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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm confused, that doesn't make sense to me. You mean they simply accept that there are 4 different ways to pray even though the prophet prayed in one way? They must accept that only one of their madhabs is correct in prayer?
  2. How do Sunnis explain the fact their madhabs make them pray in different ways?
  3. LOL You are the one talking tough.... Let me get this straight, you bragging about being a criminal wannabe but think I'm joking when I tell you that Baghdadis would beat you to a pole. You honestly think being in a Manchester gang means you are prepared for Baghdad or Sadr city or a rural region of Kurdistan. I'm just proving to you, your mentality isn't going to get you far in life.
  4. Rubbish, you won't; you are too shook mate. Us Kurds would beat you up real hard, lets see what your fake boxing can do to you.
  5. I'd knock you out. I've lived in Baghdad and Ilam, your silly little street wars isn't really going to help you.
  6. You appear to be taking this personally. I have addressed every point you stated and didn't ignore one. Name me one I ignored and I will address it. You feel so strongly about this position without actually thinking it through or basing it off rational or evidence. Why you so hostile to the my statement and evidence I presented? You said you don't want western sources, I presented middle-eastern sources, two infact. You know want to make this a case of belief. It's quite simple, if you have evidence supporting your claim, go ahead and present it. If you have counter-evidence against my claim, go ahead and support it. I hardly see the controversy in my initial statement.
  7. We shias are peaceful, God will protect us and we need not weapons or violence to respond to xenophobia. Words are a much more powerful weapon than guns.
  8. @repenter That isn't logical but illogical and is a fallacious way of thinking. The reason being is you are saying if the source comes from X I won't accept it but if it comes from Y I will. That is based of a presupposition that somehow the news from Y will be trustworthy or more reliable than the news from X. You are basing that entirely off your personal feelings and not objective facts. You still haven't demonstrated the sources I used are false with any counter-evidence. Here is a source non-western source supporting my claim: Kurdish news outlet: It can only make sense in the light of realpolitk. i.e. Baathists who want to return to some form of power or political life would seen an opportunity in ISIS and exploit it.
  9. None of those news outlets are linked to one another. I can show you more if you would like, however I doubt that would change your mind. What actual objection do you have to the excerpts shown? On what evidential basis do you reject them?
  10. What evidence do you have against them not being ex-baathists? The evidence is un-deniable that Ex-Baathists make the ranks of ISIS senior commanders. Even Al-Baghdadi, it is possible he was a Baathist prior to 2003; it's hard to say in his case however. ISIS spawned off Al-aqaeda in Iraq and then moved into Syria.
  11. I do agree with you, though another pluasible explanation is that ISIS commanders for the most part were ex-Baathis who already had military training. Though knowing how to use an M16 or even other such similar equipment wouldn't be hard to learn.
  12. Yeh yeh typical, islam this, islam that... Where are all these islamic scholars in Britain? I rarely see them on mainstream media defending islam or opposing the attack? No wonder everyone thinks we support this.
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