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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams, The team are in Africa doing a fund raising campaign. I am told that upon return they will respond to the issues raised. Until then I would advise everyone to refrain from making any judgement. Ws
  2. Assalamu Alaikum, By the Grace of Allah(swt) and Panjten Pak, the Urdu Ahlebait TV is now back on air. Please tune in for the emergency donation program tonight from 8 - 12 pm take part in the campaign. Thanks for those who have supported to bring the channel back on air. So far they have 273 Standing Orders, The target is 2500. Please tune in to the show or visit the website on www.ahlebait.tv to download standing order details and sign up and show your support to ensure channel stays up on air.. Wsalam
  3. Bismillah, Assalam-o-Alaikum, I spoke to the director of Ahlulbayt(as) Channel and it is confirmed that they have verbal agreement with the Marjahs office. Furthermore receipts can be produced as proof if required. I would like to point out especially those who have initiated this whole discussion should refrain from stirring up fitna and furthermore focus on the positives of the channel and how many lives it has affected and how many people it has brought to the path of Ahlulbayt(as). I know first hand, that running a channel is not easy, so much sacrifices have to be made. The people behind
  4. "Assalam-o-Alaikum, Dear All, It is unfortunate that Ahlebait TV (URDU) Channel on SKY 836, UK has stopped transmission since 11th of May 2011 due to lack of funding and inability of making payment of broadcasting bills.The people behind the scences are making every effort to get channel back on air. Please show your financial support by visiting the following website "http://www.ahlebait.tv/" and filling in standorder forms or make a one-off donation payment. Details are as follows: Account No: 23884694 sort Code: 20-01-89 Account Name: ABTV. Please help to continue to spread the message o
  5. AA Sister I hope you are well inshallah. Dont let these Shaitaney doubts get to you! Just make it clear to him how you are feeling and why you are feeling. He must know this. You have to allow him to clarify himself. I am telling you from experience that marriages only break down due to lack of communication. Simple! Just say Bismillah and pray 2 rakat Salaat and just do it. You have spent 2 years together so there must be some compactibilty there. Also sister true love only develops after you are married and live together. His temper problems will reside in good time with patience from you
  6. Assalamu Alaikum, The following question relates to a scenario with regards to a couple who have been divorced. What rights does the father and the mother over their daughter aged between 4-5 and who has custody over her. Furthermore if the mother decides to re-marry again, does she forfeit her right over her daughter? or what is the ruling on this? What factors come into play. Also if the father has not provided any financial support during the marriage. Please provide references, rulings from Seestani, any hadith, references from books of Shia faith would be very useful. Jazakallah
  7. Asslamu Alaikum, For the information of the viewers, the website has been setup for one purpose only; that is for the rebuttal of the www.ansar.org and has, over time, evolved to respond to other similar Nawasib websites. It is only website that provides comprehensive responses to all of the propaganda against the Shia faith. This cannot be compared to other websites such as www.al-islam.org that provide comprehensive information on the Shia Aqeeda itself and covers a broader spectrum. However the focus of AA is solely taken on the task of rebuttal of the propaganda against the Shia faith.
  8. A response from a learned Alim salaamun 'alaykum what they say is that eid al-adha cannot be celebrated because it is next day of the shahadat of hazrate Muslim ibn Aqil (as) and eid al-fitr is the tenth day (daswan) of Imam Ali (as). Now this way 9th rabi al-awwal becomes the next day of the shahadat of the eleventh Imam (as) so even that should not be celebrated. The 3rd Rajab is the shahadat of Imam Ali Naqi (as) so 13th Rajab (the Birthday of Imam Ali (as)) should not be celebrated because it is the tenth day of tenth Imam's shahdat. and so on and so forth. the next day and third day t
  9. Salams I have a Question about Eid al Adha I have now come across some Shias who claim that this day should not be celebrated as Muslim Bin Aqeels sons were martyrs during this time. Has anyone come across this as this is new to me? What is everyone’s opinion/comments on this?
