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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Moderator note: off topic posts were moved here: Please try to stay on topic. Thanks.
  2. Moderator note: posts from another topic were moved here because they were related to Biden. Moved from here: Please try to stay on topic. Thanks.
  3. Biden and Harris are both Right Wing Authoritarians, not very different from Trump. https://www.politicalcompass.org/uselection2020
  4. That makes the choice of Harris make more sense: progressives dislike her even more than they dislike Biden. (And why is progressive a pejorative term? Progress is a good thing.)
  5. It's probably not a sin, but it isn't best for you. Just say hello, then excuse yourself. Online friends and penpals count. If you aren't comfortable with in-person conversation, try to cultivate some distance friendships, built around common values and interests, but with time and visual space to consider the words.
  6. Any person is only held accountable for what is within his or her capabilities. Try to be polite and friendly a little, but you aren't going to be held accountable for not being good at small talk and joking.
  7. I'm not a fan of Biden or Harris, but anyone (except possibly Kanye West) is better than Trump.
  8. I'm confused. I thought Kamala is an authoritarian moderate.
  9. That bothers me too. It continued even into the later series, tapering off some over time. Target audience, you know.
  10. Every Star Trek series has been a product of its time, stuffed to bursting with thinly veiled political commentary. It is optimistic and progressive, but the writers could only fathom what was fathomable to them in their time. Besides, the main cast was pretty international for the sixties. Kirk and McCoy were the only white Americans in the primary cast. It might have been intended as anti-Soviet, but it still has value as anti-authoritarian yet still anti-anarchy entertainment.
  11. Alexander Hamilton I'm not ok with either of these, but it seems still true today.
  12. I was recently wondering why, in most human societies, women are judged for potential not achievement. A pretty young woman who has done nothing is considered a better potential wife than a hard-working young woman who has raised her siblings and proudly wears the marks of wisdom in her face. For that matter, a girl is considered more beautiful than a woman, a virgin superior to a loving grandmother. Men are judged for what they have done, not what they might someday do. Why are humans stupid like that? It's not Islam, it's people.
  13. Clearly this person needs to read his Quran.
  14. When you are home, turn off your phone or at least the ringer. Spend time with your family. Don't control kids, guide and teach them. Always treat others (including children) the way you would like to be treated. @OP, given this ^ information, would you like us to change the title to, perhaps, "raising kids"?
  15. Perhaps to remind us that first we are created creatures, second we are all human. Every other description we can give ourselves is subordinate to these two.
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