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  1. The PKK in the city are still fighting and resisting. The PUK fled like cowards and KDP in Makhmur also fled.
  2. You are employing what we call in academia sophistry and argument that looks intelligent but doesn't actually refute the point or answer the question. Firstly let me break it down simply for you. Kurdistan being a "zionist state" means Kurds are jews because Zionism according to the dictionary is 'jewish nationalism'; Kurds aren't jews. Secondly, Israeli "supporting" the Kurdish referendum doesn't constitute Kurdistan being a zionist state, that is complete illogical. Thirdly, why do you ignore the fact Israel also during the Iran-Iraq war provides weapons/munitions to Iran and supported Iran? I never claimed it does care, it's self-interest. The Kurdish nation is 40 million, you've seen how many Kurds waving Israeli flags on the internet? A few dozen? Maybe even a few hundred? That doesn't come even close to Kurds "supporting Israel". Yet the USA is supporting "your" actions, therefore how are you making an exception for Iraq but not for the KRG?
  3. It's an interesting way of formulating a presupposition against an entire. It completely ignores the history of Kirkuk and the context to which we have arrived at this point. The Iraqi central government does not want to implement article 140, the KRG does. This should be an indication enough for who is "justified". http://www.nrttv.com/en/birura-details.aspx?Jimare=6823 Kirkuk was for a long period of time historically a Kurdish city and had a much larger kurdish population before the influex of Turkmens during the late Ottoman era and before the policy of Arabization by Saddam during the 70s. https://www.ncciraq.org/images/infobygov/NCCI_Kirkuk_Governorate_Profile.pdf To add to Kurds wanting oil. I say, what is wrong with that? In what way would Kurdistan be a "zionist state"? I have yet to see any hard evidence to support this claim.
  4. Then why did you use that as an argument? Now you are backpeddling... Who is the "they" exactly? You see I told you the people who created Iraq didn't consent any of the local people, they drew a bunch of lines on a map and made them. Actually you so conveniently ignored my link to the UN's charter 1 about self-determination. http://www.un.org/en/sections/un-charter/chapter-i/index.html A referendum is a way of achieving self-determination because everyone has an equal say. The fact the Iraqi central gov disagree with that, goes to show they don't support the will of the Kurdish people. I agree this is bad but racists exist everywhere.
  5. @Dhulfikar 1- That is a fallacy and a slippery slope. It's like stating you have a house, I takeover your house and therefore now it's mine. It makes no logical sense. I'm judging it belonging to the Kurds based on the fact Kurds have resides there for atleast 2000 years and it has had a HISTORIC majority. 2-You didn't read the link I posted, the agreement was an agreement created by Saddam. What's sad even is that you are defending a Baathist doctrine and law in relation to the arabization of Kirkuk. Even then, Saddam didn't even honour the agreement he made, so it doesn't support your argument. 3-Furthermore you are incorrect once again, according to "Iraqi law" article 140 must be activated before Iraq can even lay claim to it. Yet Iraq doesn't want article 140, Kurds have pushed for article 140 numerous times. Here is a reference: http://www.rudaw.net/english/kurdistan/06042017 1-That depends entirely on how you define to whom the land belongs to. The Iraqi government refuses to settle things according to the manner the UN has set out. Let each of these places hold a referendum on whether they want to stay or join. Self-determination is a right enshrined in charter 1 of UN. Reference: http://www.un.org/en/sections/un-charter/chapter-i/index.html 1-Sorry but how far are you going back to state this? You see if you go back only 100 years, Iraq never existed as a state. It was created artificially by the British empire and the French when the sykes-picot agreement was drawn up. Mandali, Badra and Jassan were historic Feyli Kurdish lands that connected to what we today call Iran. It literally divided families together. Ever wonder why Feylis have families in both Iraq and Iran? Because of this... 2-As stated previously the UN charter 1 disagrees with you. 1-Can you show me an actual credible reference, preferably an article that supports the claim Assyrians were in Sinjar? 2-This was not the action of all the Peshmerga but a handful of KDP commanders, namely the head culprit Sarbast Bapiri. I clearly do not support the KDP's actions in Sinjar, so I don't see any relevance of you bringing this up. Reference: http://www.ezidipress.com/en/the-betrayal-of-shingal/ 3-Plus you completely negate the fact the PUK peshmerga helped the Yezidis be sending weapons to help the Yezidi volunteers. Reference: http://www.ezidipress.com/en/the-betrayal-of-shingal/ 1-Yezidis are Kurds, so to say Kurds conquered Kurds makes no sense whatsoever. Infact Yezidi Kurds are one of the oldest communities in Iraq, Arabs have no historic claim to Sinjar. Therefore your attempt to try and divide Kurdish groups is non-sensical.
