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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Adam comes from the Hebrew Adom which means Red. Salaam
  2. I cover my head while praying. There's many hadith regarding this. Salaam
  3. Please post some of your favorite Muslim names with there meaning. Salaam
  4. North African would be Berber then not Black African. I am wanting to know because of a dream I had regarding an Imam. Thank you
  5. I had a dream where I saw an Imam. I am not to sure which Imam it was but he did have darker skin then an Arab and African features. In the dream surah all fatiha was recited which gave me peace. Does anyone know which Imam it could of been?
  6. Please post anything related to Imam Reza (AS)
  7. Russia will become Muslim Inshallah the left over Russian orthodox will have a close relationship with the Muslim community. The Russian government has spent massive amounts of money building mosques all around Russia. Most of them are empty. Many slavic people like myself are turning to Islam. Salaam
  8. What are there reasons for thinking this? I mean mainstream sunni Islam NOT wahhabis :)
  9. I have started wear a male head covering(taqiyah) as I find it helps me remember that I am Muslim, that I should behave a like a muslim and it reminds me that Allah is above me and always watching me and with me. Why do you wear it? How has it helped you?
  10. Thank you for the detailed response. I was also thinking something along those lines. Cheers
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