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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is usually a vegetarian option, and vegetarian foods are inherently halal. Having access to halal meat in institutional settings is certainly nice, but not essential. I'd worry about bigger problems first, but if there is sufficient demand, I'd voice support for someone else's efforts in this area.
  2. Election results will be certified and announced on Wednesday, but I was running unopposed. I am not prepared to be a leader at state level - I'm not even a leader in my local community. I'm only out of necessity the leader in my own household, because nobody else will do it. Please make tons of duas that I don't fail miserably.
  3. Every individual, man or woman, will have their own unique answers. 1. To worship through deeds 2. Framework 3. Respect 4. Enough 5. Kind of socially expected 6. No 7. Very 8. Yes. Any questions?
  4. Under shia jurisprudence, the father is responsible for the upbringing of the children, but neither parent has a right to keep them away from the other parent. (Assuming neither parent is evil, violent, apostate, etc) For all practical purposes, when you marry someone who is already raising children, it is expected that you will help to guide and provide for those children. However, there is no religious obligation for you to do so. She would be a fool to marry you if you say you will not, though.
  5. You are not at fault. When you converted to Islam, all your previous sins were forgiven. If you want - and only if you want - you can delete or restrict access to your photos online. But do not allow your future in-laws to bully you into feeling that you are in any way "bad" or need to be ashamed of how much you have grown and changed over time.
  6. Intoxicants are haram. CBD is not intoxicant. THC is.
  7. I've observed that when a born Muslim says "insha'Allah" they mean it's a nice idea and if God makes it happen it will happen; when a convert says "insha'Allah" they mean it's a plan and will happen unless God makes it impossible. Have you noticed the same? When you say "insha'Allah" do you mean "if God makes it happen" or "if God allows"? And regardless of how you mean, which seems correct to you?
  8. I just nominated myself to be the secretary of the state organizing committee of a new political party. What am I getting myself into? If nobody else will do it, the project will fail and we will be stuck with the status quo. But I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of being expected to keep organized paperwork. I just finished two months of searching for my social security card.
  9. While I agree that a person with exclusively homosexual attraction shouldn't pretend to be "straight" in order to marry, if the spouse doesn't mind, it's perfectly fine. There is much more to love than physical attraction. A couple who are not attracted to each other can be the best of friends and live a beautiful life together. Islam forbids same-sex marriage and sex outside of marriage, so it's no loss to live in a sexless marriage, and committed companionship is nice to have, especially as people get older. Just choose the right spouse and live happily ever after. (With the usual difficulties of life.)
  10. If you mean by marriage mutah only, yes this happens. If you mean the "born Muslim" gentlemen are knocking down white convert women's doors begging for permanent respectable marriage, no.
  11. Who does that? If that's a real thing, I guess that's the positive side of me being a recluse - I don't get exposed to casual racism much. But before I was a hermit, none of that glorification was my experience as a white convert. I was usually eyed with suspicion and excluded from activities.
  12. I'm happy for you. I'm addition to reduction in covetousness, what changes are you experiencing in your life and outlook? Some of my favorite teachings of Jesus (peace be upon him) include love God above all things and love your neighbor as much as yourself, and let the one among you who is without sin cast the first stone. I'm also fond of the parable of the "good Samaritan" which teaches that even a person who doesn't follow your religion might be better than you, because of their good deeds and love for humanity.
  13. He explained that any money I earn is part of the household earnings. If he earns money within the household, it is a transfer, not a gain. He says he is better off if I have more money than if he has more, because I spend on things we need and he spends on things he wants. He wants to work for free - which gives me no leverage if he decides to sleep in, but it will help my bank account. At first he said "take it out of my rent.' I reminded him that we aren't charging him rent. He said "I think I'm coming out ahead." He's a communist. I've raised a communist. I'm so proud!
  14. I request duas that my childcare arrangement works out. My second son wants to babysit his siblings for free, and I've told my oldest son that he will be emergency backup babysitter whether he's wants to or not. Neither of them is fully competent or reliable, but they both could be if they tried. I wrote out a detailed set of instructions. One thing that I do really, really well is write instructions. It seems pretty easy, but whenever humans are involved things tend to not go as expected.
  15. I start my new job as soon as I'm ready. I asked my adult son if he could babysit his younger siblings each morning from 7 until they get on their school buses for $150 per week. He said that was too much - he would feel like he's robbing the poor. I don't think this kid knows how negotiation is supposed to work.
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