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  1. Both of these, like most first year teachers. The students are great but they are loud and immature and the admins are on my case to reign them in. As an anti-authoritarian person, I've got no role models, I'm on my own to figure this out. Trying to act like the other teachers on my hallway isn't sustainable because the kids know it's fake. They have me on a Performance Improvement Plan, they took away my advanced class, and I'm pretty sure they're not going to renew my contract for next year.
  2. Y'all, I need your duas for success in my work as a math teacher. I'm struggling.
  3. Why do we, as a society, give social media such power?
  4. Sadly, sometimes they appear to. In some cases, nobody ever holds them accountable for what they should have learned, or they make excuses, or they buy their "success" without effort. I don't think of my students as being harmed by my vigilance for cheaters after catching some. I can imagine scenarios in which it would be an inconvenience. But at middle school level, I'm not allowed to drop the student from the course or give a failing grade for the entire course. Of my recent pair of cheaters, one transferred to another instructor's class and the other struggled to bring his F up to a C and continues to struggle due to relying on others instead of learning the background material, but he's doing much better now. You can recover from cheating, but it's not easy.
  5. In Canada it's like that? When my mortgage was foreclosed, I had 3 months to come up with the full payoff amount, and then when I could not, eviction proceedings were started. The bank was very happy to take ownership of my house.
  6. A ger or an RV still gotta be placed somewhere. It's still squatting unless you own or have permission to use the land.
  7. How is paying $1000 per month to a bank excessive interest, but paying $2000 per month to a landlord for the same property is not? Either way if you miss two payments you are evicted. Either way you do not actually own the property. How is paying (excessive) rent to a landlord not usury? It's not difficult to imagine, but this isn't the world we live in. I'd like to see a world where everyone has access to as much education as they want regardless of their wealth. I'd like to see a world in which everyone is secure in a safe and adequate home. But if we mindlessly rigidly adhere to Islamic laws without considering societal context we will end up with all Muslims impoverished due to lack of education, and paying all our meager resources to banks through rent rather than saving up for a less expensive but otherwise identical mortgage. Individual people renting as landlords is different. Most rentals are from banks or other corporate entities in my part of the world. I do not see the difference between paying a corporation interest or paying a corporation absurdly high rent. The single difference is that in order to obtain a mortgage, one must make a large down payment and have a good credit score. Rentals only require a moderate deposit and a fair credit score.
  8. Rent and mortgage are essentially the same: you don't own it. It is impossible to buy a house without a mortgage. Paying rent to the bank is not better or worse than paying rent to a landlord, and after a few decades you might end up actually owning a house. Same with student loans - education is impossible without them for most of us. Paying thousands per year to a bank for the rest of your life is not better or worse than taking a low wage job and never earning enough to be secure in your household, plus if you're lucky and know the right people you might even actually enjoy your work. Car loans are a different matter. I don't think they are allowed. Edit: an alternative to rent or mortgage would be squatting. I might try that out once all my children are grown.
  9. No. Your parents paid for you to learn, from their money. They did not pay for you to cheat. You chose to throw away their money in that way.
  10. This is what I was talking about when I said it only hurts you. If you plan to get a job or go to university, you will not know all the things that your peers learned in school. I always tell my students that cheating only hurts them, but some of them just can't see it.
  11. Yes, of course you will be forgiven, but you still will have to deal with the consequences of your actions. All of the learning that you didn't do, you're going to have to do on your own now, without a guide, or you will remain behind your peer group. Cheating in school, except university or higher, or some trade schools, only hurts you, nobody else.
  12. Humans have always eaten vegetables, it's nothing new. Do you suppose some ancient humans opposed grinding grains and baking them into bread, rather than eating them whole as had been previously done?
  13. You have completely misunderstood the point I was attempting to make. I did not say we should take animals as a guide. I said that animal behavior may have similar causes and effects as human beings because humans are also biological creatures.
  14. If she asks, you should not lie, but there's no need to tell her. You've repented. Have you been checked for STDs?
  15. You're claiming that the reality is enough humans would prefer to avoid heterosexual relations that the prohibition of homosexual relations must necessarily be to preserve the human species, and as a female person who is attracted to a male person, I find this assertion incredible. Almost all people who I know are straight or straight-passing, and I don't think we are biologically configured for that to change. Also, you don't seem to understand that I'm asking for other reasons. Nobody has yet provided any. Maybe recorded reasons from our prophets and imams don't exist. I'm not saying we should always know reasons behind the laws, but it's certainly helpful. Sometimes it's ok to acknowledge that we have no idea.
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