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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ya Fatima (sa)!

  2. I remember thenlightenment from the chatroom. Inna lillahe wa inna ilehe raj3oon. @Peer good. Ziarat/Umrah qubool inshallah!
  3. Oh me GAWD!!! @Peer can't believe you responded. You were supposed to give updates as well though as requested by Ali Imran
  4. This is HR/feminist. It took me a while to remember my password! Thanks @Ibn al-Hussain for initiating this. Boy you have matured over the years! (reading your post) Feel very nostalgic visiting the forum again! I joined back in Feb 2003 - had moved to US in Jan 2003 and was very very homesick as a 19 year old back then. Shiachat was kind of home away from home though initially the insults were quite overwhelming but got used to it eventually :D. I remember being shocked to find out that it was not wajib for a woman to work and cook at home and I got attacked pretty quickly by the likes of @Cary Grantwho later became a very good and close friend! I had quit madressah in 3rd grade for various reasons mainly due to the condescending attitude of African khojas since I was a paki from a humble background back then :S. So the learning curve on Shiachat was steep and kept me occupied during that vulnerable phase of my life when I could have strayed on to things that could have easily ruined my akhirah so Jazakallah to @Ali @Ya Aba 3abdillah and rest of the team that helped set up this forum. Exposure to different ulama and their books was priceless. Also helped me navigate my early years in US in terms of what is haram and what is halal - very helpful Of course, it was not all about religion! Lots of things learned on various other topics including a better understanding of the social fabric of Shia community in the west. Totally agree with @Ibn al-Hussain that this forum was a true reflection of the mindset of a common shia in the west. Anywho, made a lot of friends (too many to tag here) who would go on to be a big influence in my personal life. Some of them like @Syedmed even helped me out with my scholarship applications at Uni! @SO SOLID SHIA is probably the funniest person I have virtually met - though we have had a few convos over the phone and paltalk as well. My initial encounter with jokers was probably in DJ's thread below (wonder where he is?) Of course became quite active on the urdu forum later (being the FOB that I was). Lots of shayeri and fun altogether! Where is @Peer @Friend of All@misbah 2004 aka Whizbee , @ArJuMaNd@Rawshni @Hasnainand many others From my "General off topic" buddies, where are @sweeter than salsabeel @fatima (from UK) @Bismillah@Simba @Nida_e_Zahra. @raat ki rani lol @A follower @WEST_INDIAN_RUDEGYAL @wilayah was grace personified! Some characters we had back then @Ibrahim110 who issued a fatwa against pink color and considered tampons as Dajjal! No kidding Can't believe Dobby is still alive @Zuljenah. Last I dissed him was 10 years ago! @queenjafri my fobby friend u were funny too! Met a few shiachatters in real life as well. @Javy back when I was in Arlington, TX. The deaths of @Ali Naqi and Aaliyah were heartbreaking and I remember crying and being affected by it though I had only known them on this forum or facebook. Please recite Surah Fatiha for them Then there was that famous/notorious hijabi pic thread of mine. Got a lot of flak for posting that pic from friends and probably cost me personally more than I would have imagined. But do I regret? No. It was for fun and to make people laugh and I think all those objectives were achieved. Would I do it again? Hell no Pretty much lost touch with Shiachat after 2007 mostly because I moved to DUBAYYY and the website is banned here. Got married in 2009 and have a lovely son alhamdulillah. Am glad I moved back to Dubai back then and got to spend more time with parents and siblings From a religious perspective, there hasn't been a u turn or a huge fluctuation. Maulana Syed Ali Murtuza Zaidi was/is a big influence on me from a religious perspective ever since I attended his majlis for the first time in 2007. Lately Brother Khalil Jaffer from Canada has been inspriational - his majalis "Origin and Truth", "Freeing the butterfly within" (What an amazing series of lectures!) "The End of Negative Suffering" have been life changing seriously So that was me reliving some part of the 3-4 years I spent actively on Shiachat. Quite a long post and I haven't even covered one half of it. Look forward to reading more from the oldies. Adios!
  5. Protest Against Atrocities in Pakistan: Sat, April 14, 2012, 11:00AM in front of Embassy of Pakistan, Washington D.C Bismi Rab -ish-Shuhadaa wa as-Siddiqeen Innaa lillahe wa innaa ilayhe rajioon 'Eyes gouged out and heads smashed with rocks!'. This has defined the latest atrocities committed on an innocent populace of the northwest region of Pakistan. And so we are witness to yet another massacre in a series of brutal crimes that has become a norm across the land. On a daily basis news leaks out via the most reliable sources - eyewitnesses - that grieving mothers have lost their sons, sisters who lost their brothers and a society deprived of its future. Pakistan has spiraled into a blood bath as the perpetrators bleed the nation slowly and consistently. Today Pakistan is mourning the victims at Chilas - a city just north of the capital, Islamabad. News of the aforementioned crimes has come to us via community leaders, scholars and relatives - not the ever so silent media channels when it comes to such serious issues. The Government of Pakistan has taken the following measures: Closed the main roads towards Chilas and Gilgit-Baltistan; disabled all means of communication and halted all flights into the area. Essentially they have given cover to the criminals and placed further stress on the victims. Interestingly, as in the past, none of the terrorists has been arrested thus far. The Shias of Pakistan are well aware that today's Yazid has unleashed the likes of Ibn Ziyad to do the dirty work in a nation that has not known such animosity. Clearly this points to an international conspiracy to oppress a select people by trained terrorists with an objective to deprive them of their dignity, unity and self-determination. The Government of Pakistan has become an accomplice to these international killers and naturally, the call for assistance is raised by the helpless for the Muslims to come to the aid of their brethren: "O' Believers! Help!". Thousands in Pakistan have taken to the streets in protest across the nation and similarly people in large numbers have organized a sit-in in front of the Parliament building. We invite all Shia community in North America to peacefully protest for the sake of innocent civilians in front of Pakistani embassy in order to: + Show our support to our brothers and sisters + Raise our voice against the Government of Pakistan for failing to protect innocent lives. + Fulfill our responsibility towards the oppressed people. Muslim Congress announces protest next Sat., April 14, 2012 People of conscience from across the nation are encouraged to come to Washington D.C. and join in the protest and voice their concern and demand justice from the Pakistani representatives in the US. Community members from MI, OH, IL, TX, NY, NJ, GA, LA and many other states will be joining the protest. Buses are also being arranged from several states, please contact info@muslimcongress.org for more details. Sat, April 14, 2012, 11:00AM Venue information Embassy of Pakistan, Washington D.C 3517 International Court NW Washington, DC 20008. PH. (202)243-6500, FAX: 202-686-1534 EMAIL: info@embassyofpakistanusa.org Muslim Congress info@MuslimCongress.org April, 2012 http://www.muslimcongress.org/contentmc/organization/official-statement/april-14,-2012---protest-against-atrocities-in-pakistan.aspx
  6. Time to invest in lambs, cows, and a poultry farm!!!
  7. HR

