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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    humanbeing101 got a reaction from Abu Nur in What is happening in Kurdistan???   
    It does but it is doing more than that as pointed out. Not to mention article 140 doesn't say take the disputed areas by force or even necessarily that the federal iraqi gov has the right to decide over those areas. 
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Wahdat in What is happening in Kurdistan???   
    My fundamental issue, I guess, is with the inability of folks in the region to look at things consequentially- everyone wants a facebook account, a little flag, an iphone, and certain other things (both real & perceived) to cater to their sense of self/desire...yet never take the consequences of such desires into account- sorta like crackheads chasing a high.
    Not only Kurds, but the entire people of the region have been victimized & separated by borders- Turks, Persians, Pashtuns, Punjabis, Arabs, Baloch etc etc. The solution is not more borders but no borders...The current state of affairs is not conducive to a  no-borders reality- that should not mean that we have to work our problems in the region by creating more borders....no matter how sound the justification. 

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    humanbeing101 reacted to Sumerian in What is happening in Kurdistan???   
    1- I personally don't know about Khanaqin, if I am honest with you I only heard about this place when it was on the news due to Iraqi forces rolling in. But if what you say about the vote in 2007 is true, then yes, Khanaqin should be under KRG control. But any other disputed area, that has not been voted on yet, should be returned to the federal government, until a referendum on the disputed areas happens.
    2- What I believe Abadi meant was the referendum for independence not about Article 140. If he meant Article 140, then he is sadly neglecting the constitution which is above him and any other politician/official in the country. 
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Bakir in What is happening in Kurdistan???   
    Although an international law supports the right of self determination, it is worth less than nothing without the recognition of other countries, which won't happen unless there is real oppression (for fear of it happening in every territory in Europe - Scotland, Bavaria, Catalonia, etc.).
    Unity is something you build, as well as break ups. This secession as was correctly said by Ibn Muneer started a century ago. There have been planning as well as errors from part of the government. But this is not solved by secession. And much less by the abuse of law (bringing women to gove birth in Kirkuk). This only creates a parallel reality full of injustice.
    It is interesting, though, that a senior politician of the Iraqi government back in the day, when Americans invaded Iraq, said that in some years there will be a Civil War here. What we saw this week is, indeed, the start of a Civil War. Whether Kurds stay or leave, we all lost.
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Sumerian in What is happening in Kurdistan???   
    I'm an Arab Iraqi and the Iraqi Kurds are my brothers in religion, humanity and in the region. And I love my brother @Ībn Mūneer Āl-Feylī.
    My main problem with the referendum is that the KRG at the time the referendum happened, it was controlling what right now is still officially regarded as federal areas. Also, Daesh still exists in both Syria and Iraq and although it is weakened, the region is still unstable and especially Iraq where the central government and the security forces still need strengthening, there is economic problems in all parts of Iraq including the Kurdish ruled regions, and there is political corruptness on a federal and local level, and in the KRG as well, and my brother @Ībn Mūneer Āl-Feylī knows well about the corrupt nature of some Kurdish politicians especially with regards to nepotism, tribalism and their clan.
    Other than that, I believe the KRG should retreat back to 2003 borders, and once the situation is stable, then we must apply the Iraqi consitution to its fullest no matter what we like or want. Article 140 means there has to be a referendum in the disputed areas, and the problem right now is that it is hard to apply this referendum for the reasons stated above. But if Iraq is stable again, insha Allah, then we must apply our own constitution to its fullest.
    As for an independent Kurdistan as a state, that is a topic for another day, and although I support self-determination for all peoples, I believe the marja'iyya is against the break up of Iraq. And if the marja'iyya is against something, I tend to put my political viewpoints aside.
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    humanbeing101 got a reaction from hasanhh in Kurdistan- the new Israeli project   
    The CNN article you cite doesn't support any of the conspiracies that you are spouting. It literally says the most non-controversial thing ever: 
    1.You are factually incorrect, the talk of the referendum has been going on for atleast a year and a half. The entire basis for not calling it earlier was because there was a war with ISIS and it wouldn't work holding it at the same time as fighting ISIS. Here is proof that the referendum talk occurred much earlier: 
    2.Israel does buy some oil from Kurdistan but so what? Iraq lets the USA purchase its oil. Why is that permissible but not israel purchasing Kurdish oil? Plus you completely negate the basic fact that many foreign companies purchase Kurdish oil, rosnet, exxonmobil, gulf keystone etc... The total amount of oil sales the KRG generates is this: 
    The single time payment recorded to Israel was this:
    Now go figure...
    Kurds have always wanted independence, to state otherwise is not factually supported. Kurdish nationalism goes back atleast 100 years: 
    You've not proven anything, you've given your own hypothesis and speculative beliefs. 
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Abu Nur in Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum   
    This is my position:
    I don't take sides and thank you brother Ībn Mūneer Āl-Feylī for clarifications and links. Wassalam.
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Abu Nur in Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum   
    And I don't disagree with this. I don't disagree If Kurdish people make their own country, vote etc. How I may disagree is how they make it and how it could only give wars not only to kurds but to Iraq and other countries too, and many people will die because of the selfishness of all of them.
    We just had Isis and many of our people have died and making this referendum in worst time possible.
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Abu Nur in Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum   
    Erdogan says he will threat them with hunger:
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Abu Nur in Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum   
    I hope they will not go to military conflict, too much war already. The best thing is to start make some sort of justified deal.
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    humanbeing101 got a reaction from Learner2526 in Russia bombed SDF   
    You've yet to define "imperialist entities", can you define it please?
