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  1. Need and desire (want) are not the same thing.
  2. Oh. I did not mean to seem that I was saying that. I was saying our bodies will not be like here, and we will have no needs. I think I must have not expressed it well.
  3. There is a difference between "do not eat or drink" and "have no need to eat or drink". Have you ever eaten something because it was delicious or to please the person who prepared it, even though you were not hungry? And you still enjoyed it, right?
  4. It's a physical body, but I wouldn't call that an earthly body, and I'm pretty sure I've read that we will have no needs, but I might be mistaken on that part.
  5. Probably a metaphor. All your desires will be fulfilled in paradise. That one specific thing is a desire that seems really strange to me, a middle aged modern Muslim woman, but it must have made sense to a lot of people throughout history. Even this, if it's what you desire. And also you'll have no earthly body, no physical needs.
  6. It was a very hearty soup, with plenty of butter and cream. There was bread too. I had breakfast of leftover bean burritos and salad yesterday. It was enough that I wasn't hungry at lunch time. Today I had whole wheat toast for breakfast and I'm thinking of having leftover potato soup for lunch. I've got beans in the instant pot already for a pot of chili for supper. I've got diced tomatoes, tomato paste, chili peppers, and onion on standby. I like to start with the beans already cooked.
  7. Supper. I didn't have lunch but my daughter had frozen cheese pizza.
  8. Homemade potato soup with store- bought bread. Was perfect. Might do a pot of chili tomorrow. It's almost soup weather.
  9. This wallowing in self pity and anxiety after realizing you've erred is toxic. You regret your actions? You've prayed for forgiveness? You believe wholeheartedly that Allah is most gracious, most merciful? Then let it go and don't do it again. Dwelling in it is rooted in doubt about the mercy and grace of your Creator.
  10. Capitalism, obviously. They're going to sell the cheapest that people are willing to buy and Americans are used to being fed garbage.
  11. I've been saying all my life.... For profit prison is evil.
  12. You are not responsible for the actions of this man, but I find it disturbing that you wanted to marry him after he attacked you.
  13. The poor suffer more from climate change and other capitalism-induced environmental destruction. Also money isn't real and has only a very tenuous connection to actual resources. If we all just decided to stop using it, those few billionaires would be helpless. Within a few years after dethroning the billionaires, we could entirely eliminate poverty.
  14. Or I could just prepare food for myself and the small children when I get home, since clearly they aren't hungry enough to expend any effort. We had all the things to make salad. We even have frozen processed foods. They have no excuse.
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