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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Excellent reply. I was honestly going to say the same exact thing. Why is it that we freak out and become so empathetic towards tragedies happening in the west, yet when our brothers and sisters in Islam are constantly being killed in Palestine, Iraq and Pakistan, we just don't bother talking about it? This just comes to show our own hypocrisy. I am in no means saying that what happens in Orlando was right, yet as a Muslim I will continue to condemn and speak out against homosexuality regardless of whether people associate me with the extremists or not because it's wrong , both from a r
  2. Salamalaykum, I believe the lectures aren't available on YouTube yet. However, you can view them live on this website at 8 pm. www.cig.ca
  3. Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani's lecture series about the "Tafsir of Surah Maryam" live in Toronto are THE BEST!!!!!!!
  4. You know Sheikh Shuja?!Omg youre soo lucky! Hes an amazing and extraordinary scholar MashAllah, its a pity we dont here much of his talks these days. :(
  5. Salam, I thought al mustafa international university was only for males... is it for females as well?
  6. Salam Follower, where can i get sheikh shuja's lectures online? I tried searching for them on youtube but couldnt find any...
  7. Sheikh salim yusufali is the best. :D ( random thought, sorry. :p )
  8. To be honest, I would rather have a well educated scholar that studied from the Hawza come and speak on the mimbar, rather the liberal self taught and sometimes "self proclaimed" speaker. They have good speaking skills, but their topics are so basic and "on surface", as one would say. Hawza scholars go more in depth. Its very unfortunate to say that the west prefers to invite the young speakers rather than the scholars from seminaries.
  9. I really dont understand why these young speakers that have only done one or two years of independent studies, automatically get the title " sheikh". Honestly people, wake up!
  10. In my opinion, all this is far too radical and extreme, just because th Quran makes it permissible to have 4 wives doesent mean we must. I could never be able to share my husband with another woman.
  11. Clearly, these people don't know about the atrocities he has caused in Iraq. May Allah (swt) never forgive the oppressors.
  12. Salam, Theres a Hawza in Dearborn? I didn't know that! If you dont mind, can you tell me the name?
  13. From what I know, Shias don't really consider him too big of a saint. Yes, he was a pious man, but there wasnt anything extraordinary about him, he was just a good muslim. And its sad to say, some of our sunni brothers and sisters place him on the same level as the prophet (Saw), because he started the sufi order. Theres a hadith where he states that he is a descendent of a prophet, but there have been many contradictions on whether its chain of narrations was valid. Logically speaking, if you read his biography, it clearly states that he was of persian descent, which really makes it hard to t
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