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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Jazakallah, it's a very beautiful nasheed indeed. That's why I was wondering whether it was.
  2. "Dust is my bed" Is this in the hadeeths? I saw it in here, wondering if it is:
  3. Nice fallacies you employed there, you firstly engaged in semantics. Pluasible means it can still occur; hence your ruling out of it makes no logical sense. Secondly you are engaging in the argument from ignorance fallacy, assuming because we haven't discovered any life outside this earth, that no such life exists. That is also non-sensical. You've cut that Feynman quote, why don't you quote the whole thing he stated before that? It's not even speaking against me but religon lol...
  4. It still is an alternative to carbon based life. Sceptics do not carry much logic, you are only sceptical for the sake of it.
  5. And yet life exists on earth... So it is entirely plausible it can exist on other planets and therefore your point is irrelevant. Anyway you cannot just dismiss the possibility of alien beings because it challenges your worldview.
  6. Planets can have an atmosphere and an ozone layer to protect themselves, therefore that doesn't have bearance on all planets. Secondly not all life has to be carbon based, some speculate silicone based life can form too. Also as noted with the Drake equation, it appears very likely:
  7. Br I understand what those ayahs are saying but on 16:120 notice the last part is ambigious and doesn't actually affirm positvely/directly directly the decendants of Abraham are to be the imams of leaders. The Quran is stating they could be but not specific or clear cut.
  8. The Quran clearly supports the possibility of beings living on other planets.
  9. I'm not neglecting anything, the ayah is a mutashabih one, since directly it isn't stating that. It is only stating Prophet Ibrahim was an imam amongst men, it isn't talking about this being a doctrinal concept that should be carried on.
  10. Salam, I have seen this before and this narration before. The problem is this is proving my previous point. That we Shias cannot prove the concept of Imamate firmly in the Quran without the need to use the ahadeeth. Secondly the hadith doesn't provide the names of the 12 imams, therefore it is ambigious in this regards.
  11. Luri spoken in Luristan is very similar to Kurdish spoken in Ilam which is Feyli
  12. Neither positive or negative in this specific ayah. However this one does:
  13. It is mentioned in a negative context within the Quran however.
  14. The evidence and mathematical probablity stands against that though: The Drake equation suggests there is a high possibility for life on other planets:
  15. Based on what reasoning are you employing? What proof do you have?
  16. Scientists Assert That We Will Make Contact With Aliens in the Next Decade https://futurism.com/scientists-assert-make-contact-aliens-next-decade/
  17. Notice the wording though, it says "an/a imam" not 'the' imam, therefore this seems to be suggesting some sort of plurality.
  18. If you were to gather all the major Shia ulema in a room and make them ask them whether they support WF, how many do you think would say yes?
  19. @DigitalUmmah Do you have a link on 'tabeedh'?
  20. That ayah is requiring your tafseer on it. Even if it was referring to divinely appointed caliphs, how is that proving the concept of imamate? Or that the concept of imamate is superior to that of Rasol?
  21. @Salsabeel Isn't that merely refer to the messengers as leaders sent by AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì? This ayah referring to Adam(AS) and not the concept of imamate, if you go to the next verse you will see:
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