    That is another fallacy you are employing, in the form of a loaded question. 
    Can you provide evidence for that claim? 
    A further fallacy in the form of a loaded question. 
    A further loaded question...
    The amount of sophistry you employ isn't going to get you anywhere here. If you don't have any actual points or arguments but only have sophist talking points, then fine. 
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    humanbeing101 got a reaction from Learner2526 in Russia bombed SDF   
    Well that is still in support of nation-states... Regardless of the political system within the state.
    Now you are strawmaning my position, I'm not advocating chaos. Simply the self-determination of peoples as a whole. Whoever they may be. 
    Really? So Iraq never received American weaponary or American specialist training neither? But you make an exception to that I assume?
    The same standard then applies to Shias who support the Baathist Assad because Baathism is inherently racist in its ideology. The same for Iraqi cooperation with America? Or Iranian cooperation with America on the nuclear deal? 
    You see this line of reasoning is fallacious and is a slippery slope argument. "Cooperating with opressors" is simply an appeal to emotion, you assuming having economic ties with a state means you endorse that state. That simply isn't how politics works. 
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Sumerian in Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum   
    So apparently Iran and Turkey have closed Erbil's airspace, probably after Baghdad asked them to do so.
    And what I have read is that both Iranian and Turkish forces are apparently mobilising on the Iraqi Kurdistan border, or conducting war games.
    Can this go to a military conflict?
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Faruk in Russia bombed SDF   
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Learner2526 in Russia bombed SDF   
    Free Kurdistan
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    humanbeing101 reacted to islam25 in Russia bombed SDF   
    What is problem if kurds want to live independently. Why should one force to subjugate others. 
    Does it indirectly means the Iraqi are not good that made kurds to demand for separation. 
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    humanbeing101 got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Sunni/Shia Debate-Mohammed Hijab vs Sayyid Haamid   
    I'd say Sayyid Haamid definately asked him questions that Muhammed couldn't answer. 
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Qa'im in Muhammad and Aisha   
    The same argument can be leveled at an 18 year old. There is much I didn't understand about the world at 18, yet I was able to legally get married in my society. Why did our society choose 18 and not 15, or 21, or 35, or 10? If Islam is a universal religion for all times and places, then it makes more sense to relate sexual ethics to biology (physical maturity), rather than something as subjective as emotional maturity.
    By the way, this is purely the harams and halals of the religion. There is no obligation to marry at 10 - you can marry at 40 if you'd like, or not marry at all. But in societies without birth control, and in rural societies where childbearing is important for survival, fertility is vital, and women are most fertile in their teenage years. Instead of marrying at 30 and having 2 kids, rural women often marry in their teens and have 8 kids. Those of us who live in urban North America and the UK have radically different lifestyles: we live in cities, we are wealthy (by historical and current global standards), pensions and social security guarantee our well-being in elderly years, and so having children is no longer a necessity; and most modern Western couples just have 1-3 kids. But ask your parents when your great grandparents got married, and you'd be surprised. My grandmother was probably 14.
    Here is the PDF: http://lfile.ir/hadith-library/121.pdf
    And here are other website sources with the same chapter:
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Mohamed1993 in Is Ammar Nakhswani against Wilayat e Faqih   
    He's right it isn't, its a theory Imam Khomeini had, you're not forced to accept it if you're Shia. There are maraja who disagree with it in Qom as well. He's neutral on the issue btw, not actually against it, he respects Imam Khomeini and Sayed Ali Khamenei, but he doesn't think they should be elevated to the extent of an infallible, which perhaps some Shias tend to view them as.
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Gaius I. Caesar in Salafis think we can see Allah's face...   
    Don't worry about it @Ībn Mūneer Āl-Feylī, let them believe what they will. They can't be reasoned if their ideology is the same as Daesh, brother.
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    humanbeing101 got a reaction from Faruk in Salafis think we can see Allah's face...   
    You can physically see God? 
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Abu Nur in Salafis think we can see Allah's face...   
    It dosen't matter because their hadith says:
    The Prophet said, "You will definitely see your Lord with your own eyes."
    - Sahih Bukhari, v9, Hadith #530
    No where in Qur'an it imply that in hereafter we see God by our eyes. It is only the hadith that contradict with it.
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    humanbeing101 got a reaction from First Responder in SUNNI VS SHIA | ABDUL HAMEED   
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    humanbeing101 reacted to Abu Nur in Salafis think we can see Allah's face...   
    Bilal Philips have wrote in his Tawheed book after referring some hadiths, like this hadith for example:
    Ibn 'Umar also reported that the Prophet (saws) once said:
    "The day of Resurrection is the first day that any eye will look at Allah, the All-Great and All-Glorious" and this is authentic hadith according them. Notice that we are talking about Vision, because they refer here EYE.
    He comes to point where he says:
    "As for previously mentioned verse,  "Eyes cannot catch Him, but He catches all eyes", it negates seeing Allah at all in this life, but in the next life, it only negates the possibility of seeing Allah in His totality. The righteous will only be able to see a part of Allah since their sight will still be the sight of finite created beings while Allah is and always be the infinite uncreated Lord who can not be encompassed by sight, knowledge or power.
    Bilal Philips just showed to all of us, that he just divided Allah to parts. Also like it was referred before, every eye vision what sees is creations, so if Allah can be seen trough eye vision, it means He is either created (astaghfirullah) or the thing what they see is creation that is not Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. Because they say it is Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, it means they made Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى as created (astaghfirullah)
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