  6. Kirkuk is and was historically Kurdish and has historically had a Kurdish majority. It was only during the later Ottoman period during WW1 that the Turkmen population surged in Kirkuk and then during the 1970s when Saddam settled Arabs, that the Arab population surged. Here is a reference on te 1957 Kirkuk governorate census on the demographics: http://www.let.uu.nl/~martin.vanbruinessen/personal/publications/Iraq_paper_ISS.htm#_ftn11 The reference on my point in regards to the Turkmen migration to Kirkuk: https://www.ncciraq.org/images/infobygov/NCCI_Kirkuk_Governorate_Profile.pdf Reference on Arab settlement surge in the 1970s by Saddam: https://www.ncciraq.org/images/infobygov/NCCI_Kirkuk_Governorate_Profile.pdf Therefore when you talk about kirkuk being "multinational", remember it only became "multinational" very recently due to artificial forced migration and replacement of the Kurdish population. 1-Do you remember when the 15,000 Iraqi troops abandoned their posts and fled from Mosul? Who stood against ISIS and fought them off? It was the peshmerga. The idea that Kurds "conquered" those areas is remarkable, the Iraqi army abandoned all their posts in those regions. Are you suggesting the Kurds should of simply just surrendered and let ISIS take them over? 2-What specific area of the disputed areas are you talking about in regards to "not wanting to seperate"? 3-In my opinion places like Mandali, Badra and Jassan which is under Hashd control is occupied, these are all historic Kurdish towns and have Kurdish majorities.
  7. Yeh but he is threatening to cut off the oil supplies just like Erdogan. It's remarkable he claims to care about the Kurdish people whilst doing this. The lifeline of the Kurds is oil, if that goes then they starve. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/26/world/middleeast/iraq-kurds-independence.html?mcubz=0
  8. Yes, Iran and Turkey have both near the kurdish-iraqi border exercised military drills. Haashd al Shaabi said they will not allow Kirkuk to secede to Kurdistan, so I imagine war... http://news.sky.com/story/kurdish-independence-referendum-in-iraq-fuels-violence-fears-11051207
  9. @Mohamed1993 You are continuing to strawman, I said the initial protests were peaceful and that is when Assad began to fire on the protestors and it then started to become violent. This is remarkable, you ignored all the citations I presented and the sources and then asserted your own opinion. I'm sorry but are you denying Al-Jolani was not released from prison by Assad? (Even though I showed you several articles that confirm this) Not to mention the fact that the USA arming the opposition later on has no relevance to Assad releasing the extremists from the prisons earlier on. There is no contradiction here anyway. What makes the Wikileaks reliable? Can you verify its reliability? I did read the wikileaks, clearly you didn't read your own source. It talked about Israeli commandos training Peshmerga units, hence my point on US special forces training iraqi forces to counter that point. About this article: What exactly do you want me to refute about it? Specifically what are you trying to point out from it?
  10. @Mohamed1993 Exactly my point, in politics you have to be pragmatic. You seemed to of set an extremely absurd moral standard when it comes to politics. No nation state in the world is free of tyranny or oppression of other peoples. Firstly there were peaceful protests in 2011 in Syria and there were many people with geniune greviances with the Assad regime. However two aspects to this that you negate. The first is Assad used violence against the protestors who were peaceful and shot them down. Citation: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/apr/22/syria-protests-forces-shoot http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2079813/Syrian-shootings-Dramatic-footage-shows-protesters-shot--activists-claim-thirteen-killed.html http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/26/world/middleeast/26syria.html?mcubz=0 The second being is that Assad actually creating this paradigm and this one way choice of either accepting him or accepting the extremist opposition. Infact Assad released the leader of Al-Qaeda Al-Jolani and many other extremists in order to create this paradigm. Citations: http://s.telegraph.co.uk/graphics/projects/isis-jihad-syria-assad-islamic/ https://www.thenational.ae/world/assad-regime-abetted-extremists-to-subvert-peaceful-uprising-says-former-intelligence-official-1.319620 http://www.newsweek.com/how-syrias-assad-helped-forge-isis-255631 Trump is a NeoCon or atleast he has surrounded himself with Neocons, so it is only natural he wants more war.
  11. @Mohamed1993 You've yet to define "imperialist entities", can you define it please? That is another fallacy you are employing, in the form of a loaded question. Can you provide evidence for that claim? A further fallacy in the form of a loaded question. A further loaded question... The amount of sophistry you employ isn't going to get you anywhere here. If you don't have any actual points or arguments but only have sophist talking points, then fine.
