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  1. But almost all rich people are not doing enough to help their world. Wealth is a more difficult test than poverty.
  2. That fog looks severe. It would not be wise to assume foul play without strong evidence. Duas for all involved.
  3. It is important to recognize the differences between culture and Islam. In the case of the brother wearing shorts at home, that meets Islamic minimum. He needs to also be aware and respectful of cultural norms and cover more if his attire is culturally inappropriate. The same applies to women. However, if a person is not part of your culture and not in your house, you can not impose your cultural norms on them, as long as they are meeting the Islamic standard. If you have doubts, consult your marja.
  4. I agree with you that the US government and the leaders of the military have never been "good". However, most of the people who are actually in the military, not generals or government officials, are just people who want to do a job and take care of their families. Even patriotism was rare in the Army in the 90s. I don't know how prevalent it is nowadays. People were there mostly to escape from dire poverty. Some were sociopaths or psychopaths, and those people got away with some awful stuff. But most are just poor ignorant people, trying to get by, and being fooled and used by evil government.
  5. I was in the US Army in the 90s. Maybe things are different now. The vast majority of the men and women in the US military are decent folk, just trying to do a job, get some training and work experience, and earn some money for education or to support their families. Unfortunately, there is (or was?) a deeply rooted culture of covering up misdeeds rather than holding perpetrators accountable. The people who are inclined to atrocities get away with them over and over, traumatizing not only the direct victims of their violence, but also their military colleagues who are helpless to stop them or even to prevent future instances.
  6. Adults can marry adults. Beyond that, it's up to them. Numerical age is not defined because adulthood varies from culture to culture.
  7. I don't know the details, but eyewitnesses reported that the weapon jammed, the child tried to shoot multiple times but was unable, and the weapon was fully loaded before he used it. If you'd like to know as much as I know, look up Richneck Elementary School shooting. Difference is I work with people who personally know the victim. (I've never met her. )
  8. No, I think a woman is required to cover at least the area which would normally be covered by underwear, except around infants who are not yet aware, and her husband. If you have doubt though, check with your marja.
  9. When at home with only mehram family members, a woman can wear shorts and tank top if that's what's comfortable for her. I usually wear pants or long skirt, and a tshirt when it's warm, or long sleeve shirt when it's cold. I just don't feel comfortable in shorts or tank top, but nothing wrong with it.
  10. I'm an old married woman, but I don't think this is true of younger women either. Sure, some women want to marry doctors or lawyers. Most women just want to marry a good man who will take care of them and be taken care of by them, in mutual love and respect. Perhaps you're looking for your life-partner in the wrong places.
  11. Your friend is mistaken. Some individual people who call themselves Muslim are racist, but racism is not allowed in Islam. Only a person's deeds make them inferior or superior.
  12. Advice to all y'all: don't look for Prince/ Princess Charming. Charming is almost always a lie. Don't look for the most beautiful person and reject all others. Once you get to know a person, their beauty or lack thereof will be obvious and has nearly nothing to do with looks. Take your time and don't rush into anything or gloss over any red flags. Don't let emotion or loneliness cloud your judgment. You can never truly know a person, but the longer you interact with them, the more you will know. Know as much as you reasonably can before you commit to life with them.
  13. It isn't magic, you know. Learning martial arts is allowed.
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