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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Syrian conflict spills over onto streets of Tripoli in Lebanon Simmering sectarian tensions in Alawite and Sunni areas mirror fight across border in Syria, writes MARY FITZGERALD THE RAT-tat-tat of gunfire echoed across Tripoli’s aptly named Syria Street as news broke of the bomb attack in neighbouring Syria that killed Syria’s defence minister, the deputy defence minister who was also President Bashar al-Assad’s brother-in-law; and the head of the security force’s crisis management team, who was also an assistant to the vice-president. Syria Street divides two impoverished neighbourhoods in this dilapidated city: one, Jabal Mohsen, rises up from Syria Street and is home to Tripoli’s 50,000 Alawites; the other, predominantly Sunni, Bab Tabbaneh, teems below. Their allegiances are obvious. In Jabal Mohsen, huge posters praising Assad and his father Hafez, co-religionists of the district’s residents, hang from crumbling buildings. In the narrow warren of streets that make up Bab Tabbaneh, the green, black and white flag adopted by the Syrian opposition flies from rooftops and walls are daubed with anti-Assad graffiti. Many Lebanese believe that if Syria’s crisis engulfs their country, the spark will come from here in these densely populated streets. The area, whose sectarian tensions date back to the Lebanese civil war, has witnessed a series of Syria-related clashes this year that culminated in fierce fighting in June. At least 25 people were killed as the two sides exchanged fire from rooftops, balconies and street corners. The Lebanese army was deployed in the area and their armoured vehicles remain a constant presence since. Yesterday afternoon, as I was talking to some Jabal Mohsen residents who were drinking coffee on its main street, the first burst of gunfire rang out. “It happens every day, it never stops,” shrugged one youth. Minutes later the mood changed as word spread of the attack in Damascus. Jabal Mohsen’s streets emptied. Some people ran to take cover as the gunfire increased and the sound of rocket-propelled grenade fire and explosions could be heard. “Go, go,” urged one man. “It is very dangerous now. They are happy in Bab Tabbaneh because of what has happened in Damascus and they can do anything now.” More armoured vehicles began circling the neighbourhood. Tanks rolled past as we drove from Jabal Mohsen to the city centre. Away from the Alawite enclave, car horns blared in celebration. Fireworks exploded in some areas. I called a Sunni source in Bab Tabbaneh. “It is like a festival here,” he said. “The gunfire is because we are celebrating the good news from Syria. The end is near for Assad.” A Sunni man who had fled Syria with his family five months ago agreed. “This is the beginning of the end for the regime,” he said, as he and his family celebrated the news with sweets. “God willing, we will soon return to our homes.” Hours later it emerged that several people had been injured as gunfire raked the flashpoint area. There were reports of at least one fatality but the circumstances were unclear. “The situation is very tense,” he added.
  2. u guys are stupid and a bunch of fools, he is not iranian puppet. as u wish..if he was he wouldnt have succeeded.. ammar al-hakeem and his criminal thieves are the iranian stooges.. out with lying thieves....they tried their best to intimidate and buy votes, despite their cheats they still failed... SCIRI r the puppets...enough of their stupidity, and their discrimination, they destroyed the country. congratulates to al-Maliki and the 302 candidates.
  3. Come back, I miss you. Let's travel the world together.

  4. 3ash al-3raq al 3atheem , fake wimpy sissy little spoilt whinning saudie boys cant ball with us.... ... :D.... 3ash rasak ya captain... :lol:
  5. (salam) yes it was boring, i guess its been very long season, especially after world cup, international duties, uefa, carling cup, premiership, fa cup, more so for Chelsea than utd, regardless it was a chess match, both teams, lined up with the same formation, well chelsea are known to line up the way they did, so utd's formation was based on cancelling chelsea's formation out, we dictated and altered their usual regular tactics. So it required a quality move to finish off the game, sublime pass by lampsy, wicked one-2 with didier back flick, simple soft chip shot, viola, Chelsea are the FA CUP CHAMPIONS! last team to win at the old wembly, and the first at the new wembly, ...the new wembly was over-hyped, i dont care about the architecture, its nice and all, was a lovely day, beautiful blue sky, but the pitch was [Edited Out]..... 107 steps to go get your medal! the crowd too far away from the pitch......Obi Mikel, was a the man of the match i think...very intelligent player for his age. A Big Roar for the Lions in BLUE! Yes we are the champs, domestic double! :D the Special 1 points towards the FANS.... all Hail to the Golden Boot champion. off to euro qualifiers for the players, still utd vs chelsea will see each other again in wembly, in the community shield to start off the 07-08 season, in late august. (salam)
  6. duck power. Yabba Dabba Dizzle, :lol: west coasttttttt... Naaa Iam goin with the Red-Zone Six 1 Three, the CAPITAL City.......come around and get capped... fo shizzle' :shaytan:
  7. ya ya blah blah , i admit liverppool are a "bigger CLub" in the European stage, But in RECENT history, Since the Formation of The EPL in '92/93, CHELSEA, has done better than liverpool thus far domestically.......not bad compared to so-called 'biggest club' the scousers keep totting on about....:shaytan: Liverpool...............5 FA Cups 2001, 2006 League Cups: 1995, 2001, 2003 Chelsea.................7 Premier League 2004-05, 2005-06 FA Cup: 1997, 2000 League Cup: 1998, 2005, 2007 ...........................
  8. it was close, i say should have been a draw, BUT its was no where NEAR the HYPE pretty boy was claiming, all the trash talkin, how he was going to beat the living day lights out of de la hoya, and that he was going commit "massacre"!! :lol: against de la hoya, Credit to Oscar, no one thought he stood a chance, he showed still had the warrior fightin spirit in him, just his stamina, gave up in the end, especially in the last three rounds, but he should retire, he did pretty well against a younger slick fighter.......mayweather is hangin the gloves up aswell...... though i would like to see sugar shane mosley take on pretty boy floyd mayweather, west coast vs east coast, mayweather dressed in mexican coloured trunks was pretty lame.....