  12. @Mohamed1993 Well that is still in support of nation-states... Regardless of the political system within the state. Now you are strawmaning my position, I'm not advocating chaos. Simply the self-determination of peoples as a whole. Whoever they may be. Really? So Iraq never received American weaponary or American specialist training neither? But you make an exception to that I assume? The same standard then applies to Shias who support the Baathist Assad because Baathism is inherently racist in its ideology. The same for Iraqi cooperation with America? Or Iranian cooperation with America on the nuclear deal? You see this line of reasoning is fallacious and is a slippery slope argument. "Cooperating with opressors" is simply an appeal to emotion, you assuming having economic ties with a state means you endorse that state. That simply isn't how politics works.
  13. @Mohamed1993 Who has given the Syrian state sovereignty to begin with? Also, when does a state legitmately lose sovereignty? In the instance of them being slaves and forcefully trying to free themselves through the use of arms, then yes I can. The Kurds in Syria have been historically and institutionally repressed. The Qamishli riots in 2004 is a prime example of this, read about it here: https://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/reports/syria1109webwcover_0.pdf That isn't the fault of Kurds, that is the fault of the nation-states occupying what is Kurdistan. What relevance does this have to do with Israel? Once again... I never said they did and I am going to state again that is it entirely irrelevant to the discussion. The USA are against the referendum and yet the USA are allied to Israel. What is your point exactly? Yet you support a Palestianian state... You realise that is an entirely contradictory position to have. You cannot claim to be anti-statist whilst attempt to defend the national integrity of states. You continue to generalise and refuse to provide evidence the majority of Kurds do this. What evidence do you have the majority of Kurds do do this?
  14. Can you show me a statistic of the number of Kurds waving israeli flags? If you are basing that off pictures, then it is entirely unscientific and anecdotal. Plus what does it matter what flag they wave? If you don't support a two-state solution, you are once again contradicting yourself. You are denying the self-determination of Jews to wanting an independent state of their own.
  15. @Mohamed1993, First of please change the topic title, I've already reported it. It is racist and you should be ashamed of that. There is literally no relationship bewteen this statement and Kurdistan. The main reason being is practically the entirety of the west and everyone else opposes the Kurdish referendum. That includes the USA. Furthermore, what relationship with imperialism does this have? Who is the "they" exactly? In what way would it become more "instable"?
  16. https://www.ft.com/content/4564c7ea-a132-11e7-b797-b61809486fe2
  17. That makes no logical sense whatsoever. The Sykes-Picot agreement essentially drew the borders of the Middle-east that exist today. How can it serve the "imperialist agenda" when it is inherently anti-imperialist? It's actually typical double-standards that comes from Palestine independence supporters. They support Palestinian self-determination but not Kurdish self-determination.
  18. What does "another Israel won't happen" mean? You should also see the news, the referendum is happening tommorrow. Iraq has threatened invasion, Turkey and Iran have. Yet none seem to be preparing for it, empty rhetoric I'd imagine.
  19. @Qa'im It is simple, at that age you are not mature enough to understand the world. Hiding behind narrations doesn't change any of those facts. Do you really think 9 year old girls aren't children? or that they are even mature to understand what is going on? You've not provided a PDF.
  20. @Qa'im You've not provided any of the opinions of the marjaii, I'd like references please. Go ahead. Secondly you've not provided a PDF of Was'il ash-shia, go ahead and provide that. You should stop patronizing me, it's disrespectful. I have read it for the millionth time, you cannot seem to get that through your head. Now you haven't refuted the article, i'm going to ask you to refute it again. Since you are failing to do so. Once again you failed to answer my question. I'm asking you personally, why would it be impractical for you to marry your 10 year old daughter to a 50 year old man? You are using extremely abstract terms and don't want to get into the details for obvious reasons. It is remarkable, you avoided my question AGAIN. You tried to present a "sahih" hadith as god's words but when I asked you about sunni hadiths you completely avoided the question. Now answer my question.
  21. Simply because one hadithi is deemed sahih, it doesn't make it so. Do you accept the sihah al-sittah of ahle sunnah? If not then you are engaging in double-standards.
  22. This is from Ayatollah Al-Qazwini and you should apologise @Qa'im for claiming no shia scholar rejects the her age being 10. https://www.al-islam.org/articles/how-old-was-ayshah-when-married-prophet-muhammad-muhammad-husayn-al-qazwini Also what is impratical about the age now?
  23. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-turkey-idUSKCN1B412Z
  24. Zorastrians do not worship fire, they were considered Ahle Kitab weren't they?
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