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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Agriculture has been practiced for at least 12000 years. What is your basis for claiming better brains evolved 5220 years ago? There is evidence from burials and art that the earliest humans had spiritual beliefs, but nothing further is known about what they believed, and probably nothing can be known with certainty. We Muslims believe that Adam and Hawa/Eve knew the existence of God, though whether they had formal rituals is unknown, as far as I know.
  2. Last night we had (store bought) bread with (also store bought) hummus and salad vegetables. "Cooking" was easy and quick and everyone was happy.
  3. It's just a few more days. May your worries be eased. How do you feel? Is your energy level normal? If you feel weak, listless, constantly tired such that it interferes with your daily activities, you should break the fast and see a doctor. Otherwise, just try to eat an adequate amount of healthy food.
  4. When my grown kids were little, I used Common Sense Media a lot. My daughter and youngest son aren't interested in that kind of games, so I haven't used it in years. My daughter likes puzzle and world building games. My little son doesn't play video games. Good suggestions. Parents and even adults who enjoy video games should be aware of what they're putting into their minds.
  5. I believe humans are capable of true love. It's rare, but possible. No hard feelings. I used believe the same as you.
  6. Would you act differently having the same conversation with a male customer? If no, you're good. If yes, you need to be polite and friendly for your work, but be careful not to cross over into flirting.
  7. My mother believes in ghosts. She sees them fairly frequently. She's an educated and presumably sane and serious person. I do not believe she is lying. She is not afraid of them, more just fascinated. I do not believe in ghosts, though I do believe that not everything can be explained, given our current level of knowledge. When I'm very tired and have to stay awake, I hallucinate cats. I saw a small black cat at my mom's house. She told me it was one of her ghosts. They never bother me.
  8. Folks in Europe and Canada should almost definitely be safe according to this tracking site: https://aerospace.org/reentries/cz-5b-rocket-body-id-48275
  9. I heard about that, but little actual information was available. Since there was nothing I could do, I forgot about it until you just now reminded me. Hopefully it will burn up on reentry, and if it does crash down, hopefully it will fall into the ocean or an uninhabited area. If governments/militaries aren't making plans to blow it to relatively harmless smithereens, there probably isn't anything that can be done by anyone, if anything even needs to be done.
  10. I, personally, don't care if people are gay. It's none of my business. I do care about people mistreating other people. We Muslims should always stand up for those who are oppressed or abused, even if we disagree with their lifestyles. It seems we humans can't decide whether we are more afraid of overpopulation or of depopulation. If you want more humans, consume less and make the world a better place to raise children. Probably increase in homosexual population is a natural response to poor resource access and poor living conditions.
  11. You can pray without bending. Just incline your head to indicate the movement. If you are unable to stand for the length of the prayer, you may pray sitting out even lying down. You can always pray.
  12. We had lentils with rice and beef. It was pretty good. My son's friend was over and said my cooking is amazing. His mom cooks "fancy stuff". He appreciates that I cook "comfort food", or as I would call it "poor people food".. Probably will have it again in the morning, with some fruits and coffee with milk.
  13. Most people wouldn't/couldn't understand. It would be unbearable.
  14. I have read that one. Fromm's writings are enjoyable, pleasant, but I wonder if I should choose an author who I agree with less, to expand my thinking. I just got my pre-ordered copy of Ron Garan's Floating in Darkness and am looking forward to reading it. A while back, I read Garan's The Orbital Perspective, and it was beautiful and thought provoking. I have high expectations of this book. The theme is the oneness of humanity and Earth, and he writes from his perspective as a Christian and a former astronaut.
  15. We had lemon basil chicken and rice. It wasn't bad, but I overdid the lemon.
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