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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Thanx God ......... :) Really relieved this time no one pounced on me since the first time I ever posted on this forum the way upshiagirl(I dunno if that's the nick) replied...........my goooooooddd.......I was really burning with anger...anyways I don't keep things for long.....Yes! I agree..........u r right....Since u could make out from the way he looked (Must have been an ABCD :) ) I better not disclose the full form of this "ABCD" or this time someone would surely pounce on me .....hehehe..... Salam
  2. Bro Winston, I don't understand this. Why do "we" have to talk like this. I mean if Ibn salfiyah is posting this stuff and you don't like it( infact I am sure most of us don't like it) that doesn't mean we repeat the same things again and again like Yazid and muawiyah more than deserve these lanats but to include it in an answer to a brother is not the best way. Isn't patience one of the lessons of karbala. The people reading these posts who have even 1/10th of the knowledge about what these two(muawiya and yazid) did would very well know what kind of people support them. Our duty is to tell the people about what they did.rest leave it to their conscience. Talking about these two is not concerns Islam or any religion, its about humanity as well.So why break your heads :) Conscience is the best teacher. If they don't have it, you cannot teach them either. I would encourage to provide authentic hadeeth regarding the mischieves of these two. If I I get the time to do so, I will. Bye for now Khuda Hafiz
  3. Sis zuljenah, That guy you were talking about who said someone important died, I think that was a pretty good answer. (Plz don't pounce on me, its just an opinion). I don't if that guy said that out of ignorance or was it a deliberate answer but it sure would have made the person who had asked inquire about it. If he would have said something like," shias carry out processions during the month of Muharram" or something similar than that would have left the person with not much to inquire about unless he was really curious. Actually it was very true that we should mourn Imam Hussain (a.s) like he was just recently been martyred. Isn't it? I know these days youngsters are heading towards god knows what kinda things like I see during the majalisis where most of them are having a good time outside. Whatever the reason its not good, I agree. But still that was a pretty good answer! salam
  4. Salam, Actually I was just thinking about asking this question regarding the halal and haram stuff. I have just come to America and I am not sure about a lot of things. I am sorry to say that many sunni brothers that I have seen here do not really care about this stuff. They as me,"Do you eat the haram burgers and other such stuffs?" I never understood this question. I mean if something is Haram then y do u ask other about it,especially a muslim ;)...I am not saying all shias do care about haram and halal.I am talking about the majority here. Therefore I just wanted to know about the daily products that we use whether they are halal or not. 4 eg: I have heard the oil that they use in any product is not halal.Even milk! I am not sure but this is what I have heard. Another good excuse most ppl give is "You have to survive right?" As if we would die if we would not eat Mc donalds. If any brother or sister can help me with this.sorry ya imam mehdi I am using thread for my purpose :unsure: Just tell me about the products you know that is not halal. I know it depends in the area where you are living but still I know there are some general things. Salam
  5. Allahummal an qatalat hussain-e-wa ashabihi We should curse yazid but most importantly yazidiat in any form ! Salam
  6. :unsure: What have I done! :!!!: Sis r u kidding or r u really serious about this.I mean when parents wouldn't care about you on the day of judgement , then husbands ...... :rolleyes:
  7. Salam! Man :!!!: I would never like to live with the same old wife after this life as if these few 40 or 50 years were not enuf.Why wouldn't I go with a brand new Hur!!!!!!! B) Btw I am not married yet :D Kh
  8. Salam :!!!: No it was Syed M. Zafar Hussaini. :D Abbas786.....do we live in the same area? :blink: Khuda Hafiz
  9. Salam, I heard this in Yesterday's majlis.The maulana narrated this real life incident.He said that he was travelling from New Delhi to karachi, and since he was dressed in the same way that he was then (during the majlis)(Amamah(turban) etc),there were few in the plane who had long beards who immediately realised that he was a shia. During the journey, they started with"can I ask you a question?" The maulana replied,"Sure,If I can I will answer".So they asked,"What is the translation for Iyya ka nabudu wa iyyaka nastaeen?" The maulana replied ,"It means that we worship You and we ask for Your help ONLY"(Forgive me if its not the exact translation) Then those with the Beards replied," Then why do you say YA ALI MADAD. Isn't that shirk?" Maulana replied "If that's the case then every Muslim in this world does this shirk" They were startled with this answer and obviously asked Why?Then he said" Every Muslim asks for help several times during a day.whether its from a friend,brother,dad etc.....He is doing shirk as well" The Mullas were trapped now.The maulana said,"Unless and until we ask for help from someone thinking that he is Allah,it is not a shirk.We shias never say that Ali(a.s) was Allah nauzubillah." One important thing which he mentioned was that there are two kinds of question.One is to seek knowledge and reach a solution and the other is to just prove that the other person's religion is wrong.Both of them should be answered in different ways. So while answering them we should judge first what they are looking for and then reply or you might waste your time :) I posted this,since this is the most basic question that our sunni brothers ask.I think its a good answer. :)
  10. Salam bro salmany, If that's directed towards me, than I know its true :P I just wanted to tell everyone involved here about the importance of feeling the martyrdom of Imam Hussain(A.S). Btw the salam thing sounds odd. I mean the meaning of salam never interferes with the mourning on the day of Ashura. Again my example of a friend's dad comes here.You wouldn't stop saying salam to him/her. :blink: Salam
  11. Salam My name's Syed Hussain Raza Rizvi.I used to live in Dubai and have recently shifted to USA for further education :( :) Anyways I am in Arlington,Texas and 19 years old. Love this forum. It is so convenient and informative. One of the specail things about this is the way people interact here; very friendly and family like! That's all Allah Hafiz
  12. salam! I think it all depends on how you feel it. If you think you will congratulate or wish your friend his/her's birthday on the day his/her dad died, than there is no harm in doing so on the day of ashura or for that sake anytime during this holy ashra. Feelings is the main word here. Rest all depends on you. B) Allah hafiz
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