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  1. Salam May Allah swt give you strength. You and your kids are in my prayers.
  2. Salam Oh that must be a great sight in yazd. I hope you have a great time. Thank you for your wishes and may Allah swt watch over you as well.
  3. Salam That's the problem. That information is given to everyone and so they start running towards Germany. Yes one route us closed but People are already beeing diverted to a new route and it will take them only 2 or 3 Days longer. But they are not wanted anymore. It's getting to many for Germany to handle.
  4. Salam My thoughts right now are how to get through the coming week. I am on leave and going away to Belgium with my totally unhappy Husband. Who is always bored no matter what we do.
  5. Salam Right now The Pink Panther. And I like watching Grimm the series.
  6. SalamGermany is not at all fit to for those numbers. The working People here and I mean only the People that work and pay Taxes can not pay and loose out anymore. All these Imigrants and Asylum seekers come here expecting to get free housing food clothes and money. Ok there are about 50% who wish to work and make a new live for themselves but the other half will not and they openly say WHY WORK THE GERMANS ARE STUPID ENOUGH PAYING FOR ALL I NEED. And most of them are from east yourope. We just don't have the resources for them all and that is creating hate amongst the german People. And just coming here does not mean beeing free and getting a job. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work. And they live in camps. Sometimes in Homes or Houses wich are payed for by the comunity but they are not free.
  7. Salam Thank you I didn't know that about step daughters. That will make the decision much easier.
  8. Salam Yes I have children but they are grown up and married already. My Husband has no children. Yes my father in law is still alive but no where near us. The Girl concerned is my Granddaughter but she is not related to my Husband by blood.
  9. Salam Thank you. But I feel the same way having my Husband marry her is not an option. And I think the social sevices would be very concerned about that as well. I have heard that in Iran there are possibilities to adopt or foster a child and a way to make them maharam through special Dua's but I can't find anything about that.
  10. Salam I have been offered to foster a child. Now I am trying to find out rules within the shia religion regarding this. It would be a 7 year old girl wich ny Husband and I would take care of and raise in our home. Is there anyway that my Husband and the girl can be around each other without it beeing haram as soon as she will become of age to pray? Where can I find help with this issue?
  11. Salam The last Wedding I went to was very nice. We were just women meeting up at the brides parents house. We met around 1:30 pm had pictures taken and tea. Around 4:30pm her Husband arrived to pick her up. That was the time when the Men took over basicly they turned up to say bye to the bride and while the bride was driven to her new home the men met up at the grooms parents house where they sat together for a few hours. The groom went there too. Leaving the bride to get comfortable in her new home. ws
  12. Salam Of course its haram. How can you even ask? Working as a DJ seeing half naked women hopping around? Oh and by the way YES we don't eat in Restaurants that serve Alcohol. ws Makina
  13. Salam My Marja is sayed Ali Khamenei. I didn't take to long to decide on it. I truely belive that he is the most knowledgeble Marja. ws Makina
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