  10. May Allah guide you and forgive you for using such rude tone and language, espcially against a respected sister. May you have the Marafat and Zarf to understand the Masoumeens(as): I invite you to answer my previous posts: Ayatollah Seestani has permitted this act so according to your postings: Ayatollah Seestani would be deemed as an innovator Ayatollah Seestani would be deemed close to Yazid Ayatollah Seestani has allowed this filth call called Qama Zani. Ayatollah Seestani will be the enemy of Imam Hussain(as) on the day of judgement
  11. Err yes, is that not the whole point of doing Taqleed in the first place, because there are differring view points between the Merjas? Taqleed is based on our understanding of the most knowledgable, and at the same time adhering and respecting fellow shias who follow their own Merja?? There is a whole list of Merjas that Permit this act. Its on one of the previous Threads of discussions taken place here at shiachat?
  12. Please also refer to http://www.dartabligh.org/months/muharram/..._ashura.asp#ar1 Which answers all the anti-Zinjeer rhetoric that goes on every year Also refer to: http://www.answering-ansar.org/answers/azadari/en/index.php. Bottom line is we need people like "AlKhoie", they are a blessing to us, this will only make our Azadari stronger!
  13. Al Khoie 12 says ================================================================== keep on dreaming mate imam al-hussein will never intercede for people who gave him a bad name and created innovations in his name , imam is innocent and has nothing to do with you and u will be his enemies in the day of judgement as you are his enemies in this life : how can imamhussein(as) love you and you are doing like yazid ibn mu'awya and adding innovations to islam . the reason hussein wanted to fight yazid is that he introduced innovation to the religion of Allah and the proof is that hussein(as) said: "
  14. Ya Ali Madad, I need to see the video, please PM me the link!
  15. Excellent program, I thought the way they showed the processions was great. I love the scene of the burning tents. The program the night before, Out of Shadows paved the way to this program. I understand and appreciate some peoples concerns I would not worry too much. If you watched the program the came the night before "Out of Shadows" also showed clips of Self Flag and Tatbeer, the presenter did not make any negative comments whatsoever, or even showed a hint of disapprovement he in fact backed it! He was so moved by the religion of Shiasm and the their attachment to the Imams that even aft
  16. Salam alaikum Ya Ali Madad, In my opinion, Sayyid PERVEZ MUSHARRAF is the best thing that has happened to Pakistan. Without him, the country would have been in complete turmoil. He has managed to keep a balance between handling the American situation and the Kashmir situation. In my opinion, any person/political figure being in the situation that he was in would have supported the US at the time that he did. Had he not support the Americans, US would have gone to the Indians instead, this would be politically and econmically damaging for Pakistan, worse Pakistan could have have ended up
  17. Salaam Alaikom, Dear Readers, This article is a refutation to false claims of Sodomism in Shi'ite by Sipah-e-Sahaba (Wahabi terrorist militant organisation) of Pakistan. We reveal that their own Imams were fond of this very act, and deemed it to be Halaal, which is quiet the contrary to what Shi'as believe. This book shall seek to address many key areas of propaganda spread by the followers of Mu’awiya and shall essentially refute two claims by the Deobandi, namely... Read more: http://www.answering-ansar.org/answers/pri...es/en/index.php Wa'Salaam, Answering-Ansar.org team http://www.ans
  18. So many people Single and Lonely! Was married in August this year in Pakistan, my Walima was done on the day of Wiladat of Bibi Fatima(as) B)
  19. MasAllah Ali... soooooooooooooooo cute!!
  20. Salam alaikum, Ya Ali Madad Mpac is a British media lobby group that was set up by one brother, a Sunni Sayid from London a 3-4 years back. The group was originally called Iconoclaust but later named MPAC. The main motto of the group is that of action , and sends out regular email alerts to its members pushing campaign against media Bias against Muslims by writing to MPs, politicians, newspapers etc. This has been set up in counter to the Yank Zionist lobbies, JAPAC (Jewish American Public Affair Commitee). I have met this person and his brother, and have bumped into him several times at p
  21. Absolutely and nor should we shape our deen, and thinking in order to impress other people. Everything in life has a purpose and there will always be reasoning and explanation. As some Sunnis I know.. who are willing to give up their prayers to impress their managers at work!!
  22. Why do you think this.. if you dont mind me asking?
  23. No body suggest that it is an oppressive thing, yet this is used as a very tool by the Kufar in the media who suggest that this is deeply oppressing to the women, even to the extent saying that this is imprisonment. The kufar express their negative opinion about Hijab even more so than Zinjeer or bloodletting. Thus the image argument therefore cannot be applied to your argument.
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