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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. may Allah SWT guide me to join his army.. Illahi Ameen... Iabbaik our beloved Imam... Allah Humma salay ala Muhamad wa alay Muhammad
  2. 786 salaam sister.. I pray that you have found a job by now iA... I can relate and understand ur situation may Allah make you successful in this test and never let you sacrifice your hijab and iman...... my advice to you is.. pray and pray and pray ask Allah SWT to help you for the sake of the ahlulbayt.. maybe get up and read tahajjud etc... and try your best to get a job iA.. print 50 copies of your resume give them all over.. other jobs you can try for are tutoring (maybe english as you are good at writing)..many have found success in this, babysitting, others have mentioned try maybe a gro
  3. brother not sure about 2012 but in the past shia and sunnis have celebrated eid on seprate days b/c of this issue.. some sunni masjids follow the dates of saudi arabia etc, they don't rely on local sightings... hope this helps.. according to the shia community of melbourne the night of 15th shaban will fall iA on thursday 5th july and fasting is highly recommended on friday 6th july on the day of 15th shaban.. http://www.panjtan.org.au/
  4. I was thinking it would be similar to doing assignments.. except this time it is islamic knowledge that we will be gaining and we can do research and submit answers in our own time.. even if it is a few lines...like we can have a big topic and break it into lets say 5-6 parts... however now that I am thinkig about it.. we would need online references etc...to access and someone to be chairing it or directing the discussion someone who has the knowledge...
  5. Salaam brothers and sisters, This was just an idea and really don't know how feasible this is but just wanted to explore the option... Is it possible to set up a few discussion groups on shiachat in such a way that a group of 6-7 people discuss some islamic issue.. for example a question is put forward with 6-7 parts and each individual is given a part to answer there is a deadline by which every person should have submitted their answer then as a group we begin to discuss each part of the question... I was doing some post graduate studies and this is how we did it by correspondence...we had r
  6. Wasalaam sis :)... may Allah SWT guide us all to be grateful in whatever situation we are in... thank You Allah for making me a muslim and giving me such a beatiful purpose to live my life for.. Islam.. I pray Allah SWT guides us all to the straight path and keeps us on the path of Ahlulbayt and protects us from the accursed Shaitan... Illahi Ameen I can relate to the happiness u r feeling after u had this moment of enlightenment... Alhamdolillah
  7. can it be read in any state.. i mean specifically that time of the month which sisters go through when they are unable to pray/ fast/read Quran etc... can they make up for the reading of dua ahad once they have passed that time of the month? ie have a break in the reading for 40 continuous days thanks in advance..
  8. lol not being a racist or something but that is much more with arab ladies.. when i was in saudi arabia.. we would have full on nikabi ladies staring at us just b/c we did not cover our faces and they had faces to stare at lol and it does really make u fee uncomfortable... :/
  9. brotherhassan32, what is your opinion of what happened on the 10th of Muharram in Karbala, Iraq? you do realise it is haram to call your fellow muslim shia brothers and sisters kafir or non-believers because they do believe in the shahada.. if you have any questions or concerns regarding the shia beliefs we would greatly appreciate if you used kind words to express ur concerns about the beliefs.. because you have shown so much negativity in your initial posts that is why everyone has replied in such a negative way... if you believe you are a correct muslim, shouldn't you begin by showing it wi
  10. Sister I guess many of us go through this..personally there are times that I get anygry with myself... confused etc... don't know where life is leading me, whats the point of things etc... i guess the important thing at that time is to stay postive and pray as hard as you can seek knowledge and iA Allah will show us the way.. i guess we all of have our battles and struggles.. we might feel we are alone.. but I feel we all have our own paths with very similar struggles going to the same destinations.. Allah SWT.. I honestly feel shiachat has been such a big blessing for me alhamdoillah.. i fee
  11. brother are there any links or resources for further reading... any islamic texts etc that you can recommend which may shed more insight...may Allah reward for your effort...
  12. Just wanted to say to all those out there.. we have to keep our minds and hearts open... no point in rejecting things if things don't make sense in the begining.. things usually don't make sense in the beginining because we are not aware of the knowledge, all I am saying let Brother Sami speak if you want to listen go ahead, but don't discourage those who want to listen.. Allah SWT has given us all aql it is upto us how we use it and come to a decision...may Allah guide us all to the straight path... a blessing of this time is that God has given the freedom of expression and the knowledge is o
  13. alhamdolillah good to hear :)
  14. May Allah reward you for your effort Brother Sami.. ok few more questions: 1. in the past posts you have mentioned that you have been in contact with the elites etc, so do they know you are Muslim, if so shouldn't they be careful off you? 2.in the beginning you were not willing to give too much information, because of monitoring etc, is that still the case now? 3. how do we break free? what if we don't have enough money to open our own businessess and be involved in transactions, the only way we can earn a living is through our jobs being employed by someone... Honeslty I am trying to undesta
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