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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ya Fatima (sa)!

  2. I remember thenlightenment from the chatroom. Inna lillahe wa inna ilehe raj3oon. @Peer good. Ziarat/Umrah qubool inshallah!
  3. Oh me GAWD!!! @Peer can't believe you responded. You were supposed to give updates as well though as requested by Ali Imran
  4. This is HR/feminist. It took me a while to remember my password! Thanks @Ibn al-Hussain for initiating this. Boy you have matured over the years! (reading your post) Feel very nostalgic visiting the forum again! I joined back in Feb 2003 - had moved to US in Jan 2003 and was very very homesick as a 19 year old back then. Shiachat was kind of home away from home though initially the insults were quite overwhelming but got used to it eventually :D. I remember being shocked to find out that it was not wajib for a woman to work and cook at home and I got attacked pretty quickly by the likes o
  5. Happy birthday

    1. HR


      Thank you. Sorry I don't log in here much often

  6. Protest Against Atrocities in Pakistan: Sat, April 14, 2012, 11:00AM in front of Embassy of Pakistan, Washington D.C Bismi Rab -ish-Shuhadaa wa as-Siddiqeen Innaa lillahe wa innaa ilayhe rajioon 'Eyes gouged out and heads smashed with rocks!'. This has defined the latest atrocities committed on an innocent populace of the northwest region of Pakistan. And so we are witness to yet another massacre in a series of brutal crimes that has become a norm across the land. On a daily basis news leaks out via the most reliable sources - eyewitnesses - that grieving mothers have lost their sons, sisters
  7. Time to invest in lambs, cows, and a poultry farm!!!
  8. salam brother!!! long time.. where u? dubai? hows life??? :) Ramadhan ka maheena mubarak ho!!! lots to tell :P

    1. HR


      w'salam!! i m good...how is u? i m in Dubai yes :D lots to tell?

    2. Fatima Waliyatullah

      Fatima Waliyatullah

      cross-dressing hijabi brown princess

  9. HR

    All Old Skool Geezas

    Woohooo I almost forgot about this topic!!! lol I remember maula dha malang haq haider ya ali madad!!!!!!!!!!!! Yousif, Zareen Aunty, Ghulam e panjatan, supplication :mellow: SO SOLID - I miss u babes Millionth hijabi -- Currently living with one permanent wife...no kids..left US 3 years ago..Back to Dubayyyyyy Peer - Nada mucho Taha..kya kar rahay ho aaj kul chiqnay I am bare disappointed that all my old posts were deleted :cry: ..ya3ni memories innit
  10. No disrespek to the n00bs but your date of joining (DOJ) should be less than 1 DEC 2006 in order for you to post in this thread Last nite I felt bare nostalgic...wanted to go back in time when I used to be on shiachat for half a day everyday!!!!!!!!! no life,,,it was all about muta research, mulla fights, so solid lyrics n jokes, cyber flirtin, men vs women fights and competitions, harry potter n cats, cross dressing (but lets not go there) and much more So if you still exist in this cyberworld of shiachat.com and you are reading this then HAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @
  11. and yeah, i do log in mostly but to reply to PMs and stuff. and yeah marriage means fighting lolol...im not out of practice either heheheh

  12. how mean is that..."you wont understand techinal stuff blah blah" <_>

    im good, am married too...waiting to join the hubby in canada. how's married life?

  13. lol Its been ages since I logged in last (excluding my visit yesterday ofcourse).Bloody iditos have blocked shiachat in UAE so I have to bypass proxy n otha shizzle..u won't know its technical stuff..

    And yeh I know long time no fight!!! But I am not out of practice cuz I have been married for more than a year now..how r u?

  14. Whats that supposed to mean? I rarely post here. I think i posted stuff after a year or so. And i do have a life outside of Shiachat. How are you? Long time no fight hehe

  15. u still don't have a life outside shiachat???!!!?? oldest survivor of shiachat.com? :D

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