    All Old Skool Geezas

    Woohooo I almost forgot about this topic!!! lol I remember maula dha malang haq haider ya ali madad!!!!!!!!!!!! Yousif, Zareen Aunty, Ghulam e panjatan, supplication :mellow: SO SOLID - I miss u babes Millionth hijabi -- Currently living with one permanent wife...no kids..left US 3 years ago..Back to Dubayyyyyy Peer - Nada mucho Taha..kya kar rahay ho aaj kul chiqnay I am bare disappointed that all my old posts were deleted :cry: ..ya3ni memories innit
  8. No disrespek to the n00bs but your date of joining (DOJ) should be less than 1 DEC 2006 in order for you to post in this thread Last nite I felt bare nostalgic...wanted to go back in time when I used to be on shiachat for half a day everyday!!!!!!!!! no life,,,it was all about muta research, mulla fights, so solid lyrics n jokes, cyber flirtin, men vs women fights and competitions, harry potter n cats, cross dressing (but lets not go there) and much more So if you still exist in this cyberworld of shiachat.com and you are reading this then HAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @@@@@@@ MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. lol Its been ages since I logged in last (excluding my visit yesterday ofcourse).Bloody iditos have blocked shiachat in UAE so I have to bypass proxy n otha shizzle..u won't know its technical stuff..

    And yeh I know long time no fight!!! But I am not out of practice cuz I have been married for more than a year now..how r u?

  10. u still don't have a life outside shiachat???!!!?? oldest survivor of shiachat.com? :D

  11. Well hello there rudegal

  12. Where is the chatroom? The only place I felt at home on Shiachat.com!! :wub: . Don't be asking me to run a search for the same topic created by some other geeza cuz mans really short on time
  13. The first thing that popped in my mind when I saw this topic was "YO MAMA" but ofcourse I shouldnt be takin this personally.This is just sum research done to make women feel better about themselves..I totally agree with Brotha Haji when he said Women are equally bad...that day I suggested me wife abt having 6 kids atleast and she asked me wat I have been smokin lately..yaa2ni :S
  14. muta is to shiachat what hair is to head..it aint the same without each other!!!!!!!!!!!! innit homeboy u needs to check www.sistani.org for the exact vows
  15. Argentina :(( But at least Holland didn't win else it would have been a repeat of 1990 & 2006 world cup (Dirty football/cheating) innit
  16. thanks for the wishe homies!!!!!!

  17. Inna lillahe wa inna ilayhi raj3oon. Really sorry to hear about this Zulji. May his soul rest in peace
  18. The fact that I can tell they are enlightened means I must have experienced it as well. Is that what is ticklin your fingers?
  19. Amazing documentary. Lots of stuff in there which 99% of the peepz have probably not thought about. As far as Witchbee is concerned, she always sees the glass half empty. She is right though about how these guys have potrayed Jesus as the one who will rule the world later on which according to our beliefs ain't true. These blokes have tried their best to make this Documentary a universal message and they probably got carried away trying to make the xians happy. But rest of it is pure genius. These guys are enlightened. Mashallah at them
  20. Phew.Almost got me fallin into haram there!!!
  21. oh seen I totally forgot about it.I will leave on the 29th inshallah

  22. ahhh i miss shiachat :(((((

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