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  1. US Atlantic Coast folks: keep an eye on that storm. Make sure you know how to pray salat al ayat, have any necessary medication, food, and water, and be prepared to evacuate if it becomes necessary. My neighbor's ducks and geese are going crazy today, and I've hardly seen any wildlife. Maybe the animals know something that we don't yet know.
  2. Do they have no other family who can help with their care? Can you afford to hire a carer or two to see to your parents so you can do your work? It might help with your father's bad mood for him to have something to do or somewhere to go each day. Can he find a non-stressful part-time work or volunteer work, or is there some part of your work that he can help? A lot of people become very grumpy when bored and feeling useless.
  3. 1. Maybe some people go through menopause in their 30s? I don't know. But I do know dozens of women who have had children without medical intervention in their 30s and 40s, and even a few who have had children in their 50s naturally, and with medical assistance almost every woman can. 2. No. Just no. I can't even argue it because it's just so blatantly not true. I look better now than I ever did in my twenties and I'd say the same about most of the women I know. Life, learning, and love do wonders for the appearance.
  4. They'll need to marry non-Asian husbands if Asian men believe 30 years to be the expiration date. It's not a problem over most of the world.
  5. In any event, women in working class families have always worked for employers. Being able to choose to be a "housewife" has always been a privilege only available to those with some wealth. Women working for money is nothing new. Choosing to work outside of home might be.
  6. No idea. I'm just talking about some science that I've read a while back. I assume the research subjects were mostly non-muslim, so most likely follow the social norms of their culture. Obviously men and women in happy marriages are better off than men and women in unhappy marriages. The research indicated that men in marriages that they self-identified as "bad" measured higher on happiness scales than men of the same age who were single, and women who self- identified as being in "bad" marriages measured lower in happiness scales than women of the same age who were single. (Single is defined as not currently married, whether never married, divorced, or widowed. ) Sorry, I can't link the research. I read it analog, a long time ago, and it isn't important enough to me to search for it online.
  7. No, it's just an idea, not a proof. The idea seems to say that when a person prays out of fear, the prayer is to a false god, but when they pray out of love, the prayer is to The God. I don't see how this can be an argument in favor of atheism. Please elaborate. This reminds me of the hadith which says that worship out of fear of punishment is the worship of a slave, worship out of expectation of reward is the worship of a merchant. Worship which is out of love for The Creator is the worship of the best believers. (I'm paraphrasing and hopefully have not misremembered any important detail. )
  8. Not only men, but since men hold the larger share of power it won't be possible without them. We need to enact social changes to reduce the probability of destitution for those who are alone. As Muslims we should be taking the lead in advocating for and building social safety nets. Marriage before career should not be a risk to a woman and her children's safety. (Nor a man's, though for men the risk is less.)
  9. This is relevant and cool: https://news.vt.edu/articles/2023/01/science-feng_lin_doe_grant_electic_vehicle_battery.html
  10. Studies have indicated that men are healthier and happier when married, regardless of whether the marriage is "bad" or "good". Women, on the other hand, are healthiest when in a "good" marriage, and unhealthiest when in a "bad" marriage. This is just another way marriage is riskier for women than it is for men. Women can not rely on men - islamically men can divorce easily and for no reason. In addition, a man may suffer illness or even death, leaving his widow to fend for herself and any children. Our capitalist society does not take care of widows and divorcees. This alone is enough reason for a woman to need to build up a career while she can, which in many cases is before marriage. If men want things to change, they need to step up and make things better for everyone.
  11. I can't comment on older teens, who are still developmentally children but Islamically adult, but in my experience, up to the middle school level, boy and girl children have greater individual differences than gendered differences.
  12. Thanks. I could just put it into Google Translate, but I wanted it to benefit others, not just me, plus, in my experience, human translations are better.
  13. I think knowing what mischief is up comes with experience. It isn't innate for men or for women.
  14. @Ibn Tayyar thank you. I had never seen this before. I am not a fluent reader of Arabic. I hope your translation is useful to others as well.
  15. @Ibn Tayyar thank you. Can you translate?
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