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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'll be sure to notify you if I'm ever able to open my restaurant. Nobody will be turned away for inability to pay, and even if someone just wants to see what it's all about, they will be welcome. I'll serve mostly sandwiches, and on special occasions, "American style" meals. I guess before I can do that, I'll need to be rich. I doubt I'd get rich designing and building low income communities. But only Allah knows what the future will be.
  2. Similar, but in the United States. I want to design and build communities, not suburbs, and for poor and other working people, not for rich people. And I want to improve recycling and energy production, to develop a closed system for us, no waste. And I want to open a free restaurant.
  3. Nobody knows. What is time anyway?
  4. All of my kids who like salad like feta cheese, or at least don't dislike it, but I'm sure you could substitute another cheese or leave it out entirely. I didn't measure the pecans. I filled the toaster oven tray, and there were a small handful extra when I thought the salad had enough. I guess it was about 1/2 cup to make salad for four of us. (The two youngest do not eat salads.)
  5. This morning before they had any warning, I asked each of my people what is their favorite Thanksgiving food besides turkey. And when each person chose, I informed them that they would be cooking that item. My oldest son mashed potatoes, my second son made a sweet potato casserole, my daughter made pumpkin pies, my youngest son baked rolls, and my husband made green bean casserole. I cooked the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and I made a corn bread. This worked out much better for me than any feast within the past 20 years, and nobody seemed to mind learning how to make their favorite food
  6. I couldn't find a big one, and so had to get two smallish ones. I am thankful for my family.
  7. Men who are upset deserve to experience the discomfort and expense of menstruation. Can we throw in pregnancy and childbirth for them too?
  8. The mug cooking trend started after I already had a small horde to feed. The idea is lovely for people who live alone and want to cook real food.
  9. I think in a communist economy the government owns the means of production, and in a socialist economy the citizens do, and since government is necessary to ensure just distribution, the difference between socialism and communism is almost meaningless. I might be wrong. As I said, I've not read much theory. My interest is in social justice, and I'm new to economics. If it all had a set of mathematical formulas, it would be much easier for scientist-engineers like me, but I try.
  10. Thanks. That's what I meant. Socialism without democracy will always fail. The people owning the means of production is meaningless if the people don't also govern. On a personal level I'm not opposed to individual ownership. I'm opposed to vast disparity between rich and poor. As it stands right now, socialism seems the best path to align with. I have always had slight anarchist leanings, but I'm not ready to go there yet. I think we need to try a just state before we give up on them entirely. I've not read much socialist, communist, or anarchist theory. I was radicalized by reading Tho
  11. Ok, I admit an Islamic financial system would be even better. I also think that it is closer to socialism than to capitalism.
  12. Ate pizza Eating leftover pizza Will eat more leftover pizza, I hope.
  13. @Abu Hadi it sounds like you might be turning into a socialist.... Welcome! When we take care of each other, we've got room for all! And when we (or more realistically, our children) take over, we will tax billionaires out of existence.
  14. Mostly by lived example, and also by sharing of information and stories, and I do not wish to share how they have "turned out". They are still turning.
  15. No. Everyone has dismissed the propaganda already. It is harmful and not useful.
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