Both are good and useful. Which do you enjoy more? If you don't prefer one strongly, which has better working hours and conditions? If you do well and get promoted, will you still be doing work that you enjoy? Which has better pay?
  9. Look at this idiot: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/virginia-school-board-gun-threat-face-mask-dispute/ At least they arrested her for her terroristic threats against school children, but she's out already on a meager bond, and I bet she gets off light because she's white and rich. She needs to do at least 5 years. If you or I had said something similar, we'd be permanent residents at some secret CIA site..
  10. Can we make our own? Maybe even make our own internet entirely?
  11. I risk my life and now also the lives of my family for $17k per year. I could do a lot of good in the world with $180k. I hope you recover from your medical condition that makes you unable to be vaccinated. Maybe you'll get a second chance.
  12. I can't social distance. I work in a school. There is not enough room to stay six feet away from everyone. Plus, I work with special education students - I can't stand across the room and talk to them. They often need me to be up close. Some of them are medically fragile. Several are currently out with covid. I'll be distraught if any of these innocent kids die due to adults being stupid, selfish, and greedy. I hope you recover from your medical condition, but meanwhile I hope enough people get vaccinated that you can be kept safer by "herd immunity". Y'all can't possibly understand how angry I am right now. Why does a state level public servant have the authority to tell local communities that they are not allowed to keep their people safe?
  13. Governor of Virginia is trying to kill us. He signed an executive order banning mask and vaccine mandates. On Friday, 20 of about 60 teachers at my workplace were out sick and children are dying at rates we've never seen before. Of course the federal government is not better - ending the tracking of covid infection and death rates. They're trying to kill us. I'm going to get sick and possibly die for $17/year, which isn't even enough to live. Worse yet, maybe I'll be fine and children will die. Several of my students are sick.
  14. Is shiachat our only "social media" or do others that are not corporate affiliated exist? How much national or international control is exerted over privately owned media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, and how does that compare to controls over smaller sites? Does a safe place to publicly express opinions and discuss exist?
  15. Daisies, because they look like they are smiling sunshine. What is your impossible dream? (What would you love to do, but are unable?)
  16. What is your favorite flower, and why?
  17. You can remove any najisat material, then clean the wooden stairs with pure water, which you can remove with a mop or towels or sponges. Unfortunately, if there is delay or the wood is porous, it might soak in and you might have to replace the stairs.
  18. When she finds the right husband and is mature enough to do her part to grow a marriage and family.
  19. Y'all's so wrong. It's the capitalist bootlickers that's virus deniers and antivaxxers. Capitalism requires that people sacrifice themselves to save the holy economy, rather than taking sensible precautions to protect themselves and their families and communities from sickness. Good citizenship has nothing to do with your government and everything to do with caring about and wanting success for your community. It would be easy for our governments in wealthy countries to take care of us for a few weeks and get this mess under control. We even have enough resources to take care of every person in the world while they isolate until the virus dies out. Or we could have before anyway. I'm not certain we can anymore now that it has mutated and infected livestock and wildlife. Your government doesn't care if you live or die, as long as you don't hurt the economy. That's exactly why they have people out working under threat of eviction or starvation, rather than stay home and avoid the covid virus.
  20. 96 Toyota Camry wagon inadvisable? I've only owned it since spring but I've never had a problem. It'd make a serviceable mini camper.
  21. Thank you. I'm not worried about Iran. I'm worried about United States. Maybe someday things will be better here. For now, though, I should probably avoid travel to certain places or I might face repercussions. (I'm already an enemy of the corporate duopoly, as an organizer of a minor anti-capitalist political party.)
  22. Some day I'd like to visit Cuba and learn about their agriculture system, since I watched a documentary about it. But again, that's probably a bad idea even if I could, because I'm already probably on lists.
  23. For my cross country trip, I'm planning to mostly camp, though I won't rule out an occasional hotel, and it looks like probably only my two youngest children want to come with me. The other "adults" in the family can't bear to be away from wifi for that long. I've invited them to fly out and see some of the destinations with me, but planning that will be up to them. I'm only planning one family vacation.
  24. I want to visit Iraq. Of course Iran too, but probably that's a bad idea because I'm probably already on watch lists due to my political and social activism. I'd love to see the pyramids and museums in Egypt too. Where else in the middle east should I go? I'm not interested in crowded cities or malls. I like nature and historical sites, and of course religious sites that aren't too crowded. I'm terrified of being in crowds.
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