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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Do mainstream sunnis acknowledge Muawiyah's actions? Such as this:
  2. @Hassan- Akhi can you link the source to that hadith please?
  3. Make sense, thank you akhi. What about Bralevis? They re the opposite right? More sufi like in aqeedah?
  4. Thank you for the answer. Aren't they just orthodox hanafis?
  5. Can someone explain Deobandis for me? I really like this Deobandi shiekh but don't know much about them:
  6. I do believe aliens exist but we sure as hell shouldn't wish they come down here to earth. If they saw what we humans were like, they'd probably annilhate us.
  7. If Assad did do the chemical attack, I wouldn't support him. A right action is a right action and a wrong action is a wrong action. There can be no double-standards.
  8. Ebaa News Agency (HTS's media wing) releases information about the Madaya-Zabadani-Fua-Kefraya-Yarmouk Camp deal.
  9. http://www.nrttv.com/EN/Details.aspx?Jimare=13851 He is defying the supreme leader.
  10. With the greatest of respects, most people here commenting are not from Iraq or haven't lived in Iraq for long periods of time. To understand Sadr is to understand the politics of the Iraq and how it relates to its people. Sadr isn't a religious scholar but he has never claimed to be one, his stance is a political and not religious one. Although at the end of the end, everyone is entitled to their opinions.
  11. The Economist is fairly reliable and a well known news media outlet. I'm not sure I see any reason for 'the economist' to lie on this issue. However it is hard to know for certain what Sistani stated on Assad but for now we can assume a neutral stance. NYtimes stated this:
  12. Funnily enough Sistani has not rejected or stated Assad should go but he refused to support the Assad regime too.
  13. Yep.... God help us... The Salafist factions will now take over Syria.
  14. Is taqiyyah only permissible in certain situation? Such as when life is endangered or can you do it when your life isn't in danger?
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