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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Although our army and estashiment may not be directly considered as a puppet to US/UK, but I may said, US has an influence in they way Nigerian politics and governing system are running..we dont need saudi arabia money,coz we 're also oil rich..and truely speaking our generals,politicians, and all governmental powers are dominated by sunni (bt mostly non extremists)... If the president(who is a christain) should adopt the idea of searching the sponsors' of "Boko Haram" in his cabinet, then am telling there wil be a new chapter of crisis in the country...the issue of insecurity in the country
  2. Getting to three weeks now,after a popularly known salafist extremists group called "Boko Haram" (means 'western education is forbidden') storm a female-secondary school in chibok a locality of Borno state,north-east of Nigeria and went away with more than 300 female students,aging between 17 to 20 (about 50 have escaped) into a dangerous and mysterous forest called "Sambisa" boardering Cameroon and Chad Republics. Security officials are said to be trying to resque the abducted students but to date nothing is fruitful in their mission.. Parents across the country went out in reds,protesting t
  3. Anyway this may help you... http://www.islamicecenter.com/e-library/amazing_quran/amazing_quran_miller_index.html
  4. salam, I think the most important thing to note here is: ~ U cannot convice one that the Quran is frm God,when he neva belief in God.. ~ There big problem is God,they work hard to denie His existence,for them if someone fail to prove "the Quran is frm God" then they wil deductively arrive at the nonexistence of God..whch is what they want. ~ So if u want to convice someone regarding the miracles of the holy Quran,then begin wit making him have faith in God..that is how the prophets preaches,they first call to believe in God and later on miracles to convince them that they where sent by God...
  5. Tnx @followers... you said:(quote) "I couldn’t find the fatwa you mentioned in that book although I know that fatwa it true." I think its better to use the fatwa than to indulge myslf into a sinful act..even if its not clear whether its the Ayatollah verdict.. Tnx for the link.
  6. Thanks @narsis... Is there any english version to that link?
  7. Salam, Pls how do we treat copies of the Holy Qur'an that wore up/tore apart (Damages) due to some carelesnes or otherwise..which keeping them wit you may disturb you and make you feel ashame always..and can no longer be use again.. I was told,it is SINFUL to burn them..and am left wit no other option..so pls what is the real practice of muslim ummah on this(narrations or whatever helpful)? Thanks.
  8. ~Assuming Harun(a.s) didnt die b4 Musa(a.s),wil Joshua stil maintain the succesorship..it was becos Harun(a.s) dies then the need to choose another one(Joshua) arose..In the case of Ali(a.s) he didnt die and so he has to maintain that very position. ~If Harun(a.s) dies before Musa(a.s),does that meant Ali(a.s) wil die before the prophet(saaw),since He(saaw) knows Harun(a.s) dies before Musa(a.s) when he makes the comparison. ~If the prophet(saaw) cannot leave medina for tabuk(4 some days),without assigning a successor,then tell me how He wil leave the world with out assigning a successor? ~If
  9. "Everything in this world is changing, except the writings against Shi،ah. To every beginning there is an end, except the accusations against Shi،ah. Every verdict is supported by evidence, except the one against Shi،ah.... Why?
  10. Sorry...x3.I edit it out,so please edit urs.
  11. ...but I would advise you to not shorten your nick to "Moh'd" and write it full, as it's the Prophet's (P.B.U.H) name, and show it proper respect, that's all.) sorry,it seems u ar offended by my nick... Mind u I'm not refering the nick to our beloved prophet(s),nobody wil think am referring to Him(s) ...beside thanks for the advice. & thanks @ HamzaTR
  12. @saberrider,are u sure u are not practicing sunni-taqiyya type here..ur type is hardly to be found...by openly disregarding ur sihas narrations.
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