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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You didn't read your own source, did you? This is the page and it says nothing on that pharaoh praying:
  2. So I cannot use sites from the Netherland? What logic are you even employing? Here is information about the site Now tell me it isn't an academic site... You haven't actually shown me any site. Which site just link me one legitmate site that supports what you are claiming. If you can show me just one, I will accept what you are saying. Deal?
  3. The sites are all pininterest, a photo upload site. Literally anyone can title the picture anything. Go ahead and show me one site, it's amazing how you shift the burden of proof on me, when you made the claim.
  4. @Student_of_Deen You seem to be in shock and denial, did you actually read my source? Let me post an excerpt on the photo: Actually none do and you haven't provided any evidence showing they do.
  5. So if I am a mujtahid and see a hadith and quran matches and from that make a ruling, do I not need to use logic to deduce that is the correct ruling? You keep saying "it's not this, it's not that...", well then why don't you show what it is with evidence. Even your own Salafi website confirms what I'm saying:
  6. Ham isn't haram? Show me proof from islam.
  7. Is the index finger pose something shias do too? I notice sunnis do it and even when on their knees they do this. I'm wondering from sunni perspective is this somthing prophet did?
  8. I myself took a DNA test and disocvered some Neanderthal ancestry in me.
  9. The Ibadis are the earliest sect in Islam and even they pray with hands beside them... Secondly what is the reason of folding the arms?
  10. That's not even true, you can find their DNA in caucasians and Asian people alike.
  11. Ijtihad is just independant reasoning used by mujtahids. Ilm Al-kalam is using intellectual/logical arguments to defend Islam. http://shiastudies.org/article/ilm-al-kalam-islamic-theology Point being is why are salafis engaging in independant reasoning if they claim they aren't allowed to interpret the quran and ahadeeth?
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumer#History http://arthistoryworlds.org/sculpture-from-sumer/ http://www.rmo.nl/english/collection/highlights/near-east-collection/praying-sumerian-man
  13. A 24th-century BC statue of a praying Sumerian man (modern day eastern Syria
  14. @hasanhh Deflection... What does that mean? So you acknowledge Jinns but not aliens? Right....
  15. @hasanhh You haven't provided me actual evidence, just speculation on the wow signal. Alien is anything that is ET. Your telephone analogy is 50 years old? Then what relevance does it have now? The science has moved on, if anything it still doesn't make any sense in regards to alien life existing. Secondly on that point, the Drake equation goes against that, it states there are atleast 10,000 possible alien civilizations in our galaxy alone. That isn't a low probability but high one; hence the failure of that example.
  16. Your sarcasm isn't funny nor patronizing, just childish. You literally have nothing to offer here and are just being rude. Secondly, there is no comparison bewteen that and aliens; literally none.
  17. Can you provide proof for that claim in regards to the 'wow' signal? What did we actually search in the prior century that amounts to a great quantity, qualifying your statement?
  18. You have to imagine the universe since we humans do not have the physical capabilites of viewing its entirety with our own eyes... Quit trying to sound smart.
  19. Because they've only starter "properly" searching in the last decade. Surveying millions of planets and scanning them for life is difficult. There are many markers of life that need to be anaylised. Secondly who is to say we haven't been contacted? The WOW signal 1974 which still cannot be explained today without invoking the possibility of it being an alien signal. Also Tabby's star definately could be a dyson sphere. You seem to be sceptical for no reason.
  20. GRB WAS TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT INTO THOSE PROBABILITIES... Are you seriously this blind? GRB also effects us, but we are still here.... and your point contradicts itself, "probablity doesn't matter but erm yh it's a low probablity that life exists outside our planet..." That literally makes no sense. You keep spewing "the probability is low", what mathematical equation did you use to determine that? You've not provided any evidence, show an actual link.
  21. Well if anything the probablity has probably gone up. Considering at that time we didn't know every star has one planet atleast.
  22. You were basing your point off semantics, hence it is a fallacy. Don't try and act smart. I showed you two links, one from Nasa's own website that clearly indicates scientists believe ET exists out there. Hence your non-sensical scepticism doesn't matter. You also ignore the Drake equation: You also ignore the addressing of the fermi paradox. If life exists on this planet, it can exist on other planets.
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