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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How comes I don't see it being used by muslims regularly?
  2. Ansar al-Allah fi iraq, is a kurdish salafist AQ affiliate. It was led by Mullah Krekar.
  3. Salam, I never said I trust the CIA. I'm playing devil's advocate for the most part.
  4. Even ansar al-Allah in iraq during late 90s and early 2000s was said to be funded by Iran:
  5. https://twitter.com/DanaNawzar/status/926228870063419392
  6. I'm saying he coined the term, hence in the mainstream it is used alot post-trump.
  7. It's so ironic you use that term. Trump made that term and this report came out under him...
  8. They showed video of bin laden's son wedding in Iran and a whole document of transcripts.
  9. I've reported this post and I hope for your sake you aren't trying to be racist.
  10. Thank you, I was thinking that. Isn't Radhi-allahu'anhu for sahaba only?
  11. When speaking about a dead person? In terms of what to say islamically referring to a dead person?
  12. When self-preservation occurs, anything is possible. That includes the usage of chemical weapons on his own people. In 2013/14 Assad was on the brink of being overthrown. If it wasn't for Russian support, he would of been defeated. Desperation forced him to do this.
  13. @IbnSina With all due respect trusting a "muslim source" isn't an objective benchmark to a source being credible or worthy of being respected. You see you need to give me an example in the context of the Syrian conflict about an "unbias source". You claim french intelligence isn't neutral and has a vested interest, fine but then which source is neutral in this instance? What if the information by the french intelligence is actually correct?
  14. What makes this source credible? What qualifies as an "unbias source"? Well in order to win, I do believe he did. The fact of the matter is SAA forces on their own are weak and always lose to the islamists like HTS, Ahrar and JAS. That is the reason why many shia militias come from iraq, hezbollah and russia come. Assad's general were appointed based on party/family loyalty, not experience. Abit like Saddam using chemical weapons on the Kurds, he didn't care too much about the international community. You do realise Assad's friend Russia, at the time called the USSR was a member on the security council back when saddam was gassing kurds; they also didn't do anything too.
  15. Yes but the point is you were wrong about the UN inspection team stating there were WMDs. The point is the UN's report didn't lead Iraq into war in 2003.
  16. 1-I have not seen anyone in the report which stated "idlib was too dangerous to go into". Unless I missed it, if it's possible to quote the excerpt from the report please. 2-The report also examined Aleppo and investigated it independently: 3-I support a democratic and federated Syrian that isn't called the "arab republic". It should be a pluralist state.
  17. There is, see the report. They have numerous first-hand images, satelitte images and all mapped chemical attack sites. The report isn't stating only assad did these but is confirming the ones he did. Some people just engage in mental gymnastics in order to defend Assad, we should remember he is a Baathist, like Saddam. The only difference is he is Alawi and Saddam was Sunni but that doesn't mean anything in regards to his actions. I've yet to see one apologist of Assad point out a wrong action he committed. I'm not suggesting he is all bad but neither was Saddam, neither was Hitler, neither was Stalin or Mao all bad but on a macro-level when you add things up; you have to conclude this individual only cares for his own power.
  18. You literally just claimed this previously: I refuted that with the report, in which they explicity state Saddam was cooperating and there were no WMDs....
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