  9. i know liverpool have a [Edited Out]py scoring record, but do u get desperate and start counting penalties as goals, in the overall legs ? it doesnt count as part of the FINAL SCORE, just to let you know, thats pretty basic stuff. silly scouser. :lol: Agg. chelsea-liverpool. 1-1* liverpool got the better of us this season, but the previous year we swept them pretty good, including 4-1 thrashing at anfield. we'll remind them next season. :shaytan:
  10. the way you guys ranting and raving , as if you HAVE won the quadruple, atleast we were fighting for the quadruple, treble still on the cards for us, we still outplayed you in 3 other competitions, so relax you won nothing yet.....you just barely managed to squeeze by once again, Both teams played well enough on their turf.... Chelsea raped & crushed?! calm down, calm down, :lol: , ya u dominated the first half, but chelsea had liverpool pinned back for the rest of the game, and for the majority of extra time....liverpool 31 fouls, chelsea 21, funny when robben came on, he was getting whacked, and chopped down, by zenden and mascharano & co... :lol: ....i can understand your excitement , but you overplayin it, it was fairly equal over the two legs....
  11. after seeing manure utd get merked, i felt alot better, atleast we fought to the end, with character, we lost in PK, you cant determine whose better in PK, Chelsea Players probably deserve to be in the finals more, of what they have accomplished this season, playing in many different competitions, no rest, international duties, injuries, i think we had a good season overall...... manure utd fans like to gloat about that [Edited Out] wonaldo being the best in the world, KaKa proved hes all class, ronaldo is no where near.....except in theatrics, whinning and winning absurd penalties, c.r.7 well hes in a league on his own. Seedorf, was the architect behind the first goal, and smashed in the second, hes a team player, maybe one of the most underrated players, won the Champions League, THREE FREAKING TIMES, with THREE DIFFERENT TEAMS! but you wouldnt hear his name, as often as beckham, the most overrated, [Edited Out]piest player in the history of football....the guy should be in shampoo commercials not football. As long as no English team wins, the Pain of Chelsea FC Will be Healed! :shaytan: Milan, have a nice flowing passing game, better team chemistry, creative midfield players, than liverpool, i think Ancelotti will remind his players not to let it slip again ... good luck to milan....
  12. (salam) For the first time in his young life, Hassan Al-Khazaali was a proud car owner, but he never got the chance to take his black Honda Civic for a spin. Instead, the slightly rusted, unplated Civic stayed parked in the lot at his family's home yesterday while his friends leaned on the car, consoling each other after learning Hassan died from stab wounds that pierced his heart and lung Saturday night. The 17-year-old high school student is Ottawa's third homicide victim this year. No arrests had been made as of last night. "He was one of a kind," best friend Yousef Khatheer, 15, said of Hassan. "There was no one like him. He always had positive thoughts." Revive your wardrobe Hassan and two friends were at the Petro-Canada gas bar at Carling Ave. and Bayshore Dr. around 11 p.m. when a male got out of a vehicle and stabbed Hassan. RIPPED OPEN SHIRT At least two other customers not connected with the stabbing were at the gas bar at the time. One was a 27-year-old nurse who rushed to Hassan's aid once she saw him collapse to the ground. The woman, who asked for anonymity when reached by the Sun, said she ripped off Hassan's shirt to find the wounds, which were on his left side under his arm and quickly spilling blood onto the pavement. As paramedics and police responded to the 911 call, the nurse put pressure on the wounds to try to stop the bleeding. There was a large group of people gathered when paramedics arrived and Hassan lay with no vital signs. Clint Murray was inside the Petro-Canada buying a pack of cigarettes when Hassan was stabbed. "I came outside and it was like a scene out of CSI," he said. "There was a pool of blood under the guy that just got bigger and bigger. I thought he was dead and then one girl called his name. He turned his eyes towards her, then they glossed over and he died with his eyes open. I watched him die. It was horrible. I'm still freaked out." A bloody kitchen knife sat just feet from where Hassan took his final breath. Yesterday morning, the First Aid gear used in an attempt to save Hassan's life was strewn around the dried pool of blood. Forensic investigators photographed the crime scene and searched for evidence before the gas station reopened around 5:30 p.m. Gas station managers handed over a surveillance tape to detectives. Hassan's killing hit his friends and family hard. His older brother, Ali, couldn't muster a word as he grieved outside the family home yesterday. Friends said Hassan was a decent student at Woodroffe High School where he also played on the soccer team. He loved cars, and when he finally collected enough cash from a pizzeria job, he bought the black Civic, which he just picked up Saturday. "He called and asked me to congratulate him," Yousef Khatheer said. After word quickly got out Saturday night that someone stabbed Hassan, friends and family rushed to the gas station. Ahmed Mutlik, 24, said he was at a Richmond Rd. pizza shop when Ali received a call. "I heard someone say, 'Ali, come fast, your brother got stabbed', " Mutlik said. But when they arrived at the gas station, police kept them away while paramedics worked on the dying teen. Omar Yonis, 19, said he saw Hassan at the gas station around 10:45 p.m. and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Not even 30 minutes later, Yonis received a call from Hassan's brother about the stabbing. "He was a fun guy to be around," Yonis said of Hassan. "I don't understand why that would happen to him." That's exactly what confused Hassan's friends yesterday. They said Hassan was just a small kid who wasn't into drugs or any other criminal activity. By all accounts, he was just an average teen who had aspirations of going to college after graduating high school